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214 Eliminate the Evidence

Zhao Yu felt that if he were Hao Gang, he would have already slept with that celebrity. Many times, during the party, the celebrity winked at Hao Gang, eyeing him seductively, clearly wanting to get close to him. But once the party was over, Hao Gang sent the celebrity away. He took his group of bodyguards and returned to the Rongyang Corporation office building.

 Zhao Yu, seeing Hao Gang not go to the office building instead of returning home so late, believed that something was not right. He had to devote one-hundred-twenty percent of his attention in order not to miss any details.

 Through the camera, he saw that after Hao Gang got out of his car, he immediately headed to his office on the Rongtian building’s highest floor. There was a lock on the office door, and when Hao Gang unlocked it with the password, Zhao Yu immediately wrote it down in case he needed it later.

 Entering the office, Hao Gang’s bodyguards were all gone. When the light turned on, Zhao Yu saw that Hao Gang’s office was not that big, but it looked like a deluxe castle. From Zhao Yu’s view angle, he could not see the entire office well.

 Hao Gang quickly sat down at his desk, and first opened the biggest drawer in the middle of his desk, then used the fingerprint sensor inside. On the right side, a tiny shelf suddenly popped up.

 Holy sh*t! Zhao Yu could not help but be a little excited. To think that Hao Gang’s office desk was this advanced! Since the small shelf was so hidden, there must be something secret inside of it!

 Zhao Yu had stopped breathing, carefully looking at the hand Hao Gang extended towards the shelf. In the end, other than a stack of files, there was only an old phone—a flip phone that was decades old and could only play Snake.

The thing that drove Zhao Yu insane was that Hao Gang flipped the phone open to make a call, and stayed on it for a long time. But Zhao Yu could only watch, unable to hear what he was saying!

 It was almost torture! If it were not for the woman named Zhai Linlin, if she had not blocked the listening device, then maybe Zhao Yu could have heard some important information! Even if it was not about the Mianling Case, if it were some news about the stock market, it would be great too!

 "Sh*t!" Zhao Yu cursed as he watched Hao Gang talk on the phone, unable to understand a single thing.

In his anger, he suddenly came up with a different idea: since the situation was like this, why not listen in on what Zhai Linlin was doing? The switch for the listening device was inside his head. With a single tap from Zhao Yu, the sound from the listening device immediately entered his ear. But to Zhao Yu’s shock, the voice he heard was not Zhai Linlin’s, but another man’s.

 "Linlin, you’re simply too bold!" The man seemed to be smoking. He chewed on the cigarette as he spoke. "Today I just married your friend, but you have already come to play with me. Truly bold, hehe!"

 Holy sh*t! Zhao Yu knew instantly that the person who was speaking was Cang Jie!!

 Holy sh*t. Zhao Yu was not sure if he should cry or laugh. To think that the listening device had not gotten anything on the Mianling case, but somehow found another "case"!

 "Hmph!" Zhai Linlin’s voice suddenly rang out. "Say, had you not stopped her and let her be Hao Gang’s wife, how good would I be? I wouldn’t feel guilty either!"

 "Oh? You felt guilty?" Cang Jie spoke mockingly. "If I broke up with Yao Jia, we wouldn’t get together either! Your husband is so rich, do you want to divorce him?"

 Woah…Zhao Yu was stunned. These two…unfaithful…swine.

 "A friendly reminder," Zhai Linlin spoke with some ill-intent, "you and Yao Jia are engaged, but you haven’t slept together yet. Don’t you think it’s kind of strange? Could your new fiancé be the cold type again?"

 "No matter!" Cang Jie laughed. "With you here, I’m already satisfied."

 "Eh? You, don’t be so rough! Ah…hehehe…"

From the listening device came the two’s perverted wailing. Clearly the two had entered the next step.

 "Holy sh*t!" Zhao Yu cursed, feeling sorry for Yao Jia. But on the other hand, he was immensely amused. He was watching Hao Gang making a phone call in his mind, yet listening to the sound of Cang Jie and Zhai Linlin’s moans, the feeling was completely different, and also conflicting, giving Zhao Yu a strange sense of excitement.

 But the feeling did not last too long before Hao Gang finished his phone call. It seemed like Hao Gang had taken care of some serious business, as the man looked much more relaxed. He even went to the wine rack and poured himself some wine.

 Yet, before Hao Gang had even finished his wine, his phone lit up again. It appeared that the other had called him back. Hao Gang held his wine in one hand and picked up the call with the other.

