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186 The Older, the Craftier

"Oh…I understand." Zhao Yu finally understood, and pointed at Bureau Chief Liao. "So, last time when you helped me look influential, it was at Jin’s request? I…I thought you were nuts!"

 Bureau Chief Liao’s face went from red to green immediately as he was at a loss for words.

 "Right, right!" Zhao Yu looked as if he suddenly remembered something and asked, "I almost forgot, I got suspended by the idiot Zhao! Boss, If I can’t return to my job, then Jin’s will…oh no, Jin’s wish, won’t come true! You see…can you find a way for me? Maybe just a word from you, and I’ll be able to go back?"

 "Hmph, you are shameless!" Bureau Chief Liao could not take it anymore and scolded Zhao Yu immediately. "Why are you cursing at your bureau chief? Really, biting the hand that feeds you! Let me ask you, you said your bureau chief suspended you, did he give you any suspension notice? Any documents?"

 "Hm?" Zhao Yu paused, running his hand over his bald head. "What document? I need documents?"

 "Of course!" Bureau Chief Liao yelled. "Can’t you see? Zhou only wants to teach you a lesson so that you won’t be so reckless later on! Did you see what Jin did with the shoe? Everything has its reason. You know that he is about to die, having his shoes fall off is his only joy in life now, are you still angry at him?"

 Zhao Yu shook his head in confusion.

 "Exactly!" Bureau Chief Liao said, "Your bureau chief had already helped you many times, did you know that? If it wasn’t for him trying so hard to protect you, you’d already be in jail, did you know that?"

 "Ah?" Zhao Yu looked as if he had just woke up from a dream. He had no idea of the background to this story.

 "The Ji Chunhua that you assaulted had completely latched onto you!" Bureau Chief Liao said. "He has quite a bit of influence, and he’s hellbent making sure you get some punishment! It was Bureau Chief Zhou that made use of his own personal connections to help you! Are you still going to bad mouth him?"

 "Ji Chunhua?" Zhao Yu was confused. "That’s not right, this guy didn’t report a crime, and even helped Hou Meng arrange his escape. Wasn’t he covering up crimes and even harboring criminals? Why wasn’t he captured?"

 "You’re too naïve!" Liao Jingxian continued, "Ji Chunhua isn’t someone that’s easy to mess with. He hired a powerful group of lawyers, and had only admitted that when Hou Meng asked him for help, he only knew he needed a place to hide. He said he didn’t know about Hou Meng’s crime at all, he thought he was helping Hou Meng to hide from debt collectors!"

 "Lying! Quibbling! That…those hideouts were all his!" Zhao Yu spoke angrily. "Organizing illegal pyramid schemes, isn’t this a serious crime too?"

 "But there was a scape goat!" Liao Jingxian quickly retorted. "Someone confessed to the crime, and said that he was helping Hou Meng as a friend, and that it was unrelated to Jin Chunhua!"

 "Jin Chunhua…" Zhao Yu clenched his teeth and muttered, his fist already cracking.

 "Kiddo, no matter what you say, Zhou is a good guy!" Bureau Chief Liao said. "Being a bureau chief has its rules, so don’t misunderstand him! Since there’s no official documents, it means you weren’t suspended at all, so get back to work! It’s just, about Ji Chunhua…"

 "Hehe…" Zhao Yu laughed coldly, then said, "Don’t worry, Bureau Chief Liao, I’ll end that fearless idiot today!"

 "Hey?" Bureau Chief Liao was stunned,and immediately started scolding him, "Kid, don’t be rash! This is already a dangerous situation, you…"

 "Don’t worry!" Zhao Yu laughed coldly. "If I can’t even do something like that, how could I be a special investigator? Don’t worry, Bureau Chief Liao, Ji Chunhua will quietly confess for sure!"

 Bureau Chief Liao was not convinced at all and wanted to speak more, but Zhao Yu simply patted the yellow notebook and said, "Chief Liao, don’t worry, I won’t take this for free! Once I deal with the few big issues at hand, I’ll start working on the captain’s wish! At that time, don’t forget to support me!"

