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199 Unpreventable Manoeuvre

Under the night sky, Miao Ying was belting along the highway in her Phaeton. They flew past the street lights, and the streaks of light were flying across her attractive face. Suddenly, her phone rang.

"Hello?" Miao Ying answered via bluetooth.

"How are you, my dear daughter? How’s your new job going?" There was a woman’s soothing voice on the other end of the phone.

"Don’t even bring it up, mom!" Miao Ying complained pettily. "How else could it be? The captain and the other team lead classified me as an enemy! They arranged for me to investigate the victim of such a big case. Not only is that tiresome and bothersome, but also useless! On top of all that, I met the person that I least want to see here!"

"The person that you least want to see?" Miao Ying’s mom asked. "Who is it?"

"You wouldn’t know even if I told you. Anyway, he is an irritating person!"

"An irritating person?" Miao Ying’s mom was very surprised. "Is there really a person in this world that has the nerve to make you hate him?"

"Mom, stop joking around!" Miao Ying suddenly thought of something and laughed.

"What is it? What are you laughing at?"

"Nothing, I just thought about something funny!" she explained. "I got my revenge today! I fooled the person that I hate by making him believe that I was on this dangerous secret mission, and that I would get a car and property after I completed the mission! Hahahaha, it’s funny just to think about it. He has now become my minion and follows my instructions. He said to me ‘please look after me, sis.’ Hahahaha!"

While Miao Ying was talking, Zhao Yu was shouting his lungs out from above Da Feng Ge Fruit Co.

"Damn it!" Zhao Yu thought. He pulled up the tab on his beer and it spilled everywhere! He thought that Miao Ying was a very mischievous person when he talked to her, so he decided to put an invisible eavesdropper on Miao Ying so that his life was not put at risk. His intention was only to look into Miao Ying’s background, although he was also doubtful about what she had said about getting property and a car if he closed Qu Ping’s case. God knows he would be able to find out such pitiful news within half an hour!

"Damn it! Trap! Unpreventable maneuver!! This evil Miao Renfeng! This evil lady! Made me live on edge for a couple of days. I dared not even speak loudly during work in fear of being spotted by someone!" Zhao Yu thought.

He quickly used the invisible detector to check whether there were any eavesdropping signals when he got home.

"F*ck! Pisses me off! Miao Renfeng! Just you wait! Watch how I’ll take care of you. An eye for an eye!" he exclaimed internally. No matter how crazy it made Zhao Yu, Miao Ying did not know, and her conversation with her mother continued.

"Ying Ying," Miao Ying’s mom complained, "what were you trying to achieve when you gave up your position as a captain to be a team leader in Rongyang Branch? Oh! Just to get your hands on the Mianling Case? You wanted a more challenging task?"

"Mom knows me best, hehehe!" Miao Ying joked. "Actually the reason why I stayed in the detention center to interrogate Hou Meng yesterday was to see whether Qu Ping’s death was related to MianLin case. Who knows, maybe Hou Meng was a scapegoat!

"Coincidently, that annoying person went to the detention center too! He played tricks on me and said that he knew hypnotisation and mind reading. I got angry and decided to put on a show! I dismissed him with only a kid’s toy phone! Hehehe…"

When Zhao Yu heard what she said, he got furious and smashed the beer can flat.

"You are always so naughty!" Miao Ying’s mom commented. "So, what happened? Is Qu Ping’s death related to Mianling Case?"

"Hmm, although Qu Ping’s murderer may be someone else," Miao Ying confirmed, "but her death shouldn’t be related to Mianlin Case!"


"Because looking into the clues that Rongyang Branch found, closing the Mianling Case seems frustratingly out of reach. It is impossible that the murderer decided to put himself out there and risk killing someone. Also, she was a team leader! It just doesn’t make sense!" Miao Ying analyzed. "Also, if it’s really related to Mianling Case, what could they achieve just by killing Qu Ping alone? The Key Case Investigation Unit has so many members! Especially that annoying bastard, he is really good at what he is doing! He should be the first to die!"

Ugh! Zhao Yu was fuming! He hit the beer can furiously!

"Aiya, my dear daughter!" Miao Ying’s mom expressed her worry. "The Mianling Case can be left aside. Qu Ping’s death is very suspicious! If it wasn’t for Hou Meng’s doing, you’d in trouble! Daughter, listen to me, when you’re done with the Mianling case, go do something else. Do not get yourself involved with Qu Ping’s case!"

"Mom! Don’t worry! I am not a kid anymore, I know my limits!" Miao Ying replied grumpily.

"No!" Miao Ying’s mom said sternly. "I cannot have you making any mistakes! Well, if you say that the captain and team leader are in your way, I will dismiss them tomorrow and make you the captain! Regarding the annoying person that you were talking about, if you think that they will not give you full cooperation during the investigation, send me a list of names and I will swap your subordinates from Ruyang around for you."

Zhao Yu felt puzzled. The more he eavesdropped, the more confused he got. Why does Miao Ying’s mom…

"Mom!" Miao Ying begged. "Don’t cause me any more trouble! The last time I beat up the bureau chief, you exiled him that very minute! That’s a bit overboard! If you do stuff like that, I won’t have any friends!"

"I’m just upset! He took advantage of you and you let him off the hook so easily!" Miao Ying’s mom continued nagging. "I will move Zhou Andong and let Uncle Liang supervise you instead. He is a more sensible person!"

Zhao Yu was in shock and pulling the flattened beer can nervously. "Oh my God, the bureau chief was only trying to touch her, but I... kissed Miao Ying, such sin…"

"Aiya, mom!" Miao Ying panicked. "If you continue to do so, I’m going to ignore you!"

"My dear daughter, I only have you. I’ve sent you to learn martial arts since you were young because I was worried that you might be bullied!" Miao Ying’s mom explained. "God knows it backfired! With my ranking, I can easily reposition you to the provincial office, but you are in awe to bring a case to book. My only requirement is that you do not do anything dangerous! I would rather have Ruyang branch office take charge of the Mianling Case directly!"

"Okay, okay! I’m going into a tunnel, there’s no signal. We will chat again soon." Miao Ying cut off the call.

When the eavesdropper went silent, Zhao Yu got goosebumps as he thought about it! Suddenly, Liang Huan advice popped up in his head, "Love life, leave Miao Ying!" From what happened, his advice definitely made sense!

 "Unfortunately, I realized it too late!" Zhao Yu fox the beer can and left it on the table.