Crazy Detective
184 Zhao Yu and the Shoe
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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184 Zhao Yu and the Shoe

As a police team leader, Qu Ping’s funeral would obviously be rather grand. Arriving at the scene were colleagues and leaders from the branch office, and even many members of the city level office. The atmosphere was very solemn inside the funeral home. The people attending were all sad beyond belief, their pain piling up.

 For one, Team Leader Qu Ping had simply died too young. To face such tragedy, to have their life end early was truly regrettable; secondly, regardless of her time at the provincial office or the branch office, Qu Ping had always been a highly active member of the police force. Whether it was her job or her achievements, they were all excellent. She had long been someone who was heavily valued by the higher-ups. Had it not been for this tragic accident, her future would have been very bright.

 As music played in the background during the funeral procession, everyone participated in a three minute moment of silence for Qu Ping. All the officers present saluted.

At the time, Zhao Yu heard Qu Ping’s daughter speaking. Qu Ping and her husband Bai Yangyu had a son and daughter. The eldest son was currently dorming at his highschool, while their daughter was only four-years-old, and had always been taken care of by Qu Ping’s mother.

 Since everyone present was participating in the moment of silence, Qu Ping’s daughter’s naïve voice could clearly be heard by many people. The child knelt in front of her mother’s grave, and kept pushing at her brother, asking, "Brother, why isn’t mommy waking up? You should call her, I want her to take me to play with Naughty Bear! Is that okay?"

 Hearing her sister, the brother started crying himself. He grabbed his sister’s shoulder, and spoke honestly, "Xin, mom is dead. She won’t wake up again, she won’t..."

 "Mommy, mommy…" Seeing her brother crying noiselessly, the child’s own tears started pouring out. "I want my mom…" she sobbed.

 Hearing the two children crying quietly, many people could not help but tear up themselves. At that moment, Zhao Yu also felt bitter inside, his own eyes turned red!

 In that moment, his mind was filled with memories of Qu Ping’s bright smile and voice while she was alive, and her determination for solving cases.

"Team Leader Qu!" Zhao Yu thought to himself, "Please take care! Don’t worry, no matter how difficult our road is, I will finish what you started, I will follow your way and continue on!"

 It was also in that moment that Zhao Yu decided, no matter what, he must return to the police force as soon as possible! Only then could he continue to investigate the truth behind Qu Ping’s death, and continue investigating the Mianling case that shook Qinshan!

 Once the funeral finished, it was time for the cremation. After the cremation, the ashes would be taken to the cemetery and buried. Zhao Yu followed the entire way, quietly accompanying Team Leader Qu on this last journey. Yet, just as Qu Ping was buried, and Zhao Yu followed the crowd out of the cemetery, his phone suddenly rang.

 There was no caller ID. Once he picked up, the person did not even greet him, but immediately spoke in a commanding tone, "Zhao Yu, there’s a Buick commercial vehicle in your eleven o’clock direction. Come by yourself, hurry up!" Without waiting for Zhao Yu to respond, they immediately hung up.

 Zhao Yu looked up and saw there was indeed a blue Buick on the street outside of the cemetery. Even though the person talking on the phone spoke quickly, but Zhao Yu more or less figured out who it was.

 He couldn’t help but think, "Weird, why is this mysterious guy looking for me again?"

 With some confusion, Zhao Yu bid his colleagues farewell and went to the Buick alone. Just as he got close, the car door opened. He saw the Bureau Chief Liao Jingxian from the city office getting out the car quickly. Clearly, the call was from him.

 "Ah? Leader!" Zhao Yu shook his head and asked, "What do you need? Why are we having some sort of secret meeting? You…" Before Zhao Yu could finish, Bureau Chief Liao immediately made a shushing gesture. Zhao Yu almost thought he was in some kind of dangerous situation and was shocked.

 Bureau Chief Liao was still the same as before, almost mute in front of Zhao Yu, not saying a word. He looked around for a good two minutes. Once he confirmed no one was paying attention, he finally put his hand on the door and pulled the car door open.

