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208 How Could You Just Take My Phone?

Zhao Yu’s sudden yell like a bomb instantly attracted everyone’s attention.

 "You are…" The secretary-like female looked at Zhao Yu. Even though she saw Zhao Yu’s police uniform, she still reached for the black bag without a care.

 "Don’t move!" Zhao Yu’s yell not only shocked the lady, but all the onlookers shivered. "Believe me!" Zhao Yu pointed at the police insignia on his uniform. "I’ve been following this terrorist for a long time! This is definitely not a joke!" He used his phone and pointed at the bag. The phone immediately started ringing with the sound of a siren.

 "Ah!" Zhao Yu first yelled out in shock himself, then immediately started backing off. Everyone became even more intimidated and immediately moved back. The lady who had tried to pick up the bag had already run out of the building faster than what anybody could see.

 Seeing the commotion in the elevator, two security guards immediately ran over! But before the two could even get close, they heard Zhao Yu roar, "Hey! Do you two want to die? This is a bomb! Go and call the police. Get the people out of here! Do you guys want to blow up together?!"

 Zhao Yu nearly caused the two guards to collapse then and there. The crowd naturally started to panic, and everyone immediately started running! Soon, more guards came from every direction.

 Zhao Yu immediately picked up his phone and started acting. "Hello, is this headquarters? Please call the bomb experts. Yeah, Tianlong Technology Enterprise! There is an unidentified bag here, suspected of having heavy explosives! Hey…" Half way through his act, he suddenly saw a guard call the police. Zhao Yu immediately roared, "Oi? Are you nuts? Don’t you see I’m already talking to the police? What are you guys all doing? Not even ringing the police alarm? If this bomb really explodes, all of you guys have a legal responsibility!"

 "Oh…ohohoh." The guard was dumbfounded and immediately went to pull the police alarm.

 "You folks, don’t just stand there!" Zhao Yu immediately commanded the rest. "Don’t you see there’s a bomb in the elevator? Why aren’t you guys going and turning it off? Oi? Wait…" Seeing that the guards were really going to turn off the elevator, he immediately called them back. "No, no, there’s still people in the elevator! Go and clear everyone out first. Once you clear everyone out, turn off the elevator. Don’t gather here, find some other exit! Quick, quick…" All the guards acted chaotically, and immediately followed Zhao Yu’s orders and ran towards the stairs.

 Zhao Yu immediately turned to a few older guards. "From what I know, the bomb can be activated by touch, and remote too! This building is huge. If it explodes, then anybody upstairs will have to jump and pray! You guys hurry and go alarm the workers keeping an eye on the surveillance cameras, and those guarding the machines. Tell them to hurry up and run!"

 "Oh, okay, okay." At this point, anything Zhao Yu said was the truth. The guard immediately started to make the calls.

 There was still one last guard beside Zhao Yu. "What about the higher-ups? They’re having a meeting up there!"

 "Don’t worry about the higher-ups! Don’t worry! The higher-ups get information faster than anyone. If something’s up, they’ll definitely get out before the workers!"

 "Ah! Really?" The guard was completely dumbfounded and could only watch the chaos. The police alarm quickly started ringing. The people who already knew about the bomb poured towards the exit.

 The guards were quite dutiful. Despite knowing the bomb could explode at any minute, they continued to stand at the door of various exits, helping to organize the crowd and preventing a stampede.

 At least this was a technology company, so there were not a lot of people at work, and everyone was educated. Despite the rush, nobody was panicking. The evacuation was quite orderly. But just as people were evacuating, an accident happened.

When the last group of people came down from the elevator, a unsupervised child suddenly walked toward the mysterious bag, and even put his hand out to grab it.

 Ah! By the time the guard and Zhao Yu saw him, it was already too late. But in such a dire situation, suddenly someone rushed out from behind the boy, and held the boy in his arms. The person rushed out incredibly fast. The two flew through the air almost parallel to the ground. When they landed, to avoid hurting the boy, the man tumbled on the ground, holding the boy tightly within his arms.

 Bam… A white phone flew out a fair distance, landing right at Zhao Yu’s feet. Zhao Yu picked up the phone and finally recognized the man. The man who risked his life to save the boy was Hao Jiajun—the rich spoiled kid! The phone was also his, but because of the rough landing, it flew out quite a distance.

 "President Hao, that’s..." The old guard immediately rushed over to pat the other down and asked gently, "Are you alright? President Hao, are you alright? Come this way, there’s a bomb!"

 "No problem, no problem!" Hao Jiajun waved his hand as he stood up and immediately asked the boy who was pale with fear, "Kid, are you alright?"

