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"They used to be soldiers together; they were comrades!" Li Beini spoke excitedly. "Hao Gang and Han Wenjun were comrades, then一"

 "Company, the company!" Liang Huan gestured at another computer screen. "Han Wenjun’s Youse Metal Company was once part of the Rongtian Corporation. It only became

independent once Rongtian Corporation started selling stocks. In other words, before gaining its independence, Han Wenjun used to work for Hao Gang!"

 "Holy sh*t!" Zhang Jingfeng sighed. "This, this is too much! Hao Gang’s fifty-seven-years-old. Han Wenjun is fifty-six-years-old. They were war comrades and work partners. This isn’t just some normal relationship! Also, Han Wenjun is familiar with the mining area and knows how to deal with explosives, while Hao Gang used to be a police officer and knows the way the police operate! This…this isㅡ"

 "No!" Zhao Yu waved his hands in dismissal. "These two definitely couldn’t do something as big as the Mianling Kidnapping Case. There should be more…Beini! Quick, investigate all their war comrades and see if there is anyone else that’s suspicious."

 "Okay." Li Beini immediately started investigating.

 "Yu, Team Leader Miao!" Li Beini had just sat down, but Liu raised his hand. "I investigated Hao Gang’s investment money. Apparently it was a bank loan, but I couldn’t find any documents. Also, he’s not qualified for loans either. Even if he got one, he couldn’t have gotten such a big loan!" he said. "Oh, and from a less appropriate route, I learned some information: someone said that the startup investment Hao Gang got could’ve been a usury loan!"

 "Usury loan?!" Zhao Yu suddenly thought of Cheng Sanli. During the peak of Cheng Sanli’s business success, he had become involved with usury loans. Could it be that Hao Gang’s loan was from Cheng Sanli? And the grudge between the two was due to that?

 Thinking this much, Zhao Yu immediately asked, "Hurry and investigate it. Find out why Hao Gang and Cheng Sanli had such a deep grudge against each other."

Yet, just as Zhao Yu spoke, Miao Ying spoke right at the same time. "Quick, go investigate. What kind of grudge did Hao Gang and Cheng Sanli have with each other?" The two’s words were spoken with the same speed, tone, and intonation. Liu was stunned for a moment. It took a while before he could digest the order. He immediately started

tapping away at the computer.

 Zhao Yu turned to see Miao Ying. Miao Ying also felt very interested. This was not the first time either. It seemed that regarding case investigation, the two had a similar way of thinking, always reaching for the same ideas.

 "I got it, I got it!" There was truly strength in numbers. It was not long before Li Beini found the important information. "There’s someone called Gao Yang. He was also Hao Gang and Hao Wenjun’s comrade, also someone from Qinshan! Also, Also…God!" Li Beini yelled in shock. "He…he’s from Mianling!"

 Hearing the news, all the investigators around could not help but stand up. Soon, Gao Yang’s picture and information was pulled out by Li Beini. The information showed that he was indeed from Mianling. After returning from being a soldier, he had yet to keep a proper job. Although he was currently fifty-six-years-old, he still had no work or family records.

 Seeing this, Zhang Jingfeng immediately went to Li Beini’s computer and spoke confidently. "Give me three minutes!" Yet, even before the three minutes had passed, Zhang Jingfeng was already speaking as he tapped away at the keyboard. "Gao Yang isn’t married, there were no records. This person only had one hospitalization record. Oh, no way? Even though it was only once, he’s still there, also…also it’s in the asylum!"

 What?! Asylum? Everyone was stunned.

 "Yes! For insanity," Zhang Jingfeng read aloud. "He’s already been there for seven years! Look at his family situation: no parents, was the only son, didn’t marry, no daughter or son. God, this is someone who was completely forgotten!"

 "Not him!" Liang Huan whispered to the investigator beside him as he shook his head. "If he really was the kidnapper, he’d be rich. How could he not marry? How’d he go crazy? This isn’t right!"

 "Wait, there’s a signature on the diagnosis list. Mm…Gao Yang had a cousin. Let’s see." Zhang Jingfeng typed and quickly found the information. "His cousin is named Gao Qian, also from Mianling, her phone number is xxxxxxxx…"

 Zhang Yaohui quickly wrote down the number and immediately called to investigate.

