Crazy Detective
234 Something Shocking
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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234 Something Shocking

While he slept, Zhao Yu was startled by a nightmare. He awoke in cold sweat. He had had a nightmare pertaining to Miao Ying. He dreamt that he was wearing the invisible cloak and about to do something perverted, wanting to f*ck Miao Ying. This time, he had already removed Miao Ying’s clothing, and managed to unzip the cloak. But he forgot something important. The invisibility cloak only lasted one minute. Before he even started, the cloak had lost its effectiveness. In the end, he was beaten to a pulp by Miao Ying…until he woke from his dream, with his mouth wide open.

 Ah! When he remembered it was a dream, Zhao Yu finally recovered a little. "Holy sh*t! That scared me!" he thought. He wiped away his sweat, but there was still fear in his heart. Even though it was just a nightmare, he felt as if he was guilty of something, as if he should apologize to Miao Ying.

 Looking at the clock, it was still four in the morning; the sun was not even up.

 Zhao Yu slept too well and had not even heard the system’s announcement for the end of the adventure. But when he looked through his inventory, he saw an extra skeleton key. The skeleton key was quite an effective item. No matter the lock, he could open it with ease, without wasting any time.

 Lying down, he had wanted to keep sleeping, but no matter what, he could not fall asleep. Helplessly, he could only get up and light a cigarette for a new hexagram.

 After another violent coughing fit, he got the "Zhen-Dui" hexagram once again. "Zhen" for thunder and "Dui" for marsh. Thunder was absorbed within the marsh, soundless but violent, yet unseen to the world.

 "Zhen-Dui" hexagram? Up until then, he had gotten three consecutive "Zhen" hexagrams. Zhao Yu vaguely felt that he would most likely get some good news related to his status that day. After all, there was going to be an award ceremony. Could it be, during the award ceremony, the higher-ups would promote him as the Team B Team Leader?

"Hehe. Liu Changhu is leaving, Miao Ying is about to become the captain, if I am promoted to team leader, then…isn’t Miao Ying my boss?" Zhao Yu thought.

 Thinking back to Laoqinshan Restaurant, Miao Ying had fully showed off her wealth. She had ordered all sorts of luxurious delicacies for the group, looking especially high class. Many of the dishes were things that nobody had ever gotten the chance to eat before, and some of them nobody had ever heard of! Also, even though Miao Ying had just arrived, her tone and disposition had been very friendly. She was clearly someone who was meant to be a leader.

 Comparing himself to the her, there was a clear difference in capability. It was because of this that Zhao Yu had not fought with her at all during dinner, and for the first time let her eat without any issue.

 Sigh. Even though he had already gotten revenge for Miao Ying deceiving him, Zhao Yu still felt that he and Miao Ying were worlds apart. To somehow date such a dream-like lady, who was so skilled both physically and mentally, it seemed that he had a long way to go.

 But Zhao Yu did not know the word "give up." If he set his eyes on something, he would chase it without restraint. Even if he was heading towards his death, even if it was an insurmountable wall, he would simply be the one to surmount it.

 "Miao Ying, just you wait. Watch how I win your heart…hehehe," he promised himself.

 Since it seemed that he could not fall asleep, Zhao Yu simply got up and went to run a few laps around the park. He felt that while he still had time, he should get stronger. Once his shoulder recovered, he should join some classes and learn how to fight properly.

 Just like the time at the Rongtian building, facing so many experts, his fighting style would not work at all. At those times, he needed a more powerful weapon.

 In order to become more fearsome, Miao Ying had even learned Muay Thai. If he did not catch up, how could he face her? If they got married, wouldn’t he just get beaten up daily?

 As he ran, the day broke. The amount of people in the park increased. Seeing all the elderly ladies practicing their swordsmanship and Tai Chi, Zhao Yu suddenly remembered his dog Da Heng.

 Da Heng had just had her surgery and was still recovering. It would be a week before he could bring her back. It had been so long since he saw "Sherlock Holmes." He actually missed her. Maybe after he investigated Qu Ping’s case, he would drive to see Huahua’s family and visit his dog.