 When Zhao Yu looked in to the car, he was completely shocked!

 Inside the car was a wheelchair, and on the wheelchair was an white-haired elder.

 "No way?" Zhao Yu’s eyes widened as he spoke in shock, "Jing…Captain Jing, you?!"

 Due to the darkness in the car, Zhao Yu could not see Captain Jin’s expression. Just as he was about to look more carefully, he suddenly heard Captain Jing’s roar.

 "Kid, what are you waiting for? Carry me out!"

 "Oh?" Zhao Yu paused, but finally realized what he meant and immediately took the wheelchair out of the car, then tried to help support the Captain get into the wheelchair from his car seat.

 But to his surprise, Captain Jin’s legs had completely lost their strength. Zhao Yu basically had to use his own strength and put Captain Jin in the wheelchair!

 Before he even sat down properly on the chair, Captain Jin immediately roared at Liao Jingxian, "Liao, why aren’t you helping me? Hurry, get the flowers!"

 Even though Liao Jingxian was a high-level official in the city office, he was still bossed around like a child by Captain Jin. But this bureau chief also was not arrogant. He did not even talk back as he grabbed the flowers from the car and handed them to Captain Jin.

 "Zhao Yu," once Captain Jin held the flowers in his arms, he waved at Zhao Yu and commanded, "Go, push me! Let’s go give these flowers to Qu Ping!"

 "Ca-captain Ji—" Zhao Yu wanted to say something, but seeing Captain Jin glare at him, he could only rush over and push the chair steadily into the cemetery.

 Once Bureau Chief Liao saw, he did not follow, but returned to the car without another word.

 The sun that day was quite beautiful. Zhao Yu pushed the wheelchair and noticed that Captain Jin was very different from before. Not only did he look much older, but his entire body was very thin. Bent over on the wheelchair, he seemed to be withering away.

 What’s wrong? Zhao Yu had many questions. What happened to Captain Jin who had disappeared for so long? Furthermore, why did Bureau Chief Liao appear with Captain Jin?

 "Jin…you." Zhao Yu waited for a bit but could not help but ask, "What happened to you? Are you really sick?"

 "Isn’t it obvious? If I wasn’t sick, why would I sit on a wheelchair?" Jin retorted.

 "What…what illness? Is it bad?" Zhao Yu asked immediately. He did not even finish speaking, but noticed that one of Captain Jin’s cloth shoes had fallen onto the ground. When Zhao Yu saw, he immediately stopped the wheelchair and bent down down to put it on Jin’s foot.

 "So, how did Qu Ping die?" Jin did not answer Zhao Yu’s question, but questioned Zhao Yu instead.

 "It was a robbery. The criminal is named Hou Meng!" Zhao Yu replied. But just as he finished, he saw that Captain Jin’s shoe fell off again! Due to his negligence, the wheel of the wheelchair already rolled over the shoe.

 Zhao Yu immediately stopped the wheelchair again and bent down to pick up the shoe, and even patted the dirt off it, and put it on Captain Jin again. He suddenly noticed that the shoe that fell off was the one on Jin’s right foot.

 At this time, Jin no longer spoke, but looked around at the graves around him. Zhao Yu looked more carefully and was shocked to discover that Captain Jin was using the tip of his left foot to purposely take his shoe off.

 What the hell?!

 Zhao Yu’s eyebrows knit together. He could not understand Captain Jin’s actions at all.

 Then, not long after, the shoe fell off once again. Zhao Yu picked up the shoe, but did not put it on Captain Jin, and instead held it in his hand, planning on putting it on later.

 The elderly man suddenly became agitated! He immediately yelled, "Zhao Yu, put it on for me, put it on! Hurry!"

 "You?!" Zhao Yu was almost angry, but faced with an elderly man on a wheelchair, how could he get angry? He could only calm himself down and lower his head as he put the shoe on for the other.

 Yet, just as Zhao Yu lowered his head, Captain Jin suddenly took the bouquet of flowers in his hand, and brought them down on Zhao Yu’s head!!!
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