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213 Do You Feel Guilty?

Hao Gang stopped walking, turned around slowly, and scanned Zhao Yu from head to toe once again. The shocked expression on his face had betrayed him!

"You!" Hao Gang glared at him fiercely, then gritted his teeth and said, "What do you mean?"

Who knows how Zhao Yu remained silent after he saw how Hao Gang reacted, then made a silly face. He was actually putting the invisible camera onto Hao Gang’s eyes as he glared at Zhao Yu!

Zhao Yu knew that the person in front of him was someone powerful in Qinshan! As he had shown his cards and put pressure on Hao Gang, Zhao Yu had to be extremely careful. So putting on an invisible camera allowed him to keep the situation under full control. Hao Gang might show his true colors soon enough.

Hao Gang was a really cunning person. Even if he was not the murderer of the Mianling Case, he might want to harm Zhao Yu. Once he planned to take revenge, Zhao Yu could prepare ahead.

"Hmph!" Hao Gang was angry as he disputed Zhao Yu’s claim. He spat, "Ridiculous!" and left.

 The camera was on Hao Gang, but Zhao Yu still felt insecure. He was worried that he would miss hearing something important. So it was better to use two devices at the same time just to be safe. Zhao Yu immediately activated the devices system and took out the last invisible eavesdropper to put it on Hao Gang. That way he could find out everything.

 But Hao Gang had already turned around and left. His bodyguards formed a barricade behind him, blocking Zhao Yu from attaching the invisible eavesdropper on Hao Gang. He had no choice but to run off the stage. He found an opening in the crowd and shot the eavesdropper out.

 But something happened! Since there were dinner tables on both side of the path, a woman in a red dress stood up from her table and walked across just as Zhao Yu shot the eavesdropper at Hao Gang! Unfortunately, the eavesdropper stuck to the lady instead!

"Oh! F*ck!" he thought. Zhao Yu nearly fainted, but then he saw that the lady in the red dress was very nicely dressed, looking beautiful with her thick red lips, just like Marilyn Monroe.

"F*ck! Isn’t this distracting?!" he could not help but think. Zhao Yu cursed and wanted to relocate the camera, but there was only an "on-off" button, so he could not change the position.

When Zhao Yu turned to look for Hao Gang, he realized that he had already left the lobby.

 Zhao Yu immediately changed the frequency accordingly so that he could view whatever the camera was recording. He could see that Hao Gang had already entered the elevator with his bodyguards, and was going straight to the top floor of the hotel. Hao Gang whispered to one of his workers. He was, without a doubt, asking for detailed information on Zhao Yu’s background.

But Zhao Yu was not sure why Hao Gang went upstairs. Maybe he really was going to look for the hotel manager to cancel Yao Jia and Zang Jie’s engagement party.

"No, no way! I can’t let him to do that. I’ve got to do something about this," Zhao Yu said in his head.

"Jiajia," Cang Jie was confused and asked Yao Jia, "What is going on? Why would the director of Rongtian come and cause trouble for us? Oh, is that the Hao Jiajun that you’ve mentioned? Is this his doing? Is he getting his dad’s help?"

Yao Jia had not recovered from the traumatic experience. She was lost for words.

"Aiyo. Jiajia!" The lady with the eavesdropper on her ran onto the stage and said, "Lucky you! You had a chance to be the daughter in law of Hao Gang! Oh my God! If you had agreed earlier, you could’ve been the richest wife in Qinshan. Hehehe."

"Zhai Linlin, don’t start anymore drama!" Yao Jia panicked. "I don’t know what is wrong with that guy! His dad is so barbaric! Hmph!"

Cang Jie panicked when he saw that Yao Jia was angry and tried to comfort her. "Jiajia, it’s okay, they left. Let’s forget about it! Don’t let this ruin our day. Don’t forget, it’s our big day!"

