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177 The “Spirit“ Catches the Murderer

Although Zhao Yu used the multifunction key awarded by the system to unlock the bicycle, and had also used the night vision device which he had recently received so that he was able to see in the dark, his mind was filled with regret and frustration. If he had not been so anxious just now, he could have used an invisible tracking device to locate Hou Meng’s location so that he would not have to worry about Hou Meng running away! However, due to the urgency of the situation just now, he had forgotten about this powerful tool! If he had been calm enough, he could have switched off the lights in the warehouse and used the night vision to sneak past those pyramid scammers and go after Hou Meng. This way, he would have been able to save a huge amount of time and energy, and he would not have to fight with those scammers!

 The situation now did not look good. As too much time had been wasted in the warehouse, they had no idea where Hou Meng had gone! If Zhang Yaohui and the other officers were not able to stop him, it would be terrible!

With this thought, Zhao Yu quickly increased his speed and rode north of the warehouse with all his might. After the big fight just now, not only had Zhao Yu’s stamina decreased significantly, but he had also suffered several punches and kicks, and his forehead was still bleeding non-stop. Things were not looking good for him, and he was now supporting his body purely based on willpower.

 After riding to a suitable location, Zhao Yu quickly got on the walkie-talkie, wanting to contact Zhang Yaohui and his group to ask where Hou Meng had gone; however, before he was able to say anything, he was shocked to hear a gunshot from one of the warehouses!

Bang! The gunshot sounded extremely loud in the silent night. Zhao Yu quickly got on the bicycle again and rushed toward where the gunshot came from.

 After turning out of a passage, he suddenly saw a familiar figure. Zhang Yaohui was chasing something down a small road. As he ran, he raised his arm and pointed his gun in front of him! It could be seen that the gunshot had been fired by him! However, there seemed to be something wrong with Zhang Yaohui’s leg; he was limping as he ran! At crucial moments, he even tiptoed on one leg and jumped forward!

 "Yaohui! What’s wrong?" Zhao Yu quickly rushed forward a few steps and finally caught up with Zhang Yaohui. "Where’s Hou Meng!?"

Zhang Yaohui quickly pointed in front of him and shouted when he saw Zhao Yu, "Quick! Just in front! Damn! That fella has a gun! A BB gun. He shot my leg! Zhao Yu! Quick! Don’t let him get away!"

 Imitation gun!? Damn! Zhao Yu just recalled that Hou Meng had been to jail because of illegal possession of weapons. He had not expected that this fella would actually have an imitation gun with him.

"Here! Take it!" Zhang Yaohui’s face was sweating, but he still ran forward with all his might. Seeing that Zhao Yu’s motorcycle was faster, he passed the gun to Zhao Yu and shouted in a hurried voice, "Don’t let him get away no matter what!!"

 Zhao Yu did not need to be reminded. He quickly took the gun and continued forward with all his might! As Zhao Yu had already turned on the night vision mode, he had clearer vision than anyone else. Although he did not have the help of a telescope, he was able to see a person escaping onto a small road on his right within a short distance! Hou Meng! Ah…With bloodshot eyes, Zhao Yu pedaled faster with his legs and pursued him down the small road.

 Hou Meng’s physical strength started to decrease, probably because he had been running for too long. After Zhao Yu went after him for some distance, he was getting closer and closer to him!

At that moment, not only could Zhao Yu see that the person escaping was the murder suspect, Hou Meng, but Hou Meng was also able to see that Zhao Yu was in hot pursuit!

Unexpectedly, even before Hou Meng could see clearly, he turned and fired a shot at Zhao Yu! The steel ball bullet shot out from the imitation gun could not be underestimated!

Zhao Yu felt a dull ache on his shoulder followed by sharp pain! Oh…This shot had landed on his right shoulder! After being shot, his whole arm started to feel numb and almost could not move! Zhao Yu wanted to to strike back with his pistol, but it was extremely difficult with his arm feeling tight.

At that moment, the two had reached a small road at the center of two large warehouses. The road surface was asphalt, and there were no trees covering the area. Under the bright moonlight, the two were able to see each other very clearly! It was not likely that Hou Meng would be able to get away. After seeing that his pursuer was on a bicycle, he stopped running and held the imitation gun in his hand instead, aiming it at Zhao Yu, wanting to shoot him down right there! However, just as Hou Meng was aiming carefully, something which he could never comprehend happened! Hou Meng was shocked to see that there was only a bicycle chasing him but there was no one on it!!!

Ah!? Hou Meng thought that there was something wrong with his eyes and quickly gave them a rub. After looking carefully again, he got a big shock! He saw that the pedals of the bicycle were turning fast and the bicycle was running toward him at a great speed, but there was really no one on the bicycle! He quickly looked at his surroundings and did not see anyone around! Huh!? Hou Meng was suddenly confused. What was going on? "Don’t tell me...the bicycle turned into a spirit!?" he wondered.

Seeing that the bicycle was already in front of him, Hou Meng had no choice but to fire twice at it. However, the bullets hitting the bicycle had no effect at all, it was still charging at him! Damn! At that moment, Hou Meng finally realized that he was in a bad situation. He stopped thinking about shooting, then turned and ran away instead. However, the bicycle had already reached a speed of forty miles on the smooth road; it was too late for Hou Meng to run away. Just as he turned around, the bicycled knocked right into him!

Bam…With a loud crash, Hou Meng was thrown up high, and then rolled a few times on the ground. His gun fell and his backpack also flew off!

Ah… Hou Meng felt dizzy. His back was in pain and his face had also been scratched on the ground! However, before he could scream out in pain, something even more ghostly happened! After Hou Meng turned his head, he was horrified to see that the bicycle was actually dangling in midair and slowly swayed right above him!

"Ah!? Is this a spirit!? Ghost…" Just as Hou Meng was panicking, the bicycle fell and smashed on Hou Meng’s head. He started bleeding and almost fainted! Ah…Hou Meng laid feebly on the ground and started groaning.

While he was groaning, he suddenly heard a loud sound near his thighs. After a few seconds, he was terrified to see a man suddenly appear right beside him like in a magic show! What was more horrifying was that this man had a gun in his hand and he was pointing it at Hou Meng’s thigh, ready to pull the trigger!

"Damn!" the man cursed angrily. "Are there no bullets?" Just as the man finished speaking, the gun gave off a "bang," shooting hitting Hou Meng’s thigh at point blank range, making it all bloody. Ah!!! Hou Meng’s bloodcurdling scream suddenly came from the quiet warehouse compound!

The man holding the gun also got a shock and sat onto the ground as he kept cursing, "Holy sh*t…"