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233 Insight to Recognise a “Pig“

It was nine at night. In front of Da Feng Ge Fruit Co. on Shun Feng Street a blue Phaeton drove past slowly and splashed the water along the muddy road. The air was full of salty fishy smell. The car stopped in front of Da Feng Ge Fruit Co. which was already closed.

Zhao Yu thanked Miao Ying genuinely. "Thanks Team Leader Miao! You are such a kind person. I’m not even close to your house but you still took me home! That’s so nice of you!"

"Go to hell!" Miao Ying complained. "You got into my car in front of so many people. How could tell you off? Quick, is there anything else that you want to tell me?"

"Amazing!" Zhao Yu gave her a thumbs up. "You can tell that our hearts are linked. Hehehe. Team Lead Miao, I kept thinking about this when I was eating earlier, who would be the spy in the station? What if it’s one of the higher-ups? What should we do?"

"That’s possible!" Miao Ying did not like Zhao Yu but agreed with him.

"So, I think that in order to make sure our plan is flawless, we can’t just report this according to standard procedure!" Zhao Yu had not had any alcohol but his face was red as though he was burning up. "I’ve thought about it. We have to catch them by surprise!"

"Catch them by surprise?" Miao Ying blinked and suddenly understood. "You mean, make a scene at the commendation ceremony tomorrow?"

"Wow! Amazing!" Zhao Yu was surprised and praised her. "Like I said, we are telepathic, our minds are in sync! You should come to my place. We have to talk about this in detail!"

As Zhao Yu spoke, he kept eyeing Miao Ying’s body and his hormones were raging. Recalling Miao Ying’s soft delicate lips made him want to jump on her.

"Mm, okay." Who knows why Miao Ying did not reject him but she nodded as she unbuckled her seatbelt.

"What?" Zhao Yu had not expected her to say yes and he was surprised.

"Hey? What are you doing?" Miao Ying yelled at Zhao Yu, "Are you a gentleman? I parked my car, do you not know how to open the door for a lady?"

"What? Oh…" Zhao Yu understood and quickly got out of the car and closed the door. He walked over to Miao Ying’s side to open the door. But the door would not open! When Zhao Yu looked up, he watched as Miao Ying gave him the finger and sped away. The sudden movement of the car tires splashed the smelly murky water all over Zhao Yu!

 Watching the Phaeton gradually disappear, Zhao Yu was stunned then laughed his lungs out. "This Miao Renfeng is so interesting. Just you wait. I’m taking you with me, sooner or later, I will," he thought.

Zhao Yu laughed for a moment and Jiang Dafeng yelled from above, "Hey, policeman! What are you doing making loud noises in the middle of the night! No ethics!"

"Fu*k!" Zhao Yu shouted. If it were not for Jiang Xiaoqing, he would throw a brick at Jiang Dafeng’s window!

 Zhao Yu’s phone suddenly rang. He looked and saw that it was an unknown number. When he answered, he heard Liao Jingxian’s scolding from the other side of the phone. "Zhao Yu, is there something wrong with your brain? Why would you tell everyone about his illness? Don’t you know Old Jin doesn’t want anyone to know?"

"F*ck you!" Zhao Yu heard that Liao Jingxian was still pretending so he quickly scolded him back. "All you seniors think that I am very fun to play with! Told me it was Osteosarcoma when it was only some femoral head issue! Old Liao, I was so respectful toward the two of you but it’s a pity that you didn’t treat me as your own."

"F*ck! Son!" Liao Jingxian did not know that Zhao Yu had already found out the truth. He responded cowardly, but then he laughed. "Zhao Yu, don’t you realize what Old Jin and I did was all for your own good? Old Jin finally found a like-minded successor and he was worried that you went down the wrong path!"

"Be straightforward!" Zhao Yu was annoyed. "Pretended to die, pretended to have a fatal disease, used a wheelchair! F*ck!"

"Alright!" Liao Jingxian said seriously, "Zhao Yu! Let me tell you some internal news. Liang Changhu will be transferred soon. Miao Ying will be the next captain of the Rongyang Key Case Investigation Unit, and Old Jin and I were contemplating appointing you as the Team Leader of Team B. But…looking at it now…"

"F*ck! Why didn’t you say so earlier?" Zhao Yu held his cellphone tightly and said shamelessly, "Bureau Chief Liao! Sir Liao! You old…hehehe… You two old heroes can recognize talent. I would be perfect as a team leader. Hehehehe. Please tell Old Jin that I went overboard today and that I will apologize in person some other day! Oh, and those things that I said earlier, just treat it like a fart."