 "Oh?" Zhao Yu, who practically memorized the case record, suddenly remembered something. He immediately walked up to one of the whiteboards and pointed at a name. "Gao Qian, isn’t this her?"

 Miao Ying was stunned and immediately ran up to investigate. Indeed, Gao Qian’s name was marked on the white board. With a careful look, one could see that Gao Qian was Liu Hongxiang’s mother! Liu Hongxiang was one of the victims of the Mianling case. That year, Liu Hongxiang was merely ten-years-old.

 "Oh…" Miao Ying said. "Apparently, Gao Yang was Liu Hongxiang’s uncle! This…" No one could understand if this was a coincidence or if there was some sort of hidden connection.

 "What? What did you say? How could it be?!" This time, it was Zhang Yaohui’s loud exclamation that interrupted everyone’s thoughts. Once he hung up the phone, Zhang Yaohui shook his head at everyone. "Gao Qian said that Gao Yang died six years ago! Heart attack in the asylum!"

 Ah?! What?! Dead?!

 "No way!" Zhang Jingfeng pointed at the computer screen. "There’s no record of his death! How could it be?"

 "Calm down!" Miao Ying was indeed a police team leader. She immediately spoke to calm the crowd. "Let’s not rush! One step at at time. The asylum has no record of his death, yet Gao Qian said Gao Yang is dead. There is definitely some sort of problem here!"

 "Gao Qian already said that, "Zhang Yaohui immediately added, "Gao Yang’s family was from Mianling, but their family had always been in the medicinal business. Most of the time they lived near Maling County since Maling was near the mountains, allowing them to pick the herbs they needed."

 "Holy sh*t!" Zhang Yaohui had just finished when Zhao Yu yelled out. He first ran his hand past his bald head, then immediately went up to another whiteboard and pointed at a something. "Look, here’s Maling, this was the cliff where the kidnappers took the money from!"

 Wow! When everyone heard, all the investigators felt their hair stand on end as they looked on, stunned.

 "All three of them match up!" Miao Ying’s jaw dropped in shock as she spoke. "Gao Yang was familiar with the area to obtain the ransom money so they could escape! Han Wenjun was familiar with the cavern and knew how to work with explosives! Hao Gang used to be a police officer and knew the way the police force worked so that he could take out the listening devices! All three of them were war comrades, their ages were similar, their identities similar, gender…gender…"

 "Team Leader Miao," Liu asked, "Gao Yang is Liu Hongxiang’s uncle. Why would he kidnap his own nephew, and even murder him? Isn’t that…too cruel?"

 "Why not?" Liang Huan immediately retorted. "Otherwise, how could Gao Yang go crazy?"

 "But…isn’t it weird?" Liang disagreed. "These three would dare do something so insane, and dare to stay in Qinshan?"

 "Of course!" Zhang Jingfeng continued. "It’d be more suspicious if they ran away!" Even though everyone nodded in agreement, they were still in a state of confusion.

 "If you ask me, we will let the truth speak for itself!" Miao Ying ordered, "Zhang Yaohui, go to the asylum and figure out Gao Yang’s situation, and see what happened to him, okay? Remember, ask the doctors, and get the details."

 "Okay!" Zhang Yaohui immediately obeyed.

 "Liang!" Miao Ying turned to Liang. "Please go to Gao Qian’s house and find the right information. Don’t overlook any details!"

 "Got it!" Liang immediately sorted his documents, ready to leave.

 "Zhang, Beini!" Seeing Miao Ying finishing up her commands, Zhao Yu also added one for her. "Please, figure out the three’s relationship and see if they were sworn brothers! Also, figure out the conflict between them and Cheng Sanli."

 "Okay." The two agreed, and immediately went to work. Due to the sudden change in the direction of the case, the atmosphere within the office was extra anxious.

 Zhao Yu turned and saw the coffee Li Beini prepared for him. Just as he took a sip, he realized the coffee was already completely cold. He walked toward the break room to make a new cup of coffee. He had only walked two steps before he saw Miao Ying standing at the entrance, nodding at him. It seemed like Miao Ying wanted to talk!