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232 The Illogical Approach

"Oh…" Miao Ying thought for a bit then came up with a possibility. "Zhao Yu, I understand why the woman immediately mentioned Hou Meng’s name! Could it be that the couple just know saw something wrong on the tape and knew Hou Meng was a murderers o they called the police? Mm…no…" Miao Ying’s brows furrowed. "That’s not right! If they called the police, why would they call you? Zhao Yu, tell me, what’s going on?"

 "Hehehe…" Zhao Yu grinned perversely. "Team Leader Miao, isn’t it obvious! Come, first kiss me. I’ll tell you after you kiss me! There’s no one here, no one would see…hehehe…"

 "Zhao Yu!" Miao Ying’s expression darkened as she clenched her fist as a warning. "If it wasn’t for the fact you were injured…I…"

 "What? Want to murder your husband?" Zhao Yu was even more shameless.

 Miao Ying was furious, wanting to push the car door open and kick Zhao Yu out. Seeing Miao Ying truly angry, Zhao Yu quickly made a pause gesture and stopped his teasing. He spoke seriously yet again, "Team Leader Miao! I think it’s time we talk business!" Zhao Yu’s face could change instantly. He had been so perverted just then, but was now so serious, "Look, we have the recording, but we still might not find the culprit! But this is very important for Hou Meng, enough to save his life! How about it, should we report this?"

 Hearing Zhao Yu speak seriously, Miao Ying could not stay angry. She could only repress her anger as she said, "Isn’t it obvious? We can tell Hou Meng really was framed!"

 "What?" Zhao Yu blinked. "You really want to report this? Then what about your secret mission? Didn’t you set your eye on a Bentley? And a mansion, right?"

 Zhao Yu’s scolding had Miao Ying flustered. But before Miao Ying could retort, Zhao Yu immediately changed his tone. He said very seriously, "Miao Ying, you couldn’t tell? Even though you lied to me and managed to deceive me, think back, all your lies were spot-on, right?"

 "You...what do you mean?" In her confusion, Miao Ying could not keep up with Zhao

Yu for the first time.

 "Hao Gang confessed, he knew he was going to die. If Qu Ping’s death was related to the Mianling Case, he would’ve also confessed to that!" Zhao Yu explained, "Now that we have evidence that Hou Meng was framed, the question is, who was Qu Ping’s murderer?! Do you think it’s the two people that appeared in the video?"

 "Possibly!" Miao Ying felt that Zhao Yu was leaning too close to her while speaking so she instinctively pushed him back.

 "Since it’s a possibility, then…Qu Ping’s death was, without a doubt, a huge conspiracy! To want to kill Qu Ping quickly and find a scapegoat at the same time, normal people wouldn’t be able to achieve this!" Zhao Yu said forcefully, "Using this much energy to kill Qu Ping, they must have some experience! So…the two points you mentioned are most likely correct!"

 "Which…which two points?" In her confusion, Miao Ying forgot her own words.

 "One!" Zhao Yu helped her remember. "Qu Ping’s murderer has an extensive background! If we continue to investigate Qu Ping’s death, we will put ourselves in huge danger, most likely leading to death! Two, you said that there’s a spy on the police force. That possibility still exists!"

 "Ah?!" After immense shock, Miao Ying finally realized what Zhao Yu meant and asked, "Then that means we still have to investigate in secret? We can’t bring attention to ourselves? But…Hou Meng’s about to be sentenced. We can’t just let an innocent person die, right?"

 "Let me think…" Zhao Yu fell into deep thought and started seriously pondering their options. Qu Ping’s murderer was highly complex and especially dangerous. He had to think of a good way to deal with the situation. Miao Ying did not dare interrupt, but only stared at him, her expression complicated.

 Zhao Yu thought for a full one to two minutes before he got an idea. He said to Miao Ying, "No, Team Leader Miao! I think, with Qu Ping’s murder, we can’t just secretly investigate; we have to do the opposite! Otherwise, we’ll be in even more danger!"

 "The opposite?" Miao Ying asked in confusion, completely lost.

 "Have you played billiards before?" Unexpectedly, Zhao Yu came up with a completely unrelated question. "There’s a classic phrase in billiards called ‘strength is miracle’! I think this is very fitting for our case!"

 "Strength is miracle?"

 "Yes!" Zhao Yu laughed coldly as he spoke. "If you ask me, we should use the evidence in our hands and cause some commotion! The bigger the better, the more people that know, the better! Let everyone know that Hou Meng was framed and that Qu Ping’s killer was someone else! And that Qu Ping’s murder was part of a huge conspiracy!

"Only then can we guarantee our safety and confuse the enemy! Maybe, hmph! Even the spy in the police station would show his face!"

 "You…" Miao Ying seriously considered Zhao Yu’s words. "Cause a commotion? But…"

 "No buts!" Zhao Yu was especially serious. "We can’t retrace Team Leader Qu’s footsteps and be jumped! The people who murdered Team Leader Qu Ping are definitely influential. If we investigate in secret we’ll end up dead sooner or later. Only if we publicize this murder can we get a miracle! Even if they tried to cover it all up, they couldn’t just murder the entire police station, right?"

 "Oh…" Miao Ying finally understood and started to consider the possibility. Zhao Yu’s reasoning made sense. Only by publicizing the case could they investigate safely. Also, to find the murderer, they could not do it by themselves. They needed more manpower from the police force.

 "But on the bureau chief’s side…" Miao Ying was a little worried. "Look, the Mianling Case is barely over! And now we suddenly bring up another major event? And also admit that we caught the wrong person? For the bureau chief, this is like suicide! I’m worried."

 "Hehe…" Zhao Yu laughed then sighed. "It seems that Team Leader Miao really does know the ins and outs of the higher-ups, always considering things from the higher-ups’ point of view! But what should we do for Team Leader Qu Ping? We can’t just let her die pointlessly, right?"

 "True! No matter how the higher-ups sees this, we have to find the truth!" Miao Ying nodded immediately. "Zhao Yu, if we can set this up as a case, then we can investigate to the fullest degree! Other than Hou Meng, we still have to investigate Team Leader Qu Ping herself, and see what she did while she was alive, right? Maybe there is another trail of evidence that will lead us to the killer!"

 "Yes!" Zhao Yu said seriously, "No matter what, we must find whoever murdered Team Leader Qu Ping! To get revenge for her!"

 "Then," Miao Ying pulled out her phone, "we shouldn’t wait any longer. How about we report to the higher-ups now?"

 "No!" Zhao Yu shook his head. "We can’t just rush. Don’t forget, there’s still the possibility of a spy! Team Leader Qu, if you ask me, we should still go to Laoqinshan and eat! You’re finally inviting everyone out for dinner for once, how could we simply ruin that?"