Crazy Detective
183 A Bad Omen
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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183 A Bad Omen

The system told Zhao Yu that his adventure completion rate was eighty-five percent and that he obtained another skeleton key. Truthfully, he was quite surprised by this result. It was only five o’clock in the afternoon. When the adventure ended this early before, he had not gotten a single reward. Eighty-five percent honestly wasn’t that bad!

 Regarding the "Zhen" hexagram of the "Zhen-Kan" hexagram, which represented status, Zhao Yu had clearly experienced it firsthand. Just as he had guessed, the "Zhen" hexagram not only could represent a rise in status, but if he was not careful, it could also mean a demotion!

 By the same reasoning, if he got the "Gen" hexagram again, it did not guarantee that he would get more money; maybe he could even lose money!

 From this, one could tell the key to the adventures that he got was still in the word "adventure." How each person dealt with an "adventure" was entirely up to them.

 As for the "Kan" hexagram, it was obvious—Xiaomei! Having so easily seduced her, he had flawlessly completed "Kan" hexagram. Maybe the reason why his completion rate was above eighty percent was entirely based on his performance for the "Kan" hexagram!

 Zhao Yu held the skeleton key, further examining the newly obtained item. Judging from the completion rate, the value of this item was not low. Using it would make stealing from safes or whatever quite easy! But last night, he decided to use it on some stupid bike lock; that was truly a waste!

 Sigh! No need to talk about it! Zhao Yu once again glanced at his own baldness in the mirror, then made a wise decision, "Shit, I’m hungry, let’s eat first!"

 At noon, he had had some tofu slices with Xiaomei, but he was hungry again, so he simply woke Xiaomei up, and the two went to eat lamb spine hot pot at the food stands outside.

 It could have been because the information had been sealed by the higher-ups, but the busy investigators only found out about Zhao Yu’s suspension in the afternoon, when they were about to get off work.

 Only after Zhao Yu and Meimei finished their lamb spine hotpot did his phone start going off endlessly. All the investigators who knew Zhao Yu, including Zhang Yaohui and others from Team B, all called to ask how he was doing.

 Some suggested that Zhao Yu immediately apologize, and get away with a slap on the wrist; some encouraged Zhao Yu, telling him that he did not do anything wrong and had no need to apologize; some even said they would sign a petition to help Zhao Yu!

 What shocked and touched Zhao Yu was that even Department Leader Wang Fei called. Wang Fei said that she had already asked Bureau Chief Luan, who said that Bureau Chief Zhou was still angry. Once he calmed down a bit, she said, the two of them would go and beg the Bureau Chief for Zhao Yu. She also told Zhao Yu to stay calm.

 Zhao Yu was very touched. In addition to expressing his appreciation, he also promised to invite Department Leader Wang Fei out for food, drinks, and a massage!


 Within the blink of an eye, three days passed by. In those three days, even though Zhao Yu looked like he was very relaxed, he had actually done many things!

 On the first day, he asked some people to find a way to help retrieve the blonde and the others from the Juvenile Detention Center. Those people had helped him, so obviously Zhao Yu could not just forget about them. Zhao Yu invited them out for a feast, and also paid them a hefty work fee.

 The blonde was quite determined, and refused to take the money no matter what. The boy only put the money in his pocket once Zhao Yu started glaring at him.

 The next day, Mao Wei and Peng Xin led the Team A investigation members to visit Zhao Yu. Everyone was stunned by Zhao Yu’s new hair style, but then started comforting him instead.

Mao Wei patted his chest as he assured Zhao Yu that he would definitely petition the higher-ups for Zhao Yu to come back quickly.

 Since everyone came to visit him, Zhao Yu had to show his own sincerity. That night, he took everyone out for hotpot, and they drank until everyone was wasted!

 Then, on the third afternoon, Zhang Yaohui brought a few people who helped catch Hou Meng, and came to visit as well. Zhao Yu once again fulfilled his duty as a host and invited them out to drink!

 As they drank, Zhang Yaohui told Zhao Yu that when they heard of Zhao Yu’s suspension, a few of them cursed the bureau chief out endlessly, calling him an ally of the devil, and someone who was incapable of considering the bigger picture, etc.

 Of course, all cursing aside, they did manage to capture the suspect in Qu Ping’s murder. The higher-ups did not forget to give credit where credit was due. When noting down who helped close the case, they made sure to include Zhao Yu.

 According to Zhang Yaohui, Hong Mei still had not signed the confession, and said that he would report them. But all evidence indicated that Hou Meng was Team Leader Qu Ping’s murderer. Getting a confession out of him was only a matter of time.

 Originally, Zhao Yu wanted to take this chance and discuss the case with them to see if they missed any details, but these Team B investigators were still getting over Qu Ping’s death. Added with the fact they were drinking at the time, Zhao Yu could not speak up. Besides, Zhao Yu felt that since he still had a lie detector, once he interrogated Hou Meng himself, the truth would come out.

 Unlike his colleagues in Team A, Zhang Yaohui, Ma Wei, Lan Bo, and Liu were all youngsters. They were all about the same age as Zhao Yu, so they were rowdy as they drank.

 Zhang Yaohui and the others already mentioned that the few of them would petition the higher-ups to help Zhao Yu. They added that if Zhao Yu needed anything later, they would help to the best of their ability!

 Zhao Yu used to be a man of the streets, and obviously cared the most about brotherly loyalty. He immediately followed up, promising to share the joy and pain with the few of them…Just like that, they all got more and more worked up as they spoke, nearly becoming sworn brothers!

 Logically speaking, Zhao Yu was currently resting and should not drink, but Zhao Yu was an emotional person. In the past three days, he drank three times without a single rest. Yet, he gained nothing in regards to the Miracle System. Even though he opened a hexagram every day, due to work suspension, Zhao Yu felt weak and unmotivated, and wasted them all.

 Only on the fourth day did Zhao Yu finally find something to do! It was not just something important, but it was also serious and downcast, because he was going to attend Team Leader Qu Ping’s funeral!

 Team Leader Qu Ping’s funeral took place in a funeral home. After the funnel, the body would be cremated.

 Before the funeral, Zhao Yu opened the "Zhen-Li" hexagram. The hexagram explanation said, "Zhen for thunder and Li for fire. Heavy thunder and furious flames continue on and on, endless setbacks with many up and downs."

Even though Zhao Yu could not quite understand the hexagram explanation, hearing "heavy thunder and furious flames," he felt that he would have an unfortunate day!
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