 The boy shook his head in shock, then the boy’s father suddenly popped out from nowhere. He held the boy in his arms and immediately bowed to Hao Jiajun, thanking him endlessly.

 "Quick!" Hao Jiajun waved his hand. "No time to talk, go!" The boy’s father then quickly took the boy’s hand and left the area. Hao Jiajun knew his phone was gone, and immediately lowered his head, looking for it.

 President?! Zhao Yu did not immediately return the phone, but wondered, "President? Could it be, Hao Jiajun is the president of Tianlong Technology Enterprise?" Hao Jiajun was Hao Gang’s song. No wonder this company was under the Rongtian Corporation!

 Zhao Yu looked carefully, but did not see anyone like a bodyguard beside Hao Jiajun. Could it be, Hao Gang was not worried that someone would hurt his son?

 At this time, Hao Jiajun finally saw that Zhao Yu was holding his phone. He immediately walked up to him to take it back, but as he looked up, he immediately recognized that the man holding his phone was the police officer who had wanted to fight him to the death at the hospital!

 "You…" Fear flooded across Hao Jiajun’s face immediately. He swallowed whatever he was going to say. But Zhao Yu simply ignored him and flipped open his phone.

 Hao Jiajun’s phone was quite regular and did not seem to be some name brand, but despite the rough landing, it was completely unscathed. Apparently it was quite sturdy. One could tell that this phone was not just an everyday phone.

 After the fall, the screen still lit up. Zhao Yu saw that Hao Jiajun’s background was none other than the beautiful nurse Yao Jia!

 "Holy sh*t!" Zhao Yu could not help but curse and showed Yao Jia’s photo to Hao Jiajun. "Are you a stalker? This…what’s this?"

 "Ah..." Hao Jiajun’s face immediately turned red. "It’s just a phone background!"

 "No sh*t, I know that! I’m asking you, where did you take this picture? Why Yao Jia?" Zhao Yu questioned him loudly.

 "Hey! Officer," the old guard suddenly perked up, pointing at Zhao Yu, "there’s a bomb! Can’t you guys fight somewhere else? If it explodes, Hao…President Hao…"

 "Officer," Hao Jiajun’s face was beet red, "this was from before. I didn’t have time to change it! I know, I know Jiajia is your girlfriend. I’ll change it."

 What?! Girlfriend? Zhao Yu paused for a moment, but suddenly remembered that when he was playing tough, he had shamelessly said that Yao Jia was his girlfriend!

Zhao Yu was even more bold. He immediately pointed at the phone again. "Right, you’re using my girlfriend as your phone background. How could I be alright with this? Kid, go change it now!"

 As Zhao Yu let Hao Jiajun change his phone background, an idea suddenly came to him. Since Hao Jiajun was the president of Tianlong Technology, maybe he had something important in his phone? Could it be of any help to Su Yang and the others?

 "If I could get the phone for myself, then could we get any information out of it?" Zhao Yu thought. But how could he get it?

 "Hey! Did you guys not hear me?" The guard was going nuts. He was tiptoeing between Hao Jiajun and the bomb, fearing that the bomb might affect the young master. "Don’t you guys realize there’s a bomb in that bag? What’re you doing, talking about boyfriend-girlfriend things?"

 "No!" Zhao Yu said stubbornly. "This is important to my pride as a man. Kid, if you don’t change it now, I’ll die with you today!"

 "Okay, okay." Hao Jiajun was like a defeated animal. He immediately opened his phone and picked a random photo. "I changed it, I changed it, alright? I’ll also delete the old picture, okay?"

 "No!" Zhao Yu grabbed the phone. "I need to see if there’s any other pictures on your phone!"

 "There isn’t! It was just that one! Really!" Hao Jiajun immediately explained, but fearing Zhao Yu’s ferocity, he did not dare to try and take his phone back.

 "Oi? I say, are you completely unreasonable?" The old guard was incredibly angry now. The old guy stomped his feet and held his hand up to try to take the phone back. Yet, just as he extended his hand, Zhao Yu suddenly yelled and leaped several feet into the air in shock, nearly giving the old man a heart attack.

 "Hao…Hao…Hao Jiajun!" Zhao Yu’s eyes bulged, almost as if he had been struck by thunder. He immediately moved forward and grabbed Hao Jiajun by the collar, his body shaking as he pointed at a picture on the phone. "Tell me! What…what is this?!"

 Hao Jiajun lowered his head. The picture was of a beautiful lady. The lady was not stunning, but was quite pretty. Her eyes were large, and her hair curly, almost like a doll! The most important thing was that at the tip of the woman’s lips, on the right side, was an obvious mole!!!