Crazy Detective
215 How to save her?
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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215 How to save her?

Vroom…Zhao Yu stepped on the pedal and sped towards Rongtian building in the middle of the night.

Rongtian building was located in the new area of Qinshan. It would take Zhao Yu at least fifteen minutes to get there from Shun Feng Street, even if he drove at full speed. Zhao Yu thought that the truth with be revealed with the appearance of Liang Sisi, who had been missing for years. The distressing Mianling Case in Qinshan could finally be closed!

When Zhao Yu saw Hao Gang trying to kill Liang Sisi with a gun, he realized that reality was not as beautiful as he thought. In actuality, it was awful! He had seen Hao Gang with the gun in his mind but he could not record it, so there was no way for it to be used as evidence.

Although he had the answer, he could not do anything about Hao Gang! Once Hao Gang killed Liang Sisi, all evidence would be gone—he would no longer be in danger. Even if he was a suspect, he could not be sentenced if there was not any evidence.

Even worse, there was no immediate evidence, no search warrant, and no warrant of arrest. Police would not search Hao Gang’s building no matter how Zhao Yu pleaded with the authorities. No one would believe what Zhao Yu said. The idea of Liang Sisi being imprisoned in Hao Gang’s office, within the Rongtian building, just sounded ridiculous. So, Zhao Yu could only stop Hao Gang from killing her on his own!

But how? How could Zhao Yu possibly stop Hao Gang when he was already about to shoot her?

"What should I do?!" Zhao Yu had to drive fast as he watched Hao Gang through the camera.

Fortunately, even though Hao Gang was ready to shoot her, he was hesitating. If he really was one of the kidnappers in the Mianling Case, Liang Sisi had been imprisoned since she was six-years-old. After spending so many years together, they had definitely built an intimate love-hate relationship!

Hao Gang seemed to be having trouble killing her, but Zhao Yu knew that Liang Sisi would finish showering soon. Once she was done, Hao Gang would pull the trigger!

If Hao Gang really was the murderer of the Mianling Case, he was a monster. If he could kill so many children back then, he would not treat Liang Sisi any differently. It would be too late by then!

"What should I do?!" he thought. Zhao Yu was dying to grow a pair of wings to fly straight to Hao Gang’s office, but that was impossible. He needed to focus on figuring out a way to save her!

"Wait…" Suddenly, Zhao Yu recalled something! Cellphone! Yeah! Hao Gang had a cellphone! That old cellphone was in his pocket. If I can call him, I can buy some time," he thought. But Hao Gang’s cellphone was so well-hidden; no outsiders would be able to get the number. Even if they tried to find it by using advanced methods, they still might not be able to get it.

"How…How can we get in touch with him? Even if we can get in touch with him, how can we buy time? What should I do…Hey?" Suddenly, something popped into Zhao Yu’s mind! "Someone called him before he decided to kill Liang Sisi. It must have been that phone call that made Hao Gang decide to kill her!

"He was so angry that he even smashed the glass when he answered the call. Then…Who was on the phone with Hao Gang? What did the person say to him when they were on the phone? Could it be…" Zhao Yu immediately thought of a name: Han Wenjun!

"Could it be him?!" Zhao Yu and Miao Ying had visited Han Wenjun’s grandchild at his old house yesterday. Had that caught Han Wenjun’s attention?

Han Wenjun might have found out that the police had been looking for him, so he called Hao Gang to align their oral statements, and urged Hao Gang to get rid of her.

"Han Wenjun, could it be him? If so, what if I called Han Wenjun now? No way…" he thought. Zhao Yu could not think of anything to say to Han Wenjun. If he said anything suspicious, it may just reaffirm Hao Gang’s decision. Also, Zhao Yu might not be able to reach Han Wenjun with the number he had. "What should I do?"

Hao Gang’s eye was fixed on the silhouette behind the matte glass in the bathroom. It seemed that Liang Sisi was almost done!

Damn it! Zhao Yu stepped on the gas, and the car was almost flying off the ground. Although the road was empty, it would take him another five to six minutes until he got to Rongtian building. But just getting there would not make a difference; he would need to go through the building’s security guards and rush into the hidden room in Hao Gang’s office. There would not be enough time!

"Eh? Got it!" Zhao Yu figured out a plan! "Hao Jiajun! Yeah!"

He had gotten Hao Jiajun’s number when he was causing trouble at Tianlong Technology office that day. Maybe he could delay Hao Gang with Hao Jiajun’s help. Zhao Yu did not wait and called Hao Jiajun.

"Hello?" Hao Jiajun answered as soon as Zhao Yu called.

"Hello?" Zhao Yu purposely spoke with a rough voice. "Is this Hao Jiajun?"

"Yes, who is this?" Hao Jiajun spoke politely.

"Hehe." Zhao Yu gritted his teeth and said, "I am a kidnapper. I’ve called to inform you that we have kidnapped your dad, Hao Gang! I warn you, do not report this to the police!"

"Huh? What?" Hao Jiajun was surprised. "That’s impossible. Who are you? Are you joking?"

"Unfortunately, your father has passed out!" Zhao Yu tried to frighten him. "But he told me the password to his security vault before he fell unconscious. It’s *******. Hehehe. Go get the money ready! I warned you! If you report this to the police, I will kill him!" Zhao Yu hung up before Hao Jiajun responded.

Zhao Yu had made up kidnapping and ransom because he could not think of anything else that would make Hao Jiajun call Hao Gang there and then. After hanging up, Zhao Yu continued speeding while looking at the surveillance video in his mind.

The water vapor on the glass was fading. Liang Sisi would be coming out of the shower anytime now. He could see Hao Gang’s hands trembling through the video. That indicated that he was still hesitating.

When the door opened, which was when Hao Gang was going to shoot Liang Sisi, Hao Gang was frightened by something, and he hid the gun behind him.

Zhao Yu saw that Hao Gang’s phone rang at the same time as when Liang Sisi had opened the door. Liang Sisi was naked as she walked out, expressionless. She did not even have any slippers on. Hao Gang had missed his opportunity to shoot her, so he picked up the call.

Zhao Yu could not see, but he could tell that the call was from Hao Jiajun. Of course he would know his dad’s emergency number. He was definitely making sure that Hao Gang had not been kidnapped.

Hao Gang looked odd as he listened on the phone. He moved to another corner to talk to Hao Jiajun. Zhao Yu was just reaching Rongtian Building by that time.

However, Zhao Yu was well aware that Hao Gang had a gun and a troop of tough security guards within the building. He would probably die if he broke into the building without police backup, regardless of how well he could fight. But he would not have a legit reason to request backup there and then. If there was no evidence that Liang Sisi was in the building, he would not be able to get any help. So…

Was there any other way that he could get backup with a reasonable excuse? That was not difficult for Zhao Yu. Hehe…
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