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185 The Yellow Notebook

Captain Jin smashed the flowers over Zhao Yu’s head. The petals quickly fell onto the ground and only the stems remained; however, the old Jin was still angry and hit Zhao Yu.

Zhao Yu was also getting a little angry. He held the flower stems and yelled, "Hey, are you okay? I’ve got eight stitches on my head, and am getting them out in two days! Are you trying to remove the stitches in advance for me?"

 "You little rascal!" the old Jin scolded him angrily and let go of the flower stems before hitting the handles of the wheelchair. He shouted, "Quick, push me back, go back!"

 "What!?" Zhao Yu was a little confused. "Aren’t you presenting the flowers to Team Leader Qu?"

 "Where are the flowers? There are no more flowers left! What can I present?" Jin yelled with angry eyes. "Go back, I said go back! Do you hear me?"

 "Mmm...alright alright...as you please!" Although Zhao Yu was unhappy, he turned the wheelchair to push him back. However, Zhao Yu was not one to be trifled with. He warned Jin with a black face, "If you continue taking off your shoe, I’m not gonna pick it up! You’ll just be barefoot!" Captain Jin was quite obedient and did not drop his shoe again.

 When they got back to the Buick, Liao Jingxian got out of the car immediately and opened the door. This time, the two combined their strength and carried Captain Jin into the car before placing the wheelchair properly. After closing the car door, Bureau Chief Liao heaved a long sigh of relief, as if he had gotten a heavy load off his mind. Then, he quickly waved to Zhao Yu, signalling him into the grove at the side. Wanting to know what was happening, Zhao Yu followed him.

 After the two went into the deserted grove, Bureau Chief Liao handed an old-fashioned notebook with a yellow plastic cover to Zhao Yu before saying, "Young man, take this. Old Jin wanted me to give it to you!"

 Zhao Yu let out a long sigh before taking the notebook and quickly flipping through it. He saw that the thick notebook was filled with words and illustrations. Although he only took a few glances, there was an ancient feel coming from it. It was obvious that this notebook was quite old.

"Bureau Chief Liao, you're confusing me. What are the two of you up to?" Zhao Yu asked with the notebook in his hand.

"Young man!" Bureau Chief Liao gave a smile before asking mysteriously, "When the two of you went in just now, did that old fella keep removing his shoe with his left leg? Huh?"

Zhao Yu quickly nodded.

"Do you know why?"

Zhao Yu shook his head.

Bureau Chief Liao heaved a long sigh. "Osteosarcoma!"

 "Ah!?" Zhao Yu was puzzled. "What? What’s that?"

 "Bone tumor! A terminal illness!" Bureau Chief Liao said solemnly, "It was already too late when Old Jin was diagnosed! The doctor suggested amputation of both legs plus chemotherapy, and then he could live for another four months! But Old Jin does not wish to suffer anymore and did not agree to the operation!"

 "Ah, so serious!?" Zhao Yu was dumbstruck. He did not expect that things were like this! Captain Jin had such a serious illness? No wonder he left the team so suddenly.

 "His left leg still has some feeling. He used his left leg to take off his shoe because he wanted to keep a little bit of hope, and it’s also his final bit of pleasure. Do you get it?" Bureau Chief Liao’s words were like thunder, making Zhao Yu numb.

 "Old Jin said," Bureau Chief Liao pointed at the notebook, "if you were the one pushing him back, then I have to give this notebook to you! If you came back alone, or he came back alone, then I’d have to cremate this book with his remains!"

 "Ah?" Zhao Yu was shocked. He quickly held the notebook properly and asked, "This...this book…"

 "Mm!" Bureau Chief Liao nodded. "Have you heard of the Huayun Mountain Massacre Case? You were born that year, am I right?"

 "Huayun Mountain Massacre? Zhao Yu got more confused. "That...Huayun Mountain is in Nanjiang Province. I think I’ve heard of it…"

 "Keep the book safe!" Bureau Chief Liao said. "There’s a total of five cases recorded in it. These five cases are not just national level major cases, they are also cold cases which Old Jin helped investigate that year. As the cases are bizarre and complicated, they remain unsolved to date! These cases are all things that make Old Jin unable to rest in peace. Now he’s giving it to you. I guess you should understand what it means now after hearing this."

 "Oh…" Zhao Yu’s palms were already sweating. He asked in astonishment, "Captain Jin means, he wants me to solve these cases!? This…"

 "Mm! Take it as an inheritance from Old Jin!" Bureau Chief Liao said seriously. "Actually, Old Jin has been looking for his successor all these years! He knows that he’s getting old and cannot continue investigating anymore! He was getting older but could not find any successor, until you appeared!"


 "Actually, you solving so many cases so quickly is secondary!" Bureau Chief Liao said, "What Old Jin really sees in you is your stubbornness and sheer determination, not quitting before reaching your goal, and not giving up before getting to the truth! He saw his younger self in you! Previously, when you were transferred to the Cold Case Department, we even had a bet on you! He said that you would definitely solve a case in the Cold Case Department, and I lost! After you solved the Uptown Slaughter Case, Old Jin had already made up his mind!" Bureau Chief smiled. "So how about it, young man? How do you feel? Do you feel that the responsibility is too much? If you do not wish to accept, return the book to me and I’ll bury it with Old Jin!"

 "Whoa...I see…" Zhao Yu heaved a heavy sigh. At that instant, he felt that the yellow notebook in his hand was extremely heavy.

 "I know that the book has some trans-provincial major cases, and it will be extremely difficult to investigate them!" Bureau Chief Liao said. "But my brother-in-law is the Director of the Criminal Investigation Division in the Central Police Office! So, I may be able to help a little! If you really do investigate these cases in the future, I can help you become a criminal investigator at the central level! The police stations from all the provinces and cities will do their best to assist you!"


Before Zhao Yu could comment, Bureau Chief Liao shot another enticing fact at him, "Also, I heard that the reward money for these five cases are all above five-hundred thousand RMB! As for the other types of rewards, I guess I don’t have to say it out loud! They are national, top level, major cases, after all. If they are solved, kekeke…"

 "Keke…" Zhao Yu also laughed. First it was a foolish laugh, then it was a loud laugh, followed by a hysterical laugh. "Wahaha…" After enough laughing, Zhao Yu straightened his face and complained, "Huh! You old fellas! I have to do whatever you want me to do? You wanna lead me by the nose and work me to the bone for you? Huh, let me tell you, don’t even think about it! You want me to investigate cases that even the central investigators can’t solve? What kinda joke is this? Do you think I’m...so childish, so naive?" He pointed at the notebook and said, "What inheritance! I think it looks more like a will, right!?"

 "Oh, I understand!" Bureau Chief Liao nodded and stretched out his hand without feeling surprised, wanting to take the book back.

 But then Zhao Yu suddenly straightened his back and said with righteousness, "I, Zhao Yu, am an outstanding detective who does not condone evil. How can I let those murderers remain at large?" With this, he put the notebook into his pocket and said shamelessly with his head held up high, "My mission is to uphold justice. If I don’t do such a difficult task, who else can do it? Right!? Erm...boss, anyway, is your brother-in-law really that powerful? You’re not kidding me, right? Central level criminal investigator, what kinda title is that? Would it look good on my resume? Oh, could you also send the five-hundred thousand RMB reward poster to my phone later, so that I can look at it carefully…" Although Bureau Chief Liao was already mentally-prepared, he was still shocked by Zhao Yu’s brazen behavior.