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"Officer Zhao…" Yao Jia’s face was completely white as she tugged at the corner of Zhao Yu’s clothes, but Zhao Yu simply ignored it.

He licked his lips as he spoke with Hao Gang. "Boss Hao, you’re so influential, yet you lie? Can you not afford eight-million? If you can’t afford it, then get out!"

 "Hmph!" Hao Gang looked at Zhao Yu coldly, and immediately waved behind him. Someone immediately handed over a check.

 "Do you see, son?" Hao Gang spoke to Hao Jiajun. "The ugliness of the world? Your happiness has to be taken by your own hand, got it? From now on, no matter what, you have to dare to try to take the initiative!" As he spoke, Hao Gang started signing the check.

 "No, no!" Yao Jia yelled in fear. "How could you do this? I…I was sold?"

 "Huhu…" Hao Gang laughed coldly and said to Yao Jia, "Girl, this is a good thing! Someone who betrayed you so easily, like your boyfriend, what are you doing with him? The Hao family only has one son. To be the wife of my son is a blessing for you!"

 Woah…Hao Gang’s words caused a huge commotion within the crowd. No one could understand. How did Yao Jia suddenly become Hao Gang’s daughter in law? Oh no!

 Zhao Yu looked to the side and suddenly saw Cang Jie wearing his suit, happily walking through the door. If this guy appeared, then everything would be exposed. Zhao Yu immediately began to rush Hao Gang.

"Boss Hao, what are you muttering about? Aren’t you giving me money? Then sign it, why don’t you? Once you sign it, I’m gone!"

 "Hmph!" Hao Gang huffed in disdain and started signing, yet, half way through, Cang Jie had already rushed over.

 "Ah?!" Cang Jie recognized the business world giant Hao Gang, and immediately hopped up and ran over, shaking hands with the other forcefully. "Isn’t this President Hao? Why are you here? Ah? Truly a blessing, a blessing! Hehehe. For you to attend our party is truly an honor for us, a blessing, hehehe."

 Suddenly, the lobby became deathly silent. Hao Gang looked as if he had been struck by thunder. The pen he used to sign his name was on the ground.

 "Hey!" Behind Hao Gang, a man dressed in black, with a scar near his eye, and a face full of stubble, immediately pulled Cao Jie’s hand off and asked fiercely, "Who are you?"

 Zhao Yu looked at the guy. He looked somewhat melancholic. His temples bulged, and veins popped out on his neck. If he was not wrong, this guy was at the top of the top.

 "I am Cao Jie, from Linyun City Zhen Xing Clothing company, hehehe." Cang Jie had no idea what was happening, and even took out a business card and respectfully handed it to Hao Gang.

 Hao Gang did not take it. The man in black grabbed it and squeezed it in his hand, turning it into a small ball.

 "Mm…" Cang Jie turned to look at Yao Jia, and immediately grabbed her hand, pulling her in front of Hao Gang. He very excitedly introduced her. "This is my fiancé, Yao Jia!"

 After the introduction, Cao Jie even whispered in Yao Jia’s ear, "Jiajia, is your family this powerful? They invited president Hao? That’s too amazing!"

 Yao Jia was completely confused. She did not know how to explain what was happening to Cang Jie.

 The only people who were even more confused was the son and father of the Hao family. Hao Gang stopped signing the check and put it way before flinging his sleeve, angrily saying to Hao Jiajun, "Do you see, son? Just how disgusting their lives are? I simply can’t accept the woman you like! Engaged to two men! if she enters our family, I won’t have any face left!"

 "Dad…" Hao Jiajun’s face was completely twisted, his face red as he lowered his head, unable to speak.

 "Mm? What? What’s this?" It was finally Cang Jie’s turn to be confused. He looked carefully at Hao Gang, before finally realizing that he was clearly not here to attend the party.

 "Hmph! Preposterous!" Hao Gang spat out angrily, and told the man in black with the scar, "Go, tell the manager that this event is canceled! I won’t allow such a foolish wedding here!" Ah? Everyone was stunned.

