Crazy Detective
210 Where’s Your Rage?
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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210 Where’s Your Rage?

In order to complete his act, Zhao Yu acted as he packed up the Latiao, and put it back in his police car. Originally, he had wanted to take time to talk with Hao Jiajun and ask if he knew about his father’s relationship with Han Wenjun and Gao Yang. Since Hao Jiajun was Hao Gang’s son, if the three of them were really close, Hao Jiajun would probably know something.

Zhao Yu thought about it and decided against it. Because of the photos just now, he had already exposed himself somewhat. If he asked Hao Jiajun any more sensitive questions, then he might attract Hao Gang’s attention. If he brought attention to him this early, and Hao Gang realized what was happening, then the investigation would definitely be affected.

 Instead, Zhao Yu simply took down Hao Jiajun’s phone number and said that the police may call him later for some questioning, then he simply left Tianlong Technology Enterprise with his bag of Latiao.

 On the way back to the police station, Zhao Yu drove as he ate the Latiao, and Su Yang quickly called him. Department Leader Su told him that the mission was a success, and that they had found suspicious information, and their next step was to decode it.

 Su Yang even mentioned that Zhao Yu’s work was beautiful. Not only had he shown a face of justice, but also eliminated evil. No matter what the results were, Zhao Yu would be rewarded greatly!

 Hanging up the phone, the overjoyed Zhao Yu immediately called the blonde kid, Zhou Yang, and the others, then used the praise he had heard from Su Yang to motivate them. He praised them for their ingenuity, pretending that the Latiao was a bomb. Zhao Yu was quite happy! The few of them were also very happy, saying that if there were any other special missions, the boss could call them at any time.


 By the time Zhao Yu returned to the police office, the officers were still working without pause. Due to the Key Case Investigation Unit being split between Team A and B, Miao Ying had already taken Zhang Yaohui and the others back to the Team B Office.

 Once he returned to the team A office, Zhao Yu felt like the others were looking at him a bit weirdly. They were all avoiding his gaze, as if hiding something from him! Especially Team Leader Mao Wei. When Zhao Yu greeted him, Mao Wei opened his mouth, as if wanting to say something, but appeared to hesitate, then said nothing. Zhao Yu was already used to the way his teammates looked at him, and decided to simply ignore it!

 His eyes swept through the office, not seeing Zhang Jingfeng or Liang Huan, so he immediately walked over to Li Beini’s desk. Yet Li Beini was the same as the others. Seeing Zhao Yu, she also looked as if she wanted to say something, but did not.

 Zhao Yu did not speak, and simply opened his phone. He showed Hao Jiajun’s mother’s photo to Li Beini. "Beini, look at this photo. Doesn’t it look like Liang Sisi?"

 "Hm?" Li Beini was a little surprised and immediately looked carefully at the picture. She bit her lips. "Senior, at first, she really does! The look, the mole, both very similar! But if you look carefully, they’re different! Here." As she spoke, Li Beini quickly pulled up Liang Sisi’s picture from before and pointed things out for Zhao Yu. "See, the placement and the shape of the mole is wrong. One is bigger than the other. Also, the face shape is different, the eyes too. So, we can be sure this is Liang Sisi!"

 "Hm, but what about…plastic surgery?" Zhao Yu questioned offhandedly.

 "Senior," Li Beini was very serious as she asked, "where did this photo come from? Who is this?"

 "Hao Jiajun’s mother!" Zhao Yu answered.

 "Ah?" Li Beini was indeed shocked. "Hao Jiajun’s mom? Hao Gang’s wife? Hm, didn’t she die a long time ago?"

 "Yes!" Zhao Yu suddenly thought of something. "How did Hao Jiajun’s mother die? Was it from an illness?"

 "Yeah!" Li Beini had looked this up and answered knowledgeably, "A very rare blood disease! From a medical view, it was considered a death sentence! Also, not only was it incurable, but it could also be passed on, so Hao Gang always gave Hao Jiajun the best physical examination every year, fearing that he had inherited his mother’s illness."

 "Oh." Zhao Yu nodded. Even though he felt like this picture was a little strange, he could not tell why. Just what kind of connection was there? He could only ask Li Beini to investigate it, to see if Hao Jiajun’s mother and Liang Sisi’s family had any sort of connection.

 "Okay!" Li Beini nodded, and started typing away at the keyboard again.

 "Also," Zhao Yu immediately asked, "while I was gone, was there any progress? I’ve noticed people looking at me weird, did something interesting happen?" Zhao Yu’s was clearly asking, did Miao Ying and Liu Changhu have any conflict?

 Hearing that, Li Beini looked up. Seeing that Mao Wei had already left, and the other investigators were still busy, she lowered her voice and said to Zhao Yu, "Senior! Nothing ever goes right during the first meeting!" Li Beini’s face clearly showed some anger.

