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193 You Really Want Me to Tell the Truth?

When Zhao Yu suddenly mentioned the Mianling Kidnapping Case, Hou Meng was totally clueless. Miao Ying was also a little confused.

"Quick tell me!" Seeing that precious time was disappearing, Zhao Yu quickly urged him. "Just say ‘yes’ or ‘no’! Quick!"

 "Then, uh, no!" Hou Meng could only randomly pick one. In the end there was no reaction from the lie detector, even after a long wait.

Damn! In that instant, Zhao Yu understood that the lie detector was unable to give an answer for questions that did not concern the targeted person, which was what the word "specific" had meant in the introduction! Therefore, if he found a random person to question, he would not be able to obtain any important information at all.

 Things did not look good and Zhao Yu could not help but feel anxious. Although he had done a lot of preparation beforehand, he did not expect that the real interrogation would turn out this way!

"O-Officer!" Hou Meng felt anxious and doubtful seeing Zhao Yu not talking. "You’re done with the questions?"

 "Cut the crap!" Zhao Yu slammed the table and refused to give up. "Let me ask you this: are you linked to the Mianling Kidnapping Case!?"

 "No!" Hou Meng quickly answered, feeling terrified. "Impossible!" The green light lit up.

Truth. Holy sh*t! There was no reaction other than the green light. Zhao Yu even started to wonder if there was something wrong with the lie detector itself.

 "Then, was the murderer who killed Qu Ping sent by the real culprit of Mianling Kidnapping Case?" Zhao Yu still refused to give up.

 "Yes!" But there was no reaction from the lie detector.

Zhao Yu was going crazy! He quickly flipped through his notebook and looked for the questions he had prepared beforehand. "Hou Meng, tell me about Qu Ping’s murder. Were you framed by someone?"

"Yes, yes, yes!" Hou Meng finally got a good question and quickly said yes. In the end, the green light lit up. It was the truth!

"After you were done drinking and taking drugs that day, did you go alone to the place where Qu Ping was killed?"

"I don’t know." He quickly revised his answered seeing Zhao Yu getting impatient, "Yes!"

Beep! The red light lit up! Lie! The red light finally appeared, which meant that Hou Meng did not arrive at the crime scene alone. Zhao Yu had wanted to ask him how he arrived at the crime scene, but this type of question would not yield any results. He could only ask, "Did the murderer drive you by car to the place where Qu Ping was killed?"

"Yes!" The green light lit up. Bingo!

"Then, were you already unconscious when Qu Ping was killed?"

"Yes! Yes! Definitely!" Hou Meng almost stood up from the interrogation chair. It was a green light again.

"Then," Zhao Yu asked again, "was Qu Ping’s real murderer a male?"

"Ah? What?" Hou Meng was puzzled and almost wanted to ask, "How would I know that?" but he suddenly recalled Zhao Yu’s criteria, and quickly have a definite answer, "Yes!" In the end, there was no reaction from the lie detector again!

Tsk, tsk. This also won’t do? Although Hou Meng was unconscious and did not know anything, he had interacted with the murderer. This question should not be unrelated to him, but why was there no reaction?

Just as Zhao Yu was feeling puzzled, Miao Ying suddenly hit his shoulder and whispered to him. After listening, Zhao Yu was suddenly shocked and felt his spine turn cold. "Hou Meng!" Zhao Yu was stammering as he asked, "Was there more than one person who killed Qu Ping?"

"Yes!" There was still no reaction from the lie detector. Oh. Zhao Yu was aware that he could have used the words in his questions too loosely, and quickly corrected himself. "Was there more than one person who conspired to kill Qu Ping?"

"Yes!" Hou Meng seemed to realize that Zhao Yu’s questions were to his advantage and become more enthusiastic in answering. This time the green light finally lit up.

Zhao Yu gasped and quickly asked again, "Then was it two people who conspired in killing Qu Ping?"

"Yes!" Red light!

"Three people?"

"Yes!" Red light!

"Four people?"

"Yes!" Red light again!!

"Five people!?"

"Yes!" It was still a red light.

