Crazy Detective
226 The Shameful Truth
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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226 The Shameful Truth

On the way to the kidnapping, Niu Weiguang begged Hao Gang and the others. He said he was willing to give his own car to them, and promised that them he would never say anything to anyone. He pleaded for them to let the children go! But since Liu Hongxiang had already recognized Gao Yang, how could Hao Gang let them go? If Liu Hongxiang went and told the adults, then their lives were over!

 The truth was, at the time, between the three of them, they were all completely confused and lost. None of them knew just what to do. With no way out, the three of them could only continue their original plan. The three of them first forced Niu Weiguang to drive to an abandoned car factory where Gao Yang had previously worked. At the moment it was already dark outside, so no one saw them.

 The three first prepared everything ahead of time. They spray painted the entire car, changing the red van to yellow, then put on a fake license plate. This was all Hao Gang’s idea. Hao Gang was previously a police officer. Even though he had never done anything illegal before, he had a strong sense on how to avoid capture.

 But after they spray painted the van, Gang Yang and Hao Gang had a huge argument. It nearly escalated into a fist fight. Gang Yang stubbornly argued that since their target was Cheng Sanli, they should let the children go. However, Hao Gang was equally as stubborn. He said that if they let the hostages go, their plan would be ruined. Not only would they gain nothing, but they would also only be left with a life on the run!

 Yet, while the two argued, the more agreeable Han Wenju suddenly stopped them and suggested a bold idea. He said since things had turned out like this already, why wouldn’t they just change the original plan? All of these children were children of the rich families in Mianling. Why wouldn’t they just ignore Cheng Sanli for now and kidnap the kids instead, then ask their parents for ransom!

 Hao Gang suddenly realized that this was a possibility, but Gao Yang still refused, saying that he could not kidnap his own nephew and blackmail his cousin. How could he do something so disgusting? Also, what would happen after they got the ransom money? What would they do with the children? Should they be released or not?

 Han Wenjun immediately placated Gao Yang, saying that they were only doing this for money and that nobody would get hurt! Once they got the ransom money, they could run away, go to another place, change their name, and live happily! Hao Gang also tried to persuade Gao Yang, and Gang Yang finally agreed. Thus, the three put their kidnapping plan into action.

 But hiding people in a car factory was not a good idea. They had to find somewhere more secure. Thus, Han Wenjun immediately thought of the abandoned cavern in Yingpan Mountain, so they moved all of the hostages there.

 Even though they had the idea, they did not have any information on the children’s parents and could not demand the ransom right away. They had to wait until Hao Gang went to Mianling Town so that he could find out the families’ phone number, address, and financial situation before they could start.

 Three days later, Hao Gang called the kids’ parents and demanded the ransom. Hao Gang already knew how the police operated, so when he was calling the families, he used a public phone in order to confuse the police. In the end, the three safely obtained the huge amount of ransom.

Zhao Yu’s guess was right. During the ransom process, it was only Hao Gang and Gao Yang’s job. Han Wenjun stayed inside the cavern to guard the hostages.

 Gao Yang knew the cliff area well. When Mr. Tao had arrived at the cliff, Gao Yang did not go down to the cliff area right away, but stayed inside a nearby wooded area around the cliff and observed him using a telescope instead. He then used a walkie-talkie to instruct Mr. Tao on how to throw the ransom money down.

 Truthfully, only Hao Gang was under the cliff at the time. Once he obtained the ransom, he first removed the tracking device, then put the money inside a huge bag. Since all of the bills from Mr. Tao were new, they was fairly light, so Hao Gang simply took the leather bag along!

 Now was the best part! Logically speaking, with so much money on him, it would be impossible for Hao Gang to escape from the police officers looking for him. But the sneaky Hao Gang had already prepared ahead of time. Once he obtained the money, he simply brought it to the mountainside where Gao Yang was. He then used the rope he brought with him and took the money up the mountain.

 At the time, not only was Gao Yang waiting on top of the mountain, but he also brought the van over. Gao Yang was familiar with the small hidden paths within the woods. The two of them put the money in the car, and then made their escape into the night. At the time, the police officers were too focused on searching at the bottom of the cliff, and were completely fooled by the men’s diversion.

 Suddenly gaining this much money, Gao Yang was especially excited. At the time, he still foolishly believed that they would let the hostages go, then flee with all this money! Yet once he took the money back to the cavern, he was jumped by Han Wenjun, who strangled him with the help of Hao Gang, knocking him out!

 As it turned out, Hao Gang and Han Wenjun had already made a plan ahead of time: no matter what, the hostages could not be left alive. Once their identity was revealed, no matter where they ran, they would most likely be captured. Thus, the two had already decided to kill all of the hostages! They feared that Gao Yang would violently resist, so they knocked him out first.

 Han Wenjun had already put the dynamite in place. The plan was that once the dynamite went off, everything would disappear in the explosion. Yet, against Han Wenjun’s expectations, just as he was about to light the dynamite, Hao Gang stubbornly insisted on taking Liang Sisi along with him.

 Han Wenjun could not understand at all. To leave a hostage alive, wouldn’t that mean all of their hard work would go to waste? But Hao Gang persisted! He lied to Han Wenjun, saying that the kid was too small and that he had other ways to deal with her!

Actually, the reason why Hao Gang took Liang Sisi with him was for a personal reason—Liang Sisi looked too much like Hao Gang’s wife! Hao Gang and his wife Jun grew up together. The Liang Sisi in front of him looked almost exactly like Jun when she was younger! Not only in appearance, but even their small moles were almost exactly the same.

 Jun’s death had left Hao Gang an empty shell, but ever since he saw the small girl, it was like a new desire had welled up inside of him. Seeing Hao Gang so persistent, Han Wenjun could not do a thing, and let Hao Gang take Liang Sisi away.

 At the time, the hostages were all restrained and blindfolded. Up until Han Wenjun began to light the dynamite, the children still innocently believed that they were going to leave alive. They had no clue that the evil Hao Gang and Han Wenjun had no intentions of leaving them alive.

 But Niu Weiguang was an adult. When he heard the sizzling sound of the dynamite, he instinctively knew something was wrong. He suddenly jumped up, trying to run away. Yet, coincidentally, he ran right into Hao Gang. At the time, Hao Gang was still holding Mr. Tao’s leather bag. On impact, the bag and Hao Gang fell to the ground! Even though Niu Weiguang was restrained, he was very strong. Hao Gang could not move at all under Niu Weiguang.

 In shock, Hao Gang took out a knife and stabbed Niu Weiguang numerous times, finally killing him. Hao Gang had wanted to take the money with him, but the dynamite was about to go off. Han Wenji immediately pulled Hao Gang out of the area.

 Just as the two made it out, the dynamite went off. Within moments, the entire cave was filled with smoke. Niu Weiguang and the other four children were buried inside.

 When Gao Yang woke up and realized the truth, he nearly had a breakdown. But since it had already happened, he could not do anything about it. Also, he was filled with fear, afraid that Hao Gang and Han Wenjun will also murder him to shut him up!

 The sad part was, despite the evil he had committed, Hao Gang had little regret. He looked as if he was revived and told Han Wenjun and Gao Yang confidently that from then on, no one could mention what had happened. If nobody said anything, then they should simply stay in Qinshan and not go anywhere! They would start their career in Qinshan!
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