 "What do you mean? Was there some awkwardness?" Zhao Yu was confused.

 "The first meeting! That new Team Leader Miao!" Li Beini pouted. "That woman is quite savage! Brutal, even."

 "Hehehe." Zhao Yu could not help but laugh, thinking to himself, "It seemed like my wish came true. Miao Ying definitely had a conflict with Liu Changhu and the others!"

 "This morning, when work started," Li Beini clenched her teeth as she described, "once Liu Changhu found out about the situation, he immediately freaked! In the end, Team Leader Miao immediately stood up and told Liu the reason she didn’t report anything was entirely because of you! Everyone had wanted to report it, but you stopped them! Saying that you even said that if anyone dared to report something, you’d hit them."

 Suddenly, Zhao Yu’s expression froze, as if something burnt his heart to a crisp. Miao Ying…Miao Renfeng…

 "Tell me, how could there be someone like that?" Li Beini was also very angry. "Forgetting her helpers! For you to help her so selflessly, then she immediately betrayed you over something so small! How could it be?

 "Even though me and Zhang Yaohui, and the others tried our best to defend you, you know Captain Liu. Even if you were there, he’d gladly believe Miao Ying’s word instead. Right now, he might even be reporting to Bureau Chief Luan! Senior, you’re going to take the fall for this!"

 According to Li beini’s understanding of Zhao Yu, as soon as Zhao Yu heard this news, he would jump up in rage, or maybe even take a knife to Miao Ying right away! Before, Liu Changhu had only asked him for a cup of coffee, and Zhao Yu threw it at him! Now, Miao Ying had practically sh*t on his head. He would definitely go into rage mode right away! Yet, Li Beini was wrong again.

 After ten minutes of shock and numbness, Zhao Yu showed a sneaky smile instead.

"Muwahaha, Miao Ying, what a hand! Amazing, amazing." Zhao Yu smiled unnaturally. "I really do like her more and more!"

 "Huh? Are you nuts?" Li Beini was stunned. "Senior? You, you aren’t angry? Where’s your rage? How can you bear this?"

 "Hehehe, I’m used to it, used to it!" Zhao Yu spoke, and continued to smile as he stretched. He asked, "Ah! I didn’t sleep all night, I’m going to go nap a bit. Just investigate this for me for now. If there’s any news tell me right away…yawn…" Zhao Yu yawned, then went back to his own desk, sprawling lazily on the desk as he rested.

 Ah? No way? Li Beini was completely stunned. Ever since she knew Zhao Yu, she had never seen Zhao Yu back off in such a defeat! She really could not understand, just what sort of god was Miao Ying?

 Actually, how could Zhao Yu not be angry? Even if he was stricken by Miao Ying, to be framed so clearly, how could he swallow it? But Zhao Yu was quite experienced in life already. He knew just what kind of position he currently was in. He had already offended Liu Changhu, but he could not carelessly offend Miao Ying, especially since Miao Ying’s background was so terrifying. No matter how Miao Ying tortured him, he had to continue to side with her.

 Actually, with Miao Ying’s sudden appearance, the relationships in the Key Case Investigation Unit were already very sensitive. On one hand, Liu Changhu and Mao Wei did not want Miao Ying to affect their own place. On the other, they also did not want to see Miao Ying come and immediately stand with Zhao Yu. Thus, they obviously wanted to cause a rift between Miao Ying and Zhao Yu.

 Miao Ying herself was quite intelligent. She knew that since she was new, she could not offend Liu Changhu and Mao Wei. If she protected Zhao Yu, she would add to the conflict and gain a bad reputation with the higher-ups. But if she used Zhao Yu as a scapegoat, then the conflict was easily dissolved. Even though she might offend Zhao Yu, she would not offend any of the higher-ups!

 Also, Miao Ying wanted to taunt Zhao Yu! If Zhao Yu and Miao Ying fought, then Miao Ying had ample reason to eliminate Zhao Yu. If that happened, only one word from her mother and Zhao Yu would be transferred far, far away.

 Zhao Yu knew he could offend anyone, but not Miao Ying! If he offended her, then he would have no chance left!

 "Fine, if you want me to get angry, then I won’t be. I’ll even be nice to you. See if you like that! I’ll guilt you to death!" Zhao Yu thought.

 On another hand, Zhao Yu did have some strings to pull. He had just done good work for Su Yang. Having a province level official on his side, he was not worried about Liu Changhu doing something to him! But…

Sprawled on the desk, Zhao Yu closed his eyes as he thought to himself, "Miao Renfeng, Miao Renfeng, you have to remember one thing: I, Zhao Yu, am a man who will do pay back for everything! It’s not that I won’t get my revenge, it’s just not the time yet! Today you screwed me over. I’ll remember it! Hmph, one day, if I get a chance, watch me. I’ll pay you back ten fold!!!"
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