Crazy Detective
190 The Frightened Colleague
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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190 The Frightened Colleague

When Zhao Yu decided to have a battle of wits against Ji Chunhua the day before, he had already decided to use the items from the miracle system. But in order to use the items most efficiently, he had to ask for help from his friends on the police force, enacting a complete and well thought out plan to finally defeat Ji Chunhua! Zhang Yaohui and others already had a bad history with Ji Chunhua. Faced with Zhao Yu’s request for help, they obviously would not refuse.

 The "Crazy Dog Movement" that Zhao Yu, Zhang Yaohui, and a few others organized was basically an in-depth harassment plan. Zhang Yaohui and others first figured out what companies were under Ji Chunhua, then once the movement started, they split up to commence harassing him. Using excuses like they were looking for criminals, or that the place was reported, etc, they thoroughly tortured Ji Chunhua’s shops.

 Zhao Yu knew that Ji Chunhua was very powerful and was not just a regular street boss. These sorts of petty annoyances would not affect him much, but these interferences and harassments were needed as a precursor.

 Later on, Lu Zhaohong and the others searched the teahouse. The terrifying threats over the phone were not only to shake up Ji Chunhua, but to also let him know that Zhao Yu had the power to fight him, forcing him to be on his guard.

 Once he had done all that, Zhao Yu finally used his killer technique—the incredible invisible surveillance camera—that the system had rewarded him with! While he was acting, he used the chance to put the invisible camera right on Ji Chunhua’s eye, so that whatever Ji Chunhua saw, Zhao Yu saw. This led up to the situation where Ji Chunhua nearly had a mental breakdown.

 Ultimately, Zhao Yu used Ji Chunhua’s daughter’s phone to warn him, saying that Ji Chunhua was free to do as he pleased, but if he dared to oppose Zhao Yu, he would have no more privacy after this!

 Even though Zhao Yu did not contact him again, Ji Chunhua was truly intimidated! He could not understand just how Zhao Yu saw his every move! He did not even dare to go to the bathroom, let alone spend time with his wife! This feeling was truly terrifying!

 Just like that, in the morning of the next day, Ji Chunhua immediately did two things. First, he withdrew the complaint he submitted about Zhao Yu; then, he immediately bought plane tickets and took his entire family on vacation! Perhaps he thought that if he flew far away, he could hide from Zhao Yu’s peeping!

 Once Ji Chunhua’s complaint was withdrawn, Zhao Yu had nothing else to worry about. All he had to do was go talk with Bureau Chief Zhou, and his plan to return to his work would be complete!

 Since Zhao Yu had successfully dealt with Ji Chunhua, added with the important yellow notebook from Jin, the "Zhen-Li" hexagram had clearly done its job. In the end, Zhao Yu also obtained a high completion rate of ninety-one percent, obtaining something called the power jamming device.

 The introduction said the power jamming device could jam power sources in a twenty meter range, and lasted for one minute. Zhao Yu felt like this was something that could cause a power outage. In an emergency, it could be used to cut off electricity sources near him. Even though the prize was not bad, compared to the amazing lie detector or surveillance camera, this paled in comparison.

 Especially the Invisible Surveillance Camera, which even had a duration of twenty-four hours! Within those twenty-four hours, the target of his surveillance could never escape from his gaze! If he could get more of those, how great would that be?!

 Just as Zhao Yu was bringing Miao Ying to find Bureau Chief Luan Xiaoxiao, he could not help but think about putting an invisible surveillance camera on Miao Ying. Where did she live? Does she have a lover? When does she eat, when does she shower?

 That morning, Zhao Yu got the "Kan-Zhen" hexagram. The "Zhen" hexagram obviously represented the chance for him to return to his original job, and now, Zhao Yu was indeed sipping on his "88 yuan" tea cup he just bought from the convenience store, his hope already coming true.

 But he had also gotten the "Kan" hexagram, which was placed before "Zhen," signaling the possibility of him deepening his relationship with women that day. But he never would have imagined that this woman would be Miao Ying?! He truly, truly never would have imagined a day where Miao Ying would come to the Rongyang Branch Office for her job, especially as his colleague, let alone his boss!

 At this moment, even though Miao Ying was standing right beside him, he felt like he was dreaming; everything seemed unreal. Everything happened too fast! 

 As they were walking, Miao Ying was silent. From her rushed footsteps, one could tell she was trying her best to avoid Zhao Yu like the plague, not wanting to speak with him more than she had to.

 But Zhao Yu was not someone who was self-conscious. After spacing out for almost a minute, he finally came to his senses and asked, "Hey! Miao Renfeng, are you crazy? Ruyang and Rongyang are both small units. At least you were an investigation team captain in Ruyang. Why did you decide to come here, and as a team leader too? What were you thinking? Or are you here to make trouble?"

 Hearing Zhao Yu’s words, Miao Ying wanted to block her own ears. From her disdainful look, it was easy to tell that she was cursing Zhao Yu in her heart, "You freeloader, worthless, spineless idiot!"

 "Oh…" But Zhao Yu’s shamelessness was legendary. He gasped, and as if realizing something, said, "Oh, no way? Could it be, you came here for me? You couldn’t…" Zhao Yu originally wanted to mention when they kissed, but Miao Ying suddenly stopped her footsteps, her eyes filled with murderous intent. It seemed that she did not care at all. It was the first day at her new unit, but she was ready to fight Zhao Yu to the death!

 At the time, Hu Bin appeared from the hallway. Seeing Zhao Yu, he immediately waved. "Oh? Yu, you’re back, haha…really…" He had just gotten to the word "really" when he suddenly saw Miao Ying standing beside Zhao Yu, and a murderous Miao Ying at that!

 Remembering the war from the police training, Hu Bin was still afraid. When he saw Miao Ying appear, he immediately nodded at Zhao Yu nervously. "Ah…Yu, I still have something to do, I’ll talk to you later!" Without waiting for Zhao Yu’s reply, he immediately turned and left. Yet, as he turned he immediately ran into a female colleague going upstairs, causing the other’s phone to fall.

 "Hey! Pay more attention, you!"

 "Sorry, sorry." Hearing the complaints from the officer and Hu Bin’s apology behind him, Zhao Yu immediately gestured at Miao Ying, and the two left the area then continued forward.

 Bureau Chief Luan had gotten the information long ago, and was already waiting in the hallway. Seeing Miao Ying approaching, she immediately rushed forward, welcoming the new team leader.

 After some idle chatter, Bureau Chief Luan brought Miao Ying to the Key Case Investigation Unit to introduce to everyone. At the time, the investigators of the two teams were sitting in Team A’s office, discussing the Mianling case.

 The director of the Key Case Investigation Unit was obviously still Captain Liu Changhu. Ever since Qu Ping’s incident, all work regarding the Mianling case fell to Team A’s Leader, Mao Wei.

 When Bureau Chief Luan brought Miao Ying into the office, Mao Wei was at the whiteboard describing his ideas on how to solve the case. When they saw Bureau Chief Luan bring in such a handsome female police officer, everyone was a little shocked. Bureau Chief Luan did not waste any time, and immediately introduced Miao Xiaoying as the new Team B Leader.

 As soon as he heard this, Lan Bo, who was sitting on the table in the distance, suddenly swayed and fell off, bringing him and the table crashing to the floor!
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