"…" Liao Jingxian was speechless. He spat, "Recognize talent? As long as you don’t turn out to be a pig instead."

Zhao Yu returned to his room as he hung up. Who knows, maybe the "Zhen" hexagram would only appear at the end of the day! "That’s interesting. I, Zhao Yu, am going to be promoted. Team Leader of Team B? Heheheh…" he thought.

Reminiscing, Zhao Yu realized that he had only just started the good path. "Since I’m being promoted so quickly, will my colleagues be upset? If I continue for another few more years, I might even become a bureau chief. Hehehehe," he said to himself.

Zhao Yu could not shower as the wound on his shoulder had yet to recover, so he simply sponged his body. He took off his clothes in the bathroom and looked at himself in the mirror. He felt mixed emotions.

A few days had past and there was hair growing from his bald head. Wang Xin told Zhao Yu that the wound on his head had not damaged the hair follicles so when the hair regrew it would cover his wound. There would be scar on his forehead but that would not matter much. He had been shot in the shoulder but it was not that severe so the doctor only stitched him up with dissolvable stitches. He would be fully recovered in no time. He would then be a fearless detective again!

Although the Mianling Case had been closed, there were many rights and wrongs that threw Zhao Yu off balance. The cruelty of the murderer, the greedy Cheng Sanli, Gao Yang’s mental breakdown, Niu Weiguang’s innocence, and Liang Sisi who went through twenty-six years of captivity. In this lengthy case, there were many things worth thinking about. The devoid of humanity, the downfall of morality, and an indescribable stubbornness.

Even though the case had closed, and the murderer would soon be sentenced, the pain and suffering that the victims had been through would be difficult to erase. Just like Niu Weiguang’s wife and Liang Sisi, their lovely life and their youth had been ruined by this crime. But it should never have happened. There was no happiness in their lives.

Sin is like a tumor; inevitable and causing much pain. But somehow people would also find a bright light through sin! Just like Zhao Yu now, ever since he closed the Mianling Case, he felt a boost of his confidence and became addicted to his detective job.

At the dinner that night, Mao Wei heard that the police station did not accept Liang Wanqian and the others’ money in order to protect their public image. They only took two-million for the police officer’s award.

According to news from finance department, the money had been divided. Bureau Chief Zhou and the others were especially happy with Zhao Yu and allocated eight-hundred thousand to him directly. As these were from private donations, it was not taxable. When Zhao Yu received it, he could put downpayment on his house and own his first property in Qinshan!


 Also, because Zhao Yu played a pivotal role in closing the case, the official five-hundred thousand cash reward would be shared with him too. Not to mention the recognition award from each rank!

Although there was a big difference between eight-hundred thousands and ten-million, Zhao Yu was not disappointed. He still had the cash that Mr. Tao had gave him. He would definitely get a good price if he put it up for auction!

Zhao Yu only had one goal in his mind: to find out the truth being Qu Ping’s death and take revenge on her behalf.

When Zhao Yu thought about Qu Ping, he would always recall what happened during her memorial service when he saw her children crying. Qu Ping’s death was a mystery and he had to find out the truth!

He then thought about the charming Miao Ying. After spending a few days together, Zhao Yu found that he liked Team Lead Miao even more now! He looked back to when he was trapped in Rongtian Building. She came alone to save him even though it was very dangerous! He was deeply moved by her comradeship and worry.

Zhao Yu had always acted foolish when he saw Miao Ying, but every time he went close to her, his heart skipped a beat. His mind was full of Miao Ying. He closed his eyes as though he were love sick!

Miao Ying was smart and courageous, and she was a fighter. She looked beautiful, she was rich, and she had a powerful background. It would be great if he married that kind of woman.

Hehehe. Zhao Yu saw that he still had three invisibility cloaks! He had a wicked thought, "I wonder if there’s any zipper or button on this. Should I find a chance to use it on Miao? She can’t see me anyway. Can’t see me…can’t see me…hehehehe…."