Crazy Detective
228 Fell for Me?
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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228 Fell for Me?

The Mianling Case was solved! The number one cold case in Qinshan—the Massive Mianling Kidnapping and Murder Case—was solved!!

 Obtaining such news, all of Rongyang branch was stunned. Everyone was thunderstruck! Under Bureau Chief Zhou’s personal command, the investigators quickly started the complex follow-up work.

 As the crucial person in solving this case, Zhao Yu was obviously highly honored. Yet, before Zhao Yu could receive his colleagues and higher-ups’ praise, he was cornered at the sink outside the restroom. Zhao Yu had not expected to be cornered by Miao Ying coming out of the bathroom.

 "Zhao Yu, what are you doing?" Miao Ying grabbed his collar, pressing him against the wall as she interrogated him angrily. "Hao Gang clearly said that he didn’t kidnap you! Tell me, last night at the Rongtian building, what happened? How did you know that Hao Gang had Liang Sisi?"

 At this point, Zhao Yu had no need to hide the truth. He told Miao Ying in a straightforward manner, "Team Leader Miao, I asked for some help from the gods, and tried to listen in on Hao Gang’s secrets! Unexpectedly, I actually did end up overhearing Hao Gang’s huge secret! But I have no evidence, so I couldn’t ask for back-up. Because it was an emergency, I thought up this idea!"

 "Zhao Yu!" Miao Ying was immediately enraged. She pressed her elbow painfully against Zhao Yu’s throat. "You’re still making up bullsh*t, huh? Hmph, to think I risked my life to save you, yet you lied to me? Tell me, did you plant a listening device on Hao Gang? Do you know how dangerous that is?"

 "Team Leader Miao, didn’t you teach me that?" Zhao Yu retorted with little care. "Didn’t you say we had to force Hao Gang? ‘Act first ask questions later!’ Hehe! To think we ended up getting something! Something huge too!"

 "You!" Miao Ying applied more force with her elbow. "So, yesterday, you capturing Hao Gang on the Qinshan Bridge wasn’t an accident either? You already knew his location?"

 "That I did not!" Here, Zhao Yu obviously would not admit to knowing. "If you don’t believe me, you can ask Zhang Jingfeng and Liang Huan. We really did run into him on the bridge by accident! When I saw Hao Gang, I immediately rammed the car into him. Boom, bam, Hao Gang had a gun too! You didn’t see how amazing I was!"

 "Zhao Yu!" Miao Ying did not believe him in the least and yelled angrily, "You knew the truth but didn’t report it! You’re selfish! You just wanted the prize money for yourself, but what if we didn’t catch Hao Gang? Think about the consequences!"

 Yet before Miao Ying could finish, Zhao Yu suddenly twisted Miao Ying’s wrist and turned around, quickly pushing Miao Ying against the wall instead. Their bodies were pressed closely together. His hand slammed against the wall enacting a legendary Kabedon situation!

 This came too suddenly, and with Zhao Yu’s force, Miao Ying could not react at all. With the two so intimately pressed together, her face suddenly flushed red!

 "Team Leader Miao!" Zhao Yu’s face still had a teasing expression. "No need to say more! I understand! Right now, you are scolding me, blaming me, all because you were worried about me, afraid for my safety! I’m truly touched that you care so much for me. Did you fall for me? I really like you…" Zhao Yu even shamelessly tried to press his mouth against Miao Ying’s face, attempting another kiss.

 "B*stard!" Miao Ying obviously would not let him do as he wish. A back-elbow twist turned Zhao Yu around, then the two of them swapped positions. Zhao Yu’s face was pressed harshly against the wall by Miao Ying.

 "Zhao Yu, you pervert!" Miao Ying growled in a low voice. "A truly shameless b*stard! I’m worried about you because of our cooperation, our secret mission! Why would I fall for a b*stard like you?"

 "Ow…" Zhao Yu felt Miao Ying’s force and knew he could not resist. He simply went with the situation and showed a painful expression. "My elbow…elbow…"

 Miao Ying finally remembered Zhao Yu’s elbow was hurt and immediately let go. Yet, just as she let go, Zhao Yu riled up and twisted her hand backwards, once again switching their position and pushing Miao Ying against the wall.

 But Miao Ying was an expert. Seeing Zhao Yu’s resistance, she immediately extended her hand to grab Zhao Yu’s neck. Zhao Yu was equally as skilled, and bent down as he pushed into Miao Ying’s stomach, lifting her into the air then pressing her against the sink, forcing her to sit on the edge of the sink.

 "Ah…" Seeing Zhao Yu with the advantage, Miao Ying’s frustration turned to anger as she pounded at Zhao Yu’s back.

 "Hey!" Zhao Yu grabbed Miao Ying’s hand and yelled, "Miao Renfeng! Enough! Can you not mention the secret mission anymore? Do you think it’s fun to keep up the act? Trying to deceive me with a stupid kid’s phone? Helping your junior? Sawatdee ka!" Even though Zhao Yu spoke nothing but gibberish, but when Miao Ying heard, she could not help but be stunned.

 "You…you…" Miao Ying’s large eyes sparkled as she asked in disbelief, "You…how did you know?"

 "Hmph!" Zhao Yu tightly grabbed Miao Ying’s hands. "I easily revealed Hao Gang’s secret, much less yours. Miao Renfeng, let me warn you, don’t play me like this from now on! Otherwise, you’ll only hurt yourself! Hmph." Zhao Yu started humming a tune. The tune, was the one Miao Ying hummed in her shower.

 At the moment, Miao Ying was even more thunderstruck. Within a moment, she realized that Zhao Yu was way more powerful than she thought! Apparently, this man was not only good at solving cases and being a pervert—he was also terrifying!

 "Zhao Yu, bro, you…" Just as Miao Ying sat there in shock, Lan Bo suddenly came from outside, yelling, "Zhao Yu, are you in the restroom? Bureau Chief Zhou…mm..."

 When Lan Bo entered the bathroom, he was taken aback by the strange scene in front of him! Seeing Miao Ying sitting on the sink, with Zhao Yu standing right in front of Miao Ying, their bodies so close. This scene was very common in movies, except Zhao Yu and Miao Ying both still had their clothes on.

 Miao Ying’s face was bright red, she immediately hopped down from the sink, and cursed at Lan Bo, "What are you looking at? You haven’t seen someone tease a girl before?!"

 Hearing that, Lan Bo nearly collapsed! This was the legendary Miao Renfeng! To think that Zhao Yu dared…dared to tease her?!

 "Cough…" Seeing Miao Ying leaving, Zhao Yu immediately returned to a more serious nature. "Hm, also, Team Leader Miao! I had something I wanted to tell you! Even though Liu Wangan doesn’t have a terminal illness, Han Wenjun’s tracking device is real. I had to break the teeth off those dentists before they told me! I think the Mianling Case was unlike any other case. If the victims’ families knew the truth, Hao Jiajun…"

 "I know! I know what to do!" Miao Ying nodded then immediately left, despite looking a little awkward. But even so, when Miao Ying passed by Lan Bo, Lan Bo could not help but shiver.

 "You were looking for me, Lan Bo?" Once Miao Ying left, Zhao Yu finally patted down his clothing and the bandages that came off. "What is it?!"

 "Bureau Chief Zhou is looking for you!" Lan Bo finally remembered why he came, and said to Zhao Yu, "He asked you to go to his office! Yu…Yu…" Originally, Lan Bo had wanted to ask about Zhao Yu about Miao Ying. His mouth was open for some time, but no words came out.
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