 The next morning at nine-thirty, Bureau Chief Zhou Andong and many other officials walked into the meeting room. The entire Key Case Investigation Unit had been waiting for a while. The main point of that day’s award ceremony was to award exceptional investigators in the Mianling Case. It was because of their hard work that such a huge case could finally be solved!

 Rongyang Branch had been essential in this case. Not only were the higher-ups praised, but all of Rongyang Branch became more popular, famous among the realm of Qinshan Police.

 During the meeting, other than praising all of the other investigators, Bureau Chief Zhou purposefully pushed Zhao Yu forward, praising him for his incredible work. He called Zhao Yu an ace detective, a model of the police team, and someone who must be rewarded accordingly!

 Zhao Yu was feeling immensely satisfied. Thinking back, the person Bureau Chief Zhou looked down on the most was Zhao Yu. Yet after a few days, the bureau chief had bestowed him with such a high praise. Why wouldn’t he be happy?

 After Bureau Chief Zhou’s speech, it was Bureau Chief Luan’s turn.

 Bureau Chief Luan reminded everyone of Mianling Case’s influence. Even though the case was solved, there might still be negative backlash. If the backlash was not taken care of accordingly, there would be repercussions. Thus she reminded the police officers to continue to work carefully and not expose any inside information to the world. Also, everyone had to pay careful attention to the activities of the victims’ family members and try to prevent them from doing something out of line.

 In the end, Bureau Chief Luan spoke with Zhao Yu. She said there were two major things he had to prepare for: one was a speech. On the station’s posterboard there would be a special area for him. There were two reasons for this: one was to explain his process of investigation, and the other was to motivate other investigators.

 Another thing was that on the "Law and Jury" channel on TV, there would be a special program about the Mianling case. It would even be aired on the central station. During it, there would be a one-on-one interview with Zhao Yu. She asked that Zhao Yu prepare to be contacted by the public information department for interview practice.

 Afterwards Bureau Chief Luan briefed everyone in regards to the reward money distribution. She said that even though the family members of the Mianling case were all immensely rich, they were willing to pay the ten-million yuan reward. But considering the pain of the victims’ family from losing a family member, the police force figured that both morally and legally, they should not accept this massive sum. In the end, under Liang Wangan and the others’ insistence, the police kept two-million yuan as a reward for the investigators.

 After some discussion, the higher-ups decided to split the reward by merit. According to the usual tradition of reward distribution, as long as the members were involved with the Mianling Case, they would be rewarded. But for cases like Zhao Yu, who risked his life to capture the criminal and had even been injured in the process, someone so brave would be given an extra reward!

 In truth, even without Bureau Chief Luan’s announcement, most of the investigators would have guessed so. Everyone knew that as the most important person in solving the Mianling Case, Zhao Yu would obtain a massive sum of eight-hundred thousand yuan. It was like winning the lottery.

 But even though the investigators were somewhat envious, they had to give credit to Zhao Yu. First off, the case had been solved by Zhao Yu. He had found all the evidence, he had saved Liang Sisi, and in the end he had been the one to sacrifice himself to capture Hao Gang. Even capturing Han Wenjun was due to Zhao Yu’s work! Thus the largest reward was, without a doubt, Zhao Yu’s.

 Yet to Zhao Yu’s surprise, at this time, the light in the meeting room dimmed, and the projector in the room suddenly turned on.

 "Oh? What’s this?" Bureau Chief Luan stood up and wanted to see what the situation was. All the other higher-ups looked at each other, unsure of what was happening.

 Zhang Yaohui stood up, wanting to turn on the light again. Yet within two steps he realized that the person who had turned off the light was none other than Zhao Yu!

 Zhao Yu made a shushing gesture at Zhang Yaohui, signaling for him to quickly sit. Zhang Yaohui was confused at the situation but could only obey.

 Soon the projector shone some images. It was the video from Zhai Linlin’s car. At the beginning, no one could understand what was happening. When the sharp-eyed Li Beini recognized that the person being stuffed into the trunk was the supposed culprit of Team Leader Qu Ping’s murder, Hou Meng, the room suddenly burst out with commotion!


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