 "Whew!" Hearing this, Zhao Yu finally popped out from the side. He was very frustrated! He had nearly gotten eight-million yuan, but it had all gone to waste thanks to Cang Jie!

 Zhao Yu had wanted to to leave, but hearing that Hao Gang wanted to ruin the party, he could not let that happen. At the very least, he came to support Yao Jia. If he ruined it, how could he ever face her?

 Thinking this much, Zhao Yu immediately stepped forward and spoke with Hao Gang. "I say, boss Hao, what are you trying to do? Are you bullying us because you’re rich? The person getting married isn’t you. How can you just cancel it?"

 "Hmph!" Hao Gang looked at Zhao Yu coldly. "This entire restaurant belongs to me. If I say I’m canceling it, I will! What? Are you talking about the contract fee? What, do you think I can’t pay it?"

 "President Hao, you…what do you mean?" Cang Jie scratched his head. "Did we offend you somehow? If we have, please let us know!" Hao Gang completely ignored him and turned to leave.

 "Hao Gang!" Zhao Yu suddenly stopped him, speaking coldly too. "Even though you are the president of the Rongtian Corporation, you dare to do something so immoral. Could it be you aren’t afraid of the shame? A president, coming in and ruining someone’s marriage, trying to buy a daughter-in-law. If the newspaper saw this, or WeChat, then isn’t your name as good as ruined?"

 "What did you say?" Hao Gang was immediately enraged. The man in black behind him was ready to rush forward, showing Zhao Yu some of his prowess, but the wise Hao Gang stopped him. He turned and carefully scrutinized Zhao Yu, then finally noticed the police uniform Zhao Yu was wearing.

 "Kid, are you a police officer? What, do you want to get fired?" Hao Gang’s expression was dark as he spoke. "Much less the city level! Even provincial officials have to be polite to me. Yet you, a mere officer, dares to talk back to me! Killing you is as easy as squishing a bug."

 "Why don’t you f*ck off!" Zhao Yu put his hands on his waist as he laughed. "Can’t you think up some better threat? I’ve got some old classics for you too! Karma always comes around! If you’ve done something terrible, don’t think you can get away with it! Know this, it’s not that karma won’t come, it’s just not time yet!"

 As Zhao Yu faced Hao Gang, he stared without batting an eye. Suddenly, he remembered what Miao Ying had told him over tea: if he wanted to investigate this case, then he had to go the extra mile and find a way to force the other, to ‘fish’ out what they were hiding! Only by using some questionable methods could they force them to expose themselves.

 "What? Kid? Cursing now? Do you want to die?" The bodyguards behind Hao Gang could not stop themselves anymore, each of them cracking their knuckles, ready to pounce.

 "Hmph!" Hao Gang simply huffed coldly. "Kid, I can’t stop your own suicide! Are you brave enough to tell me what branch you work at?"

 "I’m from the Rongyang Branch’s Key Case Investigation Unit!" Zhao Yu laughed coldly. "The case I’m responsible for now is huge in Qinshan—The Massive Mianling Kidnapping and Murder Case!" Zhao Yu purposely emphasized the word "Mianling Case," trying to find some sort of change in Hao Gang’s expression.

 Even though Hao Gang looked unaffected, Zhao Yu instinctively noticed a certain change in Hao Gang’s eyes.

 "Hehe, okay, a brave lad!" Hao Gang laughed unnaturally. "Then, you just wait and see!" He turned to leave.

 "Oh, okay, okay, I’ll wait!" Zhao Yu’s laugh turned even stranger as he yelled at Hao Gang’s back, "Oh, also, I’m waiting to talk to Han Wenjun and Gao Yang! After that, I’ll go find Cheng Sanli!"

 Suddenly, Hao Gang looked as if he had been struck by thunder, his footsteps halted. Zhao Yu could see his shoulder slightly shiver. In that moment, Zhao Yu knew that his words had completely stunned the other. Could it be?

 Zhao Yu’s heart suddenly started pumping. Did Hao Gang really have something to do with the Mianling Case! Did his fishing actually work?!