Crazy Detective
180 How Did It Come to This?
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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180 How Did It Come to This?

Zhao Yu thought for a bit, but immediately realized that the invisible breathing device was basically an invisible gas tank. If he fell in water one day, or ended up somewhere without oxygen, he could use this to breathe!

Actually, this reward really matched the high completion rate of ninety-six percent well! This was a life saver! He had to make sure to remember it in case if he got into any danger.

Once he examined his item, Zhao Yu instinctively pulled out his notebook and started writing down things related to that day’s hexagram explanation. Today’s "Kun-Gen" hexagram had come to an end!

 The "Gen" hexagram was easy to explain; it was related to work! He caught the suspect of Qu Ping’s murder, so obviously he had a huge breakthrough related to work. Thus, the high completion rate was obvious. But what about the "Kun" hexagram? What did that represent?

Kun meant earth. Was it related to an earthquake-like incident? Then every time he got the "Kun" hexagram, would there be a huge murder or case?!

 Also, even though he did not know what "Kun" meant, judging from the completion rate, did he do well? "But…how did I complete it?" he wondered.

 Thinking long and hard, Zhao Yu still felt he was a far from the true meaning of the "Kun" hexagram, thus he simply recorded his observations and did not think much of it.

 Through Qu Ping’s death, Zhao Yu was a little fearful of the "Kun" hexagram. He felt that it was not a good hexagram, and he hoped that it would appear less!

 It was already dawn by that point. After Zhao Yu finished his record, he rolled a cigarette and opened his new hexagram. Since it was a new day, what kind of hexagram would appear? Zhao Yu listened carefully.

 "Zhen-Kan Hexagram," the system rang out. "Zhen for thunder and Kan for water. Thunder rolls upon water and disturbed the depth, it is quite worrying."

 "Zhen-Kan Hexagram?" Zhao Yu thought to himself. "‘Zhen’ represents status, so maybe my ranking might go up today?! ‘Kan’ represents women, so today there will be another woman falling for me?"

 The hexagram explanation seemed pretty good. Zhao Yu was only a little disappointed about the lack of the important "Gen" hexagram. No doubt this worried him!

 The thing he wanted the most was to find out the truth! Originally, the Mianling case was already very confusing, but with Team Leader Qu Ping was suddenly murder, he felt like everything was in chaos!

 Zhao Yu felt that once Hou Meng’s interrogation ended, no matter what, he had to talk to him. Even if he had to waste his last precious lie detector, it would be worth it!

 Originally, there had been specific rooms in the police station to allow investigators to rest, but having been in the detective career so long, all of the investigators were used to this sort of night job, so the resting rooms had became storage rooms long ago.

 With the passing time, by the time the dawn arrived, the work given to Yang Yaohui and others was completed, and they all came back with reports one by one.

 After a night of battle, they finally captured the people who were drinking with Hou Meng that night, and also found many witnesses.

According to these peoples’ words, what Hou Meng had said was true. That night, Hou Meng not only drank, but also took drugs, and had left by himself! The cameras at the bar had very clear video evidence of him, and one could clearly see him leave the bar by himself; his movement seemingly agitated!

 By the looks of it, it was possible for Hou Meng to have left the bar and head straight for the scene of crime, then kill Team Leader Qu Ping there. But that was where the weird part began!

 Due to the distance between the scene of crime and the bar, the investigators wanted to use the cameras to capture Hou Meng’s route, to see how he approached the scene of crime. The investigators looked through all the nearby cameras, but did not find any sign of Hou Meng. It seemed like he simply disappeared after leaving the bar! The investigators even looked at all the nearby taxis or cabs that passed by the area. No one admitted to seeing Hou Meng! This was simply too strange!

 Even though there were videos of Hou Meng after Qu Ping’s murder, before Qu Ping’s murder, there was no sign of him anywhere in any surveillance camera! In other words, the investigators only knew how Hou Meng left, but not how he arrived at the scene of the crime! Just how he arrived at the scene of crime, no one knew, even himself!

 This only added to Zhao Yu’s suspicions. Could it be, Qu Ping’s death really had some hidden truth? Was Team Leader Qu really murdered by Hou Meng? Or was there another culprit?!

 With this chain of confusion, Zhao Yu really wanted to go to the interrogation room himself and use the chance to find the truth with his lie detector.

 At this time, Peng Xin was still slumped on the office desk, fast asleep, Zhao Yu quickly left the office, planning on running off. But just as he walked into the hallway, he suddenly ran into Mao Wei.

 It seemed like Mao Wei had come for Zhao Yu. As soon as he saw Zhao Yu, he immediately grabbed his arm and said, "Oh? Zhao, just in time, I was looking for you!"

 "What’s up?" Zhao Yu asked, noticing that Mao Wei’s expression was a bit strange.

 Mao Wei avoided making eye contact as he spoke, "Zhao, hurry, the bureau chief is looking for you! It’s Bureau Chief Zhou, not Bureau Chief Luan!"

 "Bureau Chief Zhou?" Zhao Yu paused, but he saw something in Mao Wei’s expression. "What’s wrong? Why is he looking for me?"

 "Sigh! Isn’t it…" Mao Wei sighed, but stopped what he wanted to say. He instead changed the topic. "You…just hurry and go. You’ll know when you get there! Go to Bureau Chief Zhou’s office! Mm…" As he pulled Zhao Yu forward, Yao Wei reminded the other carefully, "Yu, from what I saw, Bureau Chief Zhou seemed a bit strange. When you get there, be sure to speak carefully. Don’t do anything rash again…"

 Hm? A bit strange? Oh…

 Zhao Yu understood. It must be because Bureau Chief Zhou heard what Zhao Yu had done in order to capture Hou Meng. It seemed that the bureau chief was very angry, and the results would be severe! But Zhao Yu didn not care. Even though the process had been a bit immoral, the results were good! At least he caught the culprit!

 Alright, since the bureau chief had asked to see him, he would go listen,and see what the chief had to say.

 Just as Zhao Yu arrived at the bureau chief’s office, secretary Su Chao was leaving. When he saw Zhao Yu coming at him with his bloody head, Su Chao immediately ran to the side in fear, and opened the door for Zhao Yu almost like a guard. He watched as Zhao Yu strutted in. As soon as Zhao Yu entered, he immediately closed the door.

Bureau Chief Zhou had just finished brewing his cup of longjing tea, and was currently sitting at his desk holding his tea cup and blowing on the tea leaves. Upon seeing Zhao Yu arrival, he put down his teacup and spoke seriously.

 "Zhao Yu, come here." He pointed at Zhao Yu’s forehead. "How is it? How’s your wound?" Even though Bureau Chief sounded concerned, from his tone, one could tell that he was quite angry.

 "No need to worry," Zhao Yu spoke politely. "Thank you for your concern, but it was only eight stitches!"

 "Mm." Bureau Chief Zhou did not react much, but started speaking again, "I heard that yesterday you caught the suspect who murdered Team Leader Qu? You! You’re quite…something!" The word "something" came through bureau Chief Zhou’s clenched teeth.

 "Not at all, not at all!" Even though Zhao Yu noticed Bureau Chief Zhou’s tone, he was still praising him, so he could only cooperate. "This was just the result of your guidance! Haha…"

 "Mm…" Zhao Yu’s laughter made Bureau Chief Zhou even more awkward. He could not hold it anymore and slammed his hand on the table and yelled at Zhao Yu, "Zhao Yu! I’m officially informing you now, due to your severe transgression of the police code, ignoring the law, and abusing your authority, I, as the Bureau Chief of Rongyang Branch Office. I authorize suspension as punishment upon further investigation!"
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