 Hao Gang had only listened to the call for a little bit when the wine glass in his hand slipped out and fell on the floor! Since it was carpeted, the wine glass was safe, but the wine had spilled everywhere. Clearly, Hao Gang had heard some insane news!

 Zhao Yu could see that Hao Gang’s sight was shaking violently. Clearly, he was shaking all over.

 "Oh, ah! Ouch! It hurts…" Even though Zhao Yu had captured the important image of Hao Gang, paired with Cang Jie and Zhai Linlin’s moans, it was almost too awkward.

 Zhao Yu knew that Hao Gang dropping his wine glass meant that he had definitely heard some crazy news. There was definitely something important happening. Thus, Zhao Yu turned off the listening device, allowing his mind to focus.

Hao Gang had already hung up the phone, but from his vision, one could tell that Hao Gang was clearly shaken as he paced in the huge office. He walked around for ten whole minutes, as if considering something extremely important.

 Suddenly, it looked as if he had made up his mind, and quickly left the office. He flipped through the documents in the tiny drawer. Inside the document was a small square box. As he opened it, a small and delicate pistol appeared in front of Hao Gang. He not only put a silencer on the gun, but also unlocked the safety.

 Sh*t! Zhao Yu was stunned. He was not sure why Hao Gang had suddenly pulled out a gun. Was he going to murder someone, or...commit suicide?!

 Under Zhao Yu’s nervous gaze, Hao Gang stood up and walked toward the depth of his office. In the office there was a small storage room with tons of information and more hidden within.

 Then, something even bigger happened before his eyes. With a turn of the knob behind the scanner, a small shelf within the storage room suddenly revealed a tiny metal door. On the door was an almost safe-like, highly complex lock. Hao Gang once again pressed his finger on the scanner, and the metal door sprang open.

 God! Zhao Yu could have never imagined that within Hao Gang’s office was such a hidden place. It was almost like a movie! It seemed that the secrets Hao Gang had were truly numerous!

 Once Hao Gang entered the small door, it was completely dark. Zhao Yu could not see anything. But Hao Gang navigated the place almost instinctively, walking through the darkness with ease. In the darkness, Zhao Yu’s camera started shaking. One could tell that Hao Gang was highly agitated.

 Around ten seconds later, it became immensely bright. Even though he could not hear anything, Zhao Yu could clearly tell that someone had turned on a lamp in the darkness. Hao Gang walked towards the light, when suddenly, a long-haired, slender woman appeared in Zhao Yu’s sight.

 Sh*t! Zhao Yu was stunned. He thought to himself, "Just what is Hao Gang doing? Hiding a woman in his office, is this really some sort of secret? Is this guy deranged? To ignore the celebrity coming on to him earlier, but keeping a woman in his office?"

 Suddenly, Hao Gang walked in front of the woman, and the woman turned to turn on an even brighter light. Under the clear lighting, Zhao Yu could see that the woman was quite delicate, wearing a golden silk pajamas, her hair somewhat messy.

 Once she turned on the light, the woman finally turned, appearing in front of Hao gang. Zhao Yu only needed one look before he felt a chill creep up his entire body. He felt like he was going to explode!

 Holy mother of God! Holy sh*t! Zhao Yu could not believe what he was seeing. The woman in front of Hao Gang looked almost identical to the 3D simulation of what Liang Sisi should look as a grown-up! The mole beside the tip of her mouth was even more clear, and exactly the same!

 God! Remembering how Hao Gang was currently the biggest suspect in the Mianling Case, Zhao Yu could pretty much confirm that this woman was the girl who went missing twenty-six years ago—Liang Sisi!!!

 My God! Zhao Yu felt all the hair on his body was stand up. His excitement could not be described with words. He had imagined hundreds of thousands of times how he would solve the Mianling Case, yet he could never have imagined this insane scene in front of him!

 Hao Gang! This evil, sneaky kidnapper, this devil in human’s skin. To think he took Liang Sisi.

 To Zhao Yu’s overwhelming agitation, he did not know what Hao Gang told Liang Sisi, but Liang Sisi’s expression turned wooden as she robotically walked into the bathroom! Once Liang Sisi entered the bathroom, Hao Gang slowly strode to the entrance of the bathroom.

 Through the steam on the window, Zhao Yu could guess that Liang Sisi was showering. But at this time, something happened and Zhao Yu’s stopped breathing.

 As Hao Gang stood outside of the bathroom door, with one hand on the handle, his other hand was holding his pistol in front of him!

 Ah?! Zhao Yu was stunned. Could…could it be…Hao Gang was trying to eliminate all the evidence?!!