Crazy Detective
207 The Troublemaking Plan
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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207 The Troublemaking Plan

"Bro, is that necessary?" Zhao Yu saw Su Yang wearing a mask and cap. "You could’ve just sent me a text rather than dressing up like Frankenstein."

Su Yang was tall and chunky. Dressing up like that with his broad shoulders certainly made him look like a monster.

"You can recognise me?" Su Yang took off his mask and passed Zhao Yu a cellphone. It gave Zhao Yu a shiver when he saw the handphone—Su Yang gave him a phone that was meant for seniors!

"What the heck. Miao Ying gave me a toy phone first, and now I got a phone for seniors?!" Zhao Yu thought.

"We will stay in touch with this in the future. I’ve saved my new phone number inside!" Su Yang announced. "I’m afraid that our phones are bugged!"

Hmph. Zhao Yu laughed. "Well played. Teaming up to fool me? If only I had more than one invisible eavesdropper and camera, I would use them on you right now!" he thought.

"Keep it! It prevents eavesdropping through secure network coding! Very expensive!" Su Yang explained. "It also tracks your live location. Keep it with you at all times!"

"Phew!" Zhao Yu was holding his fist so tight that it cracked. He felt like throwing the ugly phone at Su Yang’s face.

"Zhao Yu, your task is here!" Su Yang informed him mysteriously. "Your target is Tianlong Technology Enterprise. You only have to do what you are good at, which is cause chaos!"

"Excuse me, Chief Su!" Zhao Yu gave the phone back and replied, "Do you know about the Mianling Case? Right now is critical, I can’t leave! How about making it some other day!"

"F*ck! You tell me now?" Su Yang panicked. "Zhao Yu, do you remember what you said about hating the bad and crushing evil forces? This is your time to shine!"

"F*ck!" Zhao Yu nearly bit his tongue. "Bro, don’t burn me to make me shine!"

"What are you talking about? I told you, there will be no danger!" Su Yang explained, "We found out that the account books are hidden in the office of Tianlong Technology Enterprise. If we can get our hands on their account books, we can capture the officers that cooperate with them to empty people’s pockets!"

 "Hehe." Zhao Yu simply replied, "And you want to capture them on behalf of the people? Chief Su, do you all learn your tricks from the same teacher? Why does it have to be me? Does pulling a trick on me make you happy?" 

"What?" Su Yang was confused. "Zhao Yu, what are you trying to say? Who is pulling tricks? Who is having fun? What you need to do is to cause some trouble and make the security guards leave their posts. We will take care of all the other technical stuff."

"Pretend then!" Zhao Yu did not believe in anyone. "Do I really seem so stupid?"

"Zhao Yu, what is wrong with you? What are you babbling about?" Su Yang put on his poker face. "What do you want now? Promotion? Money? Do you need me to sign an agreement with you for you to do this? Hmph! I think I got the wrong person!"

"Don’t pull this on me!" Zhao Yu waved his hand. "You’d better tell me everything! You can’t just use me as you wish without telling me about the situation!"

"Wh-what?" Su Yang scratched his head. "Did you lose your memory? Just the other day, I was telling you about being a special agent! I just need you to cause chaos in Tianlong Office to distract them. Then, we can easily go in and find evidence that the provincial officers in Rongtian Corporation were involved in bribery, and overthrow them!"

"Don’t you f*cking…hmm." Before he said the word ‘lie,’ he realized something. He grabbed Su Yang’s collar and asked, "What did you say? Rongtian Corporation?"

"What?" Su Yang wiggled his way out. "Tianlong Technology is under Rongtian Corporation. They secretly hide all the records regarding buying out the officers there. It is well hidden but we found out anyway. Hehe, so—"

"Alright, why are you so full of crap?" Zhao Yu immediately kept the phone. "Quick, tell me what time to start. My only task is to make the security guards leave their posts, right? Easy-peasy. Quick, Chief Su, say something!"

Su Yang was dumbfounded and responded, "Zhao...Zhao Yu…There must be something wrong with you!"

 Due to limited amount of time, Zhao Yu did not head back to the police station after seeing Su Yang but prepared for his troublemaking plan. Although Zhao Yu was not sure how things would go, he knew that once Rongtian Corporation was under investigation, in chaos, or even closed down, it would be beneficial for him to look into Hao Gang! So he had to take up the task of giving Tianlong Technology a hard time regardless!

 Zhao Yu made a call to Miao Ying before he left, and and told her that he was going to look for new clues about the Mianling Case. He knew that Liu Changhu would be furious when he found out that no one informed him about the progress on the Mianling Case, so Miao Ying would have to be responsible for that. He would avoid embarrassment and responsibility if he was not there.

Hmph! Let them fight then! Hopefully Liu Changhu would trigger Miao Ying and her mother would get angry. Then, Liu Changhu…Good luck! Hehehehe. Zhao Yu felt extremely excited even though he barely slept.

Zhao Yu wore his new police uniform and arrived at the lobby of Tianlong Technology at exactly ten in the morning. He was ready to put on a show!

Zhao Yu did not ask any of friends from the station to help since Zhang Yaohui and everyone else was occupied with the case. He called Zhou Yang and his gang instead.

Zhao Yu was an expert in troublemaking. He probably had more than one-hundred and fifty methods up his sleeve. In order to get the best result, Zhao Yu decided to execute a few methods together for maximum chaos.

Tianlong Technology Enterprise was a twenty story building with a large number of security guards. It required a lot of effort if you wanted to mess with the tight security system.

Zhao Yu signalled to start at the promised time. Soon, someone fainted in the lobby on the fifth floor. The security guards nearby quickly went over when they got the report. Then, a fight broke out in an office on third floor. That also attracted a bunch of security guards. There was also a crazy person that pushed people and ran around on the tenth floor. He made the security guard chase after him.

Zhao Yu signalled for the blonde Zhou Yang when it was time. The blonde quickly ran to the elevator and threw a big black bag in the center.

A lady that looked like a secretary at the elevator entrance saw the bag and went to pick it up. Zhao Yu immediately ran over and stopped her. He shouted, "Miss, do not move! There might be a bomb in the bag!"
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