Ah!? Zhao Yu slumped into the chair and felt his body turn cold. He thought to himself, "That’s too scary! So many people conspired in Qu Ping’s murder? Why? What exactly did Qu Ping do? Was it really because of the Mianling Case?"

"Hou Meng, was it more than ten people who conspired to kill Qu Ping?"

"Yes!" Hou Meng was already used to answering this type of question. However, the time limit for the lie detector was already up, and the image of red and green lights had already disappeared from Zhao Yu’s brain.

No, no, no! Ah! Zhao Yu anxiously hit the table. He still had a lot of questions to ask, but the time had passed so quickly!

Seeing Zhao Yu so upset, Miao Ying was puzzled and could only ask, "Hey, you alright?" Zhao Yu looked up and glanced at Miao Ying. In that instant, a thought flashed across his mind, and Zhao Yu was suddenly shocked!

"What is it?" Miao Ying asked after seeing the strange look in Zhao Yu’s eyes.

Zhao Yu pondered over his thoughts seriously and suddenly realized something. He quickly stood up and said, "Alright, I already know the answer! Let’s go!"

"Hey? What are you up to?" To Miao Ying, the interrogation had just begun, but Zhao Yu turned and walked toward the door. Miao Ying had no choice but to hurriedly pack up and follow Zhao Yu outside.

"Zhao Yu, Zhao Yu!" Seeing that Zhao Yu had already gone far, Miao Ying quickly caught up and stopped him. "Hey, are you okay? What exactly did you find out?"

Seeing Miao Ying getting anxious, Zhao Yu turned and looked Miao Ying over coldly. "Captain Miao! I’ll be honest with you. Just like the time with Liu Pengfei, I’ve already gotten many important clues, and they are all shocking big clues! But—"

"What clues?" Miao Ying asked impatiently. "Was Hou Meng framed? Tell me quickly!"

Zhao Yu laughed coldly without saying anything and even turned to leave.

"Hey, what’s with you again?" Miao Ying pulled him back. "Are you trying to act mysterious again? I’ve seen it all just now. Your questions were all random! Don’t tell me you didn’t manage to find out anything?"

"Keke." Zhao Yu smiled and said seriously, "Captain Miao, I can tell you responsibly that my interrogation went smoothly, but I overlooked something! I made a big mistake—I should have interrogated you before interrogating Hou Meng!"

"What?" Miao Ying was shocked and felt even more puzzled. "Zhao Yu, what do you mean?"

"What do I mean?" Zhao Yu shook his head. "I sincerely wanted to help you, but I think I was over enthusiastic! Let me put it this way. My purpose is different from yours. I’m here to interrogate Hou Meng only to find out information on the Mianling Case! But what about your purpose? I guess it’s not as simple as just investigating Qu Ping’s death, is it?"

"..." At that moment, Miao Ying finally understood what Zhao Yu meant and stopped talking.

"I don’t get it, why can’t you just be upfront about it? We’re both officers investigating cases, but you made yourself look like some thief! If you had told me beforehand, the results of my interrogation could have been even better!" Zhao Yu stood in front of Miao Ying, looking compatible with her because of his tall stature.

Zhao Yu asked seriously, "Captain Miao, although we had some misunderstandings, you’ve worked with me before, you know my ability! Think about this carefully: I can do things easily over here at Rongyang Branch. As long as you cooperate with me, you only stand to gain!"

Miao Ying lifted her head slightly, showing her handsome face as her hair moved.

"So," Zhao Yu spread out his hands and said, "since we look like the golden couple standing together, it’s better to stop playing tricks! What do you think? Now, can you tell me the truth?"

"Golden couple? The truth?" Miao Ying lifted her head slightly and looked at Zhao Yu with her clear bright eyes. "You really want me to tell you the truth?"

"Yes!" Zhao Yu waved his hands, looking pleased.

"Alright!" Miao Ying lifted her right hand and pointed at Zhao Yu’s bald head. She said each word with emphasis, "Your hairstyle is really very ugly!!" At that instant, the air became still, and Zhao Yu felt a few crows flying past him. More than ten seconds later, Zhao Yu suddenly realized something after seeing Miao Ying grin, and he finally let out a smile.