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197 Twin investigations

"It can’t be," Zhao Yu thought. He looked at his face and chest in the mirror when he got home and felt gush of emotions. Miao Ying punched his face and kicked his chest. Although it was rather painful, he felt like he was in the seventh heaven.

"It can’t be?!" Zhao Yu was confused himself. "Unless.. I am a masochist? Why can’t I stop teasing Miao Ying? Why do I hit where one lives?" he wondered. "But, why do I feel stupendous after I tease that evil lady all the time? Sh*t, Sh*t, Isn’t this a little sick?" However, his injury did not go to waste. Not only did he achieve ninety percent completion, but he was also awarded an extraordinary tool as a reward for today’s adventure—an invisible bullet proof suit!

According to the manual, the bullet proof suit offered invisibility and covered one head to toe, like a full bodysuit. It could withstand normal gunshots as well as rapid fire of a submachine gun. On top of that, it lasted one hour!

Amazing! What Zhao Yu needed the most was something that could protect his life! Getting this superb bulletproof suit was like getting a treasure.

Besides the tiring and complicated adventure, there were something that happened to Zhao Yu recently. First of all, Miao Ying told Zhao Yu that Lin Meifeng was released on bail. Her current husband sold all of his stationery shops to hire the best lawyer and swore to defend Lin Meifung in court.

Looking at the current situation, the evidence and information obtained was in Lin Meifung’s favor. She would most likely be granted a stay of execution and avoid being imprisoned at the very end. If so, Zhao Yu could consider his goal of saving Lim Meifung accomplished.

There was more good news. Jiang Xiaoqing told Zhao Yu that the street office gave her a sum of money for her mother. Also, the funding from the Red Cross that she applied for had been granted too. Her family no longer had financial woes. Zhao Yu took advantage of the situation and advised Jiang Xiaoqing to stop hacking, and to focus on her studies and prepare for her midterm examinations.

Jiang Xiaoqing was good child. She had only tried to earn money to save her mother. Since she did not need to worry about that anymore, there was no need to bear the risk of illegally obtaining money. Thus Zhao Yu was no longer plagued by that issue either!

There was even more good news! Huahua called to inform Zhao Yu that her dad had found someone to perform surgery on Daheng, and that his legs were well taken care of. However, he had to rest for another two weeks until he fully recovered. Zhao Yu felt extremely delighted and wired Huahua money to cover the cost of the surgery.

Even though there were so many things on Zhao Yu’s mind, he slept better nowadays. He fall asleep within seconds of lying down. Zhao Yu knew that only quality sleep would guarantee his strength in investigating cases.

The very next morning, Zhao Yu got the "Gen-Kan" hexagram. He finally got the "Gen" hexagram that he had always wanted. He went to the police station early and started working on the Mianling Kidnapping Case.

Mao Wei had delegated tasks to Zhao Yu, but Zhao Yu couldn't care less and continued to investigate how he saw fit. After he gathered information about Cheng Sanli, he went to investigate Cheng Sanli’s relationships with others before he died.

According to the record, Cheng Sanli was from Mafang Town, which was another mountain town like the neighboring Mianling Town. Due to its geographic location, it was much smaller than Mianling Town.

Back in the eighties, Cheng Sanli built a building material business. He became one of the most wealthy and powerful men. The entire market for building materials within Qinshan mountain area was monopolized.

Being one with deep pockets, he invested into the mining industry, and purchased quite a number of mine tunnels. He found silver within a year and made a fortune. He made his way in the world and became extremely wealthy.

It is said that this b*stard was rather rude, and that he was fond of gambling and women. The number of mistresses were in the double digits, and he could not even keep track of the number of illegitimate children he had. Relying on his powerful background, he even ran an illegal loan shark business.

But that did not last for long. He faced the downfall of his trading business in the mid nineties. Due to a bad market and his poor management skills, his factory closed down and he was knee-deep in debt. From then on, Cheng Sanli had lived a tough life. He sold his properties and land, was chased and beaten up by debt collectors, and had nowhere to escape. In the end, Cheng Sanli was admitted to the hospital for a stroke due to psychological stress. He eventually passed away during what was supposed to be his golden years.

A few years later, his wife committed suicide because she had had enough of the collectors coming after her. Rats leave a sinking ship. Cheng Sanli’s mistresses and children eventually ran away and disappeared. Cheng Sanli had a legitimate son and a daughter. The eldest daughter died in a car accident while he was still alive. The youngest son was still serving a prison sentence.

Yang Wentao had not been lying when he said that Cheng Sanli was once rich and young, but his life ended with a broken family and a saddening death. Ever since the investigation took place, Zhao Yu had never put the spotlight on Cheng Sanli’s scattered family members, but on the people that he had come across while he was running his mining business. Zhao Yu believed that Cheng Sanli must have known the kidnappers of the Mianling case. If he could find this person, he was sure to make great progress on the case.

Zhao Yu had managed to develop a rough outline of the kidnapper. This person had worked for Cheng Sanli in his mine tunnels. As he was familiar with explosions, he was definitely not a regular mine worker. Secondly, this person might have been poor before, but suddenly became wealthy from the ransom money in the Mianling case. Thus, Zhao Yu concluded that he must be somebody important now. Thirdly, this person was very careful and courageous. He must have been a very capable person at work.

With all these traits, Zhao Yu started his thorough inspection and analysis. When reinvestigation of the Mianlin Kidnapping Case begun, the team had already interrogated the people who had worked at the mine tunnel. But these people were either common workers or lived nearby. Some of them did not even know the owner of the mine tunnels. On top of that, it was from quite a while back, so many had already passed away. It was difficult to acquire new leads. Fortunately, Zhao Yu had assistance from Zhang Jingfeng, the tracking expert. With Zhang Jingfeng’s abilities, Zhao Yu had managed to locate the remaining few suspects.

Zhao Yu spent the whole day exploring the mountain area. He was tossed around on the buffalo cart on a bumpy route to look for a senior mining worker, then he finally found the suspect. He then found out that the suspect had amnesia and could not even recognise his own family members, let alone recall the stories from back then. Zhao Yu had no choice but to return with no success.

Zhao Yu continued until the sky was dark and considered himself done for the day. However, the sweat on his brow did not go to waste. He had gained some new information about Cheng Sanli and a few possible suspects.

These suspects matched the traits that Zhao Yu outlined earlier. If he continued to investigate in depth, it might lead to a great payout. He sent the suspect profiles to Zhang Jingfeng and urged him to check on their situations thoroughly. He was planning to continue his investigation elsewhere. He would not throw in the towel even if the suspects were dead.

It was meant to be a busy day. When Zhao Yu finally drove back to Qinshan, it happened to be the time to look into Qu Ping’s case with Miao Ying. He did not even have time for a proper meal. He only managed to grab some burgers from KFC before he rushed to their meeting point.

 The two of them picked a fairly quiet spot to meet up as if they were spies. Miao Ying gave Zhao Yu two items when she saw him. One was a cellphone that she had prepared for him, and the other was a stack of documents with photos.