"Yeah! I agree!" Zhai Linlin quickly went along with Cang Jie and said, "People born with silver spoons in their mouth are spoiled. Ignore them! Come, I’ll go look for the emcee. It’s almost time! Don’t delay your blessed day!" Zhai Linlin and Cang Jie quickly went to the emcee to get things started as they talked.

Oh. Zhao Yu realized that this Zhai Linlin might be Yao Jia’s best friend. Sigh! What a waste. He had wasted such a precious eavesdropper on an unimportant lady! He did not want to eavesdrop on this lady. He turned the device off and focused on Hao Gang. Zhao Yu knew that if Hao Gang felt guilty, he would show his true colors. So he had to pay close attention to him.

The video image actually appeared in Zhao Yu’s mind when he focused on it. He could monitor Hao Gang’s movement without using his eyes. Hao Jiajun had already disappeared. Hao Gang was at the top of the hotel in a luxurious private room with his troops of bodyguards.

The bodyguards formed a line in front of the door. Only the one with a scar on his face followed Hao Gang inside.

The luxurious private room was as big as a basketball court. Even the crystal dining table was ridiculously huge. Everyone around the table stood up to show their respect as Hao Gang entered. He greeted them one by one.

Zhao Yu took a closer look. Everyone around the table was a somebody in Qinshan, involved in business, politics, cultural matters, and there was even a famous local celebrity!

Hao Gang said something and made everyone laugh. Then they continued to chat merrily.

The waiter brought out cigars and poured fine wine for everyone.

Oh. Zhao Yu realized that Hao Gang came to the hotel not only to ruin Yao Jia’s party, but to attend an important gathering.

"This must be it. The gathering here was the main point. He just crashed the party on the way," Zhao Yu thought. "If so, Hao Gang would definitely dine there. He wouldn’t take any action at that time. He didn’t look for the hotel manager to wreck the wedding. I guess he just let it slip."

Watching Hao Gang joke around with his guests rather calmly, Zhao Yu wondered if Hao Gang felt guilty, and if what he had said scared Hao Gang or not.

"This old man…Really smart," Zhao Yu could not help but think.

As Hao Gang had not showed any signs of emotion, Zhao Yu decided to enjoy his meal. Yao Jia chatted with him during the meal and complained that he should not have messed with Hao Gang, or tried to get money from him.

Zhao Yu was an expert storyteller. He did not explain his plan to Yao Jia, on the contrary, he said "I could’ve sent Hao Gang to jail if he signed the check just now. The check would’ve been evidence, and he wouldn’t have dared to do anything else! I was thinking about the two of you, but you ruined it!"

Oh. Yao Jia realized Zhao Yu’s ture intentions and apologized immediately.

Zhao Yu said exaggeratedly, "I made such rude comments to make Hao Gang angry in order to distract him from you. Hao Gang would be too preoccupied with getting his revenge on me, so he wouldn’t cause you anymore trouble. It was all for your own good." Zhao Yu’s b*llshit moved Yao Jia. She was worried that Hao Gang would be pissed at Zhao Yu.

Zhao Yu continued to console her. "Today is your big day! Don’t worry about me, hurry up and go do your thing!"

Yao Jia was touched by Zhao Yu’s words. During the dinner, she made a toast to thank him. Zhao Yu was not planning to drink but he eventually did. He had not slept for a night, and with alcohol in his system, he felt very uncomfortable.

 He drove home after the dinner ended. He did not return the police car but parked it on Shun Feng Street. He took a shower when he got home, and quickly started to monitor Hao Gang when he regained consciousness.

Hao Gang’s dinner was, of course, extraordinary. With good food, wine, and cigars, accompanied with celebrity performances too, the guests enjoyed themselves very much. The gathering ended at about eleven at night. Hao Gang was presumably the host as he arranged chauffeur services for the guests to go home after the dinner.

"Here comes the show!" Zhao Yu thought. He knew that the crucial moment would come right after the gathering. "Hao Gang, let me see if you feel guilty or not!"