Crazy Detective
191 The Possibility of Turning Enemies Into Friends
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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191 The Possibility of Turning Enemies Into Friends

If Team Leader Qu’s departure was sudden, then Miao Ying’s arrival was even more unexpected. Actually, in a place like the Key Case Investigation Unit, where news travelled fast, people would usually hear something whenever there was going to be some major personnel changes. However, there had been no sign of Miao Ying’s arrival. Not only did the normal agents not know about it, but even Mao Wei and Liu Changhu were completely unaware. Besides them, even Bureau Chief Luan Xiaoxiao, who led Miao Ying in and introduced her, had also been unprepared. It was only when Bureau Chief Zhou called her shorty before that she got to know the news. Prior to that, she had no idea that there would be someone taking over as Team B’s leader so soon.

 Because of this, Miao Ying’s sudden arrival caused the atmosphere to be a little awkward. For the past few days, the agents had guessed who could be the next team leader of Team B. Some felt that in terms of seniority, Peng Xin could be transferred over, or it could be one of the few senior agents in Team B getting promoted. However, no one had thought that the higher-ups would transfer a newbie from the faraway Ruyang Branch to become the team leader! Also, when everyone heard that Miao Ying was previously a criminal investigation team captain, they became even more puzzled and wary.

Although there was some awkward silence, the normal proceedings still had to be done. After Bureau Chief Luan’s introduction, Miao Ying also briefly introduced herself and said that she would work hard with everyone and hoped for everyone’s support, etc.

 After some polite and conventional verbal exchanges, the ongoing case analysis meeting on the Mianling Case continued. Miao Ying did not consider herself as an outsider. She pulled up a chair and sat in the middle of everyone, and started to listen carefully to Mao Wei’s thoughts on the investigation.

Actually, there was nothing new about what Mao Wei’s had to say. He simply copied everything from Qu Ping before her death, and even the information on the whiteboard had not been moved. After Zhao Yu listened carefully for a while, he realized that the clue on Cheng Sanli, which he had gotten from Yang Wentao, had been forsaken. Over the last few days while Zhao Yu had not been at work, the agents investigated Cheng Sanli in detail, and also found a copy of the silver mine contract that year on Yang Wentao’s computer. The date on the contract proved that Cheng Sanli contracted the silver mines thirty years ago.

Another piece of information also showed that after Cheng Sanli contracted the silver mines that year, he had dug out silver and became richer. With this, it could be deduced that Cheng Sanli was already very rich before the Mianling Case happened! The possibility of him being the Mianling kidnapper was very slim.

After hearing this, Zhao Yu could not help but feel disappointed. If the clue on Cheng Sanli did not work out, then he was only left with his last hope, which was the truth behind Qu Ping’s death! Therefore, Zhao Yu decided that he still had to follow his original plan, which was to use the last lie detector on Hou Meng and get to the bottom of things.

As Miao Ying had just arrived and was still not familiar with the agents, she returned to Team B after the case analysis meeting for a quick introductory meeting with her team members before knocking off early.

As for Zhao Yu’s Team A, it was very lively. Everyone felt happy about Zhao Yu’s return and kept asking him for a treat. However, Zhao Yu’s mind was on investigating the case, and he used the fact that he needed to remove the stitches on his head as an excuse, saying that it was no big deal for him to treat everyone and that he would take everyone out to a good meal after he fully recovered.

After knocking off, Zhao Yu was not in the mood for lunch. He asked Li Beini to help him make an appointment at the detention center. He planned to get there immediately to interrogate Hou Meng.

On the way to the detention center, he felt unsettled. Too many things had happened recently, and he felt that there always seemed to be an invisible force stopping him from investigating the case! Whenever he wanted to put in his whole heart to investigate the case, some kind of accident would happen. He really had no idea if another misfortune would happen!

Also, Miao Ying’s sudden arrival caught him by surprise. Although he appeared proud and annoying in front of Miao Ying, he always felt a strange sense of emptiness whenever Miao Ying left. Initially, he felt that he had lots of things to say to Miao Ying, but after seeing her, he could not control himself and only knew how to argue with her!

Tsk tsk… Zhao Yu guessed that Miao Ying suddenly becoming his colleagues could have brought back his lovesickness. His mind was filled with Miao Ying’s valiance, and her soft red lips…

"Tsk tsk… since I have the chance to see Miao Renfeng everyday, does that mean that I’ll have more chances with her? Or do I have a higher chance of being beaten up by her?" he wondered.

Zhao Yu finally reached Rongyang Detention Center while letting his thoughts run wild; however, his colleagues at the detention center told him that a female police officer from Rongyang Branch was already interrogating Hou Meng.

Eh? Zhao Yu was surprised and quickly looked at the visitor records. Miao Xiaoying’s name suddenly appeared on the paper.

"It’s her!? Are you kidding me? Isn’t this too coincidental? What’s going on? I’m here to interrogate Hou Meng because I have important things to ask! What about her? Why is she here to interrogate Hou Meng? Could it be…" Zhao Yu was no fool and he suddenly seemed to become aware of something. "This Miao Ying...don’t tell me...her purpose is the same as mine? She’s also investigating the truth behind Qu Ping’s death? Oh…" Zhao Yu quickly understood that there probably was some special purpose as to why Miao Ying was suddenly transferred to Rongyang Key Case Investigation Unit, and even demoted to Qu Ping’s position!

"No wonder no one knew about this beforehand! Then...Since this is the case…" Zhao Yu looked at his watch, it was now fifteen past twelve noon. He calculated inside him, "Knocked off at eleven fifty at the police station, Miao Ying reached here at eleven fifty-five, that means she has not had lunch, and also she just started interrogating Hou Meng and will not be out so soon." Therefore, Zhao Yu pondered carefully and thought of the "Kan-Zhen" hexagram today, which made him come to a plan quickly. If his plan worked, not only could he get clues from Hou Meng, he could also improve his relationship with Miao Ying and there was even the possibility of them turning from enemies to friends!

Therefore, Zhao Yu first gave Pizza Hut a call and ordered two sets of takeout, and then sat on the long bench outside the interrogation room and waited patiently. Five minutes later, the delivery came on time. Eight minutes later, Miao Ying who had finished interrogating Hou Meng came out from the interrogation room and saw Zhao Yu with takeout in his hand!

Miao Ying naturally refused to accept. She glared at Zhao Yu and yelled, "Zhao Yu, you find this interesting? Why did you follow me?"

"Keke." Zhao Yu was not surprised. "I knew you would say that! But if I tell you, it’ll be the same situation as me bumping into Zhang from your department at Yulangdian that time—it’s just a coincidence. What do you think?" Miao Ying shook her head impatiently before leaving, without even saying a "I can’t be bothered with you."

"Captain Miao!" Zhao Yu was still holding the takeout and said confidently, "Oh, it should be Team Leader Miao now! Let me guess, you did not get a satisfactory answer when you interrogated Hou Meng just now, right?" After hearing that Zhao Yu had some hidden meaning in his words, Miao Ying suddenly stopped walking, but did not turn her head back.

"Keke, do you remember how I interrogated Liu Pengfei? Zhao Yu smiled. "I’ve prepared for a long time for today’s interrogation! Perhaps I can be of some help!" This time, Miao Ying was obviously moved. Thinking back on Zhao Yu’s amazing performance when he interrogated Liu Pengfei, she could not help but turn her head back. Zhao Yu handed her the takeout. "Team Leader Miao, quickly take a bite! After eating, our second collaboration is gonna begin!!"
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