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205 She“s More Ruthless Than I Am

"What’s wrong, Captain Miao? Oh no, Team Lead Miao," Zhao Yu asked after entering the pantry. "How can I help you?" His tone was as stubborn as before but he was obviously not as jeering as before.

"Why?" Miao Ying took out her cellphone and asked, "Are you not reporting this?"

"Sure." Zhao Yu spread his hands and said carefree, "You are the team leader, I’ll do as you say!"

"Hmph, I knew you would say that!" Miao Ying gave Zhao Yu a death glare and kept her phone.

"Hey, let’s make this clear. You are the one who is not reporting!" Zhao Yu immediately clarified. "If the higher-ups get mad about it, I’m not taking responsibility!"

Miao Ying did not seem to care. She looked distant, as if she was thinking about something. Just when Zhao Yu turned to walk to the coffee machine, she said, "Zhao Yu, I don’t think it matters if we report this. What I’m concerned about the most is that even if they are the murderers in the Mianling Case, there’s nothing we can do about it!"

"Huh?" Zhao Yu had not considered that. He nodded and complained, "Team Leader Miao, you definitely plan ahead. Even though the three of them seem suspicious, they are only unofficial suspects. There’s no evidence!"

"I think," Miao Ying explained, "if we really want to close this Qinshan cold case, we cannot act according to the rules. We need to actively put pressure on them! Then they might show their true colors!"

"Oh my goodness!" Zhao Yu pressed a button on the coffee machine and exclaimed, "Team Lead Miao, are you crazy? To take action and put pressure on them? What makes you so sure that these are the murderers in the Mianling Case?"

"I’m not sure!" Miao Yin continued, "But I think we could use the same method as how we dealt with Liu Pengfei—fake it till you make it. What if found something we were looking for?"

"F*ck!" Zhao Yu replied, "I do not know Hao Gang, but I don’t think he is someone that would be so easily tricked like Liu Pengfei. Same goes for Han Wenjun!" Zhao Yu put down the coffee cup as the machine started to brew.

"I’ve seen Hao Gang in person." Miao Ying crossed her arms and excitingly said, "He is a very courageous but careful person! You are right. They have all the money in the world to hire any lawyer. If they do not confess, we can’t do anything about it. Therefore, we need to take the lead!"

"You lost me right there!" Zhao Yu was confused. "What do you mean by ‘taking the lead’? To put on a show and make them admit it?"

"Sigh!" Miao Ying sighed and changed the topic. "Zhao Yu have you seen the information? Hao Gang has not remarried after his wife died of an illness even though his business got bigger and he got wealthier. Everyone says that he was loyal!"

"Oh?" Zhao Yu gave the coffee to Miao Ying and teased her, "Didn’t know Team Leader Miao was quite the busybody too! But from the rich bosses I knew, people like Hao Gang do not lack women. He can be a manwh*re and still maintain his reputation!"

"Sigh! Whatever is good turns sour when it comes from you!" Miao Ying took the coffee casually and continued, "From what I know, Hao Gang never had any affairs. Some people even suspect that he was into men! But even if that’s Hao Gang’s trick, it’s nice that he could restrain himself from remarrying for his son."

"Oh…Hey?" Zhao Yu heard something strange and asked, "Team Lead Miao, what are you trying to say?"

"Hao Gang only has one son! His son was one-year-old when his wife passed away!" Miao Ying took a whiff of the coffee and said seriously, "His son is already…twenty-seven-years-old this year."

Zhao Yu wanted to make himself another cup of coffee but he realized something after listening to what Miao Ying had said. He quickly asked, "F*ck, Team Lead Miao, what do you mean? Oh, you meant that you want to kidnap Hao Jiajun?"

"Shh…" Miao Ying whispered. "Zhao Yu, what are you talking about? We are cops, COPS! How could we do that? But…Han Wenjun has a grandchild…"

"You…" Zhao Yu gulped. His face turned pale and he looked at Miao Ying as if he was looking at a ghost!

"Hehe!" Miao Ying laughed hysterically. "I’m just joking! Honestly, I haven’t really thought about what to do with them! Why don’t you help me! Oh, thank you for the coffee." She turned to leave after she was done speaking, leaving a puzzled Zhao Yu.

What was this Miao Renfeng doing? Was she crazy? Zhao Yu kept thinking, "Does she really want to play this immoral trick of kidnapping? This lady is really more ruthless than me! I haven’t even done that! But if we really kidnapped Hao Jiajun, what would the consequences be? If Hao Gang and Han Wenjun were really kidnappers, they would pay close attention to their kids’ safety. It wouldn’t be that easy!"

After thinking, Zhao Yu still felt that these ideas had aroused from heat of the moment. They could only consider it when they got more detailed information. Zhao Yu made himself a cup of coffee and went back to work at his desk.

After a while, Zhang Yaohui brought back some updates. The person in charge of the mental hospital told him that Gao Yang passed away after he was admitted to the hospital. The information was because the hospital had been under renovation back then. Hence, the record was not changed since Gao Yang had no family. Zhang Yaohui could not find Gao Yang’s doctor since it was already middle of the night, so that had to be delayed till the next day.

At the same time, Xiao Liu said that Gao Qian was not familiar with this relative of hers. They were close when they were younger. They lost touch when Gao Yang’s parents passed away. The only thing that she was sure of was that Gao Yang had followed his parents around the mountain areas in Ma Lin to get herbs and medicine when he was young, so he was definitely familiar with the mountain area.

Furthermore, Zhang Jingfeng and Le Beini had difficulty in looking for mutual acquaintances between Hao Gang and Cheng Sanli. Everyone made different assumptions, like Hao Gang’s death was related to Cheng Sanli, but there was not any evidence.

It was already middle of the night. Zhao Yu looked at his watch. It was already three-thirty. Looking around, all of his colleagues were worn out, sleeping on their desks, even Miao Ying, who was always energetic.

But Zhao Yu was not sleepy. He was still thinking in front of the whiteboard. The sudden appearance of Hao Gang and the other two made it seem as though they had found something. Also, there seemed to be more uncertainties.

According to his gut feeling, whatever happened between Hao Gang, the other two, and Cheng Sanli seemed to be the main lead in the Mianling Case. But how were they related? That seemed fairly vague.

Zhao Yu asked himself repeatedly, who was the murderer of the Mianling Case? Was it Hao Gang and the other two? How did they do it and why? Was Gao Yang related to the Mianling Case? He was related to one of the hostages. They were uncle and nephew. Was he cruel enough to involve his own relative? And what Miao Ying said, it was impossible for them to get any direct evidence as of now. If the three were the true murderers, what would make them confess?

The Miracle System suddenly beeped. The system informed Zhao Yu that he received a ninety percent completion rate on his adventure. He got another invisible night vision. This was the third time he had gotten this. The previous two times, the invisible night vision had been fully utilized. Once to catch Yang Wentao, and another time to catch Hou Meng. He wondered, who would he catch this time?

The system ended really late this time. As it was already past midnight, Zhao Yu did not wait any longer to smoke a cigarette and activate his new hexagram.

The result made Zhao Yu excited again. He could not believe that the miracle system gave him another "Gen-Kan" hexagram!