 Zhao Yu waved at Liao Jingxian and turned to leave into the forest area towards the highway. As he passed the Buick, Zhao Yu knocked on the car door a few times and raised his voice. "I’m leaving, Jin! You take care! Once I have time, I’ll go visit you!"

 He was not sure if it was because he did not want to see the elder’s withered appearance, or if he was afraid that he would bring up some bad memories, but Zhao Yu could say goodbye to the old man in this way!

 Even like this, Zhao Yu could not help but be somewhere bitter. First to leave was Team Leader Qu Ping, and now Captain Jin had this terminal disease. Although the two did not seem to have a very strong connection to Zhao Yu, they were actually very important.

 Zhao Yu patted the yellow notebook in his pocket again. Suddenly, he felt as if the weight on his shoulders suddenly became heavier. Yet, the newly added weight did not hinder him at all. Because of his competitive nature, the added weight actually motivated his desire for the truth. Suddenly, he was very confident in the path he was walking!

 "Team Leader Qu, Captain Jin, Zhao Yu will never betray your guys’s expectation! I will walk this road until the very end!" Zhao Yu said in his head.

 Once he was out of the cemetery, Zhao Yu did not rush to call a cab, but called Zhang Yaohui first.

 "Hey, Yao," Zhao Yu giggled. "This afternoon, we have some important things to atend to. Call all the other bros, we’re commencing crazy dog mode!!!"


 At the time, as he watched Zhao Yu leave, then laugh as he made a phone call, Liao Jingxiao finally returned to the Buick stoically. At this time, Captain Jing Zhenbang currently had his eyes closed and was enjoying a cigarette.

 "F*ck," Bureau Chief Liao cursed. "Not even opening the window, are you crazy? Put it out!"

 Captain Jin first threw a glance at Liao Jingxiao, then very reluctantly extinguished his cigarette, using the tip of his foot to forcefully step on the cigarette butt.

 "What are you looking at!" Bureau Chief Liao spat, then sat in the driver’s seat, getting ready to leave. After inserting the key, he did not start the car. Through the car window, he watched Zhao Yu who was still on the phone in the distance. As if remembering something funny, he busted out laughing.

 "Hahaha…" Between the laughter, he kept slapping at the driver’s wheel. In the end, even Captain Jin was affected and started cracking up alongside him, almost choking.

 Just like that, the two laughed for a full minute before Liao Jingxiao turned and shot a thumbs up to Captain Jin in praise. "Jin, truly the older the craftier, you’re too much! Just a bone replacement, but you turned it into an incurable disease! Seeing you look like you were about to die, I just…I almost laughed out loud, did you know?! You...did you really throw all those flowers at Zhao Yu’s head?"

 "Hehehe…" Captain Jin nodded joyously. "There’s no other way. This kid, Zhao Yu, is simply too stubborn, too hard to reason with, if you don’t use some next level tricks on him, how could we deal with him? If we can’t get him back on the police force, then we will all suffer a huge loss!"

 "But," Liao Jingxiao spoke, "I felt like the kid didn’t really have the desire to leave the force. Look at him doing such crazy things just to catch Qu Ping’s murderer! If you ask me, he doesn’t want to leave at all!"

 "Mm! No matter what, I truly do like this kid!" Captain Jin spoke as he squinted. "Ah, since he took my notebook, then we can only watch, and see if he can solve all those cases that I couldn’t in my lifetime. How about it, Liao, do you want to make a bet?"

 "Let’s not talk about betting right now." Liao Jingxian was slightly worried. "Judging by what he said just now, he might actually do something. That guy Ji isn’t just your everyday person. Maybe this time the kid is actually going to cause an even bigger problem?"

 "Then…I’ll leave it up to you!" Captain Jin did not pull any punches. "I finally found a successor, so you have to help me take care of him!"

 "Taking care of him is no problem, but," Liao Jingxian shook his head, "I’m really curious. Zhao Yu’s by himself, but he said he’d take care of Ji Chunhua today, and so confidently too! I’m just wondering, how is he going to do it?!"