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188 Ghostly Hounding

That night. Chunjiang Street, Dongmingge Canine Cuisine.

Ring, ring…Ji Chunhua’s phone rang, and upon picking it up, Zhao Yu’s arrogant voice came through.

"Oh, Boss Ji, how peaceful. Your leg is still disabled, how come you’re eating out? You even invited some people for food, and quite a few too?"

 "Zhao!" Ji Chunhua realized it was Zhao Yu and was immediately enraged as he yelled, "You stole my tea leaves! Watch how I’ll take care of you!"

 "Ah, weren’t the tea leaves a gift from you? My fault, sorry! Right, don’t look at me like that, let me look at you first!" Zhao Yu retorted mischievously. "You guys are drinking Maotai, and smoking Chunghwa, quite sophisticated, huh! Five guys and a girl. Looking at their clothing, I’m guessing they’re all VIPs? What? Spending so much money on a party, surely you don’t have any good intentions!"

 "You?!" What Zhao Yu had described was exactly what Ji Chunhua was staring at now. Ji Chunhua could not help but be a little stunned. "Is this kid be spying on me?" he wondered. He raised his head to look at the ceiling of the private room. Were there any surveillance cameras?

 From the phone came Zhao Yu’s voice again. "Hey, don’t look around, there’s no camera in the private room, it’s on the people, hehehe…" 

After Zhao Yu spoke, Ji Chunhua’s heart raced as he immediately scanned the VIPs that he had invited. All these people were personnel that were important members of Qinshan Public Security system. Ji Chunhua had invited them out for food to ask them to put pressure on the police force in order to make them fire Zhao Yu.

 Just as Ji Chunhua quickly scanned the the crowd, Zhao Yu immediately spoke, almost as if he was narrating what was happening.

 "That melon faced guy with the checkered shirt, isn’t he a judge?

 "Huh? That woman with the white-framed glasses looks familiar? Is she from the Public prosecutor's office?

 "Oh, that bookish guy without a moustache, he’s a lawyer, right?"

 "…" Zhao Yu’s voice followed Ji Chunhua’s gaze, making him break out into a wave of cold sweat.

 "What, do you guys suspect," Zhao Yu laughed through the phone, "that there are spies amongst you? Hahaha, congratulations, you’re right! There are people carrying pinhole cameras! Try and find it, why don’t you?"

 Even though Ji Chunhua did not quite believe it, he still very carefully surveyed those around him.

 "Oh? You actually believed it? Are you stupid?!" Zhao Yu teased him relentlessly.

 "You!" Ji Chunhua could no longer sit still. He immediately stood up and exited the private room. But just as he left, Zhao Yu continued speaking. "Oh? What? You came out? Are you going to discuss something with your idiot underlings? Do you see the problem?

 "Oh, oh…running to the bathroom? What? You wanna run? I’ll tell you now, I see everything clearly. Do you want me to stream it online?

 "Oh? Why’re you taking your clothes off? Oh, do you think that the camera is on your body? Hehehe…oh, you’re naked too! Boss Ji, you’re quite chubby, but your skin’s quite pale. There’s even a birthmark beside your belly button…"

 Ji Chunhua was going nuts! It was like Zhao Yu was standing beside him, describing his every movement without mistake. But he had already locked himself in the bathroom! There was no way there was a camera in there, right?"

 Suddenly, Ji Chunhua thought of a possibility. He immediately hung up the phone and stuffed it in his bag. Without Zhao Yu’s voice, he finally felt momentary peace, and immediately put his clothes back on and left the bathroom. But as soon as he left the bathroom, he saw a cleaning lady mopping the floor.

 "What the f*ck, this is the men’s room!" Ji Chunhua yelled in annoyance before leaving the bathroom. But just as he left, his phone rang again.

 Ji Chunhua looked and saw that it was the same damn number. Once he picked up, Zhao Yu’s annoying voice came through again. "Hey, why’re you getting angry at a cleaning lady? Even if she saw your tiny d*ck, you didn’t lose much!"

 "F*ck you!" Ji Chunhua’s temper flared to the max as he hung up. In order to restore the peace, he even turned off his phone.

 But just as he was returning to the table, the confusion in his heart became even more severe. No way? The phone had been in his pocket, how could Zhao Yu see what he was doing? "It’s almost like he’s walking beside me," he thought.

 Once he returned to the private room, Ji Chunhua still could not calm down. Even when he was talking to the VIPs, he still felt pressure from the situation and could not talk freely.

 Ji Chunhua had not even eaten for ten minutes when he heard the phone of the lawyer sitting right beside him ring. The lawyer picked it up, but he handed his phone to Ji Chunhua. He first paused, but when he heard Zhao Yu’s voice on the other end, he almost broke down.

 "Boss Ji, is it okay to turn off your phone? I’ll tell you a secret, you should put some water in that judge’s alcohol! Their alcohol tolerance is awful…"

 "Ah!" Ji Chunhua yelled in anger, and nearly smashed the lawyer’s phone! He really could not keep eating anymore. He persisted for ten more minutes then immediately made an excuse and went home.

 But even inside the car, the driver’s phone rang, and Zhao Yu’s ghost like voice said, "Oh, boss Ji, how come you’re not eating anymore? Hey, your car’s pretty nice. It’s a Volvo right? Pretty modest, even manual transmission, pretty high class, but the lucky charms hanging off the front of your car are pretty old…"

 No…impossible!! Ji Chunhua held the driver’s phone. His body trembled endlessly. He really could not understand just how Zhao Yu was doing this! This sort of omnipotent surveillance was simply too terrifying! It was like he was stripped naked and exposed in front of everybody!

 "Oi! Don’t look at the driver," Zhao Yu’s ghostly voice continued. "Your driver’s not the spy! The driver’s collar really doesn’t have a camera!"

 The more Zhao Yu spoke, the more Ji Chunhua started to suspect the driver. He immediately peeked at the driver’s collar. Coincidentally, the driver’s collar had a black button. To get a clearer view, Ji Chunhua even reached his hand to grab at it.

 The driver was startled and swerved in a huge "S" shape, nearly getting in a car crash. Ten minutes later, the car safely arrived at Ji Chunhua’s mansion, despite the scare.

 Ji Chunhua threw the driver’s phone and ran into his house. Just as he entered, his wife quickly rushed over with a face mask on, and handed the phone to Ji Chunhua. When Ji Chunhua put the phone to his ear, he nearly had a heart attack from fear!

 "Boss Ji," Zhao Yu’s ghostly hounding came from the phone, "your wife’s quite pretty, even with a face mask on! She doesn’t seem like she’s wearing any underwear! Later, why don’t you two have some fun in bed, and I can narrate that for you guys, hehehe…"

 "Ah! Ah!!" Ji Chunhua was truly enraged. He snatched his wife’s phone and threw it on the ground fiercely. The screen cracked open and the battery flew far away!

 His wife was stunned and immediately asked what happened. At this time, her daughter heard the commotion and ran to the living room from her bedroom.

 But before Ji Chunhua could even speak, his daughter’s phone rang!! At that time, Ji Chunhua, who was already crippled to begin with, felt his legs give out from the intense fear, and collapsed on the floor…