Crazy Detective
176 How Do We Ride?
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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176 How Do We Ride?

That half piece of the pointer stabbed right into the person’s shoulder, forcing out wails of incredible pain and anguish. Zhao Yu held the pointer fiercely, and commanded the person right in front of him around, like he was driving.

 The pyramid scammers obviously were not fighters. Seeing such a terrifying scene, their faces distorted in fear, and everyone took many steps backwards, giving some space to Zhao Yu!

 "Lan Bo, Liu! Come here!" Zhao Yu called, but the blood flowing from his forehead got in his eye and blurred his vision. How were his two companions doing?!

 At this time, Zhao Yu suddenly heard something behind him, and in a rush, he pulled the out the pointer harshly from the person’s shoulder, then stabbed behind him as fast as he could!

 As it turned out, there was indeed someone behind him who wanted to ambush Zhao Yu and help their injured companion, but he had never expected Zhao Yu to move so quickly!

 In the end, with Zhao Yu’s stab, the bloody pointer immediately went into his lower abdomen!

 "Ah!" All the pyramid scammers could not help but yelp in fear. Their faces once again lost all color!

 The ambusher was also shocked. In his shock, he moved his hand forward, wanting to pull out the pointer, but Zhao Yu immediately followed with a kick, leaving him on the ground. Zhao Yu also pulled out the pointer and held it in his hand.

 "Ah…Oh…" The ambusher shivered in pain. Using his fingers, he pressed against his stomach. Blood was already seeping through!

 Zhao Yu took this opportunity and immediately wiped away some of the blood blocking his vision. Yet, just as he managed to see clearly, he suddenly saw someone holding another pointer two meters from him, intending to fight!

 The person was also stunned. He originally wanted to assault Zhao Yu when he had the chance, but hearing his friend’s painful wail, he hesitated, not sure if he should attack or not.

 Zhao Yu did not care about this man’s hesitation, and rushed forward with the bloody half pointer in his hand. The person was immediately scared stiff, and almost collapsed on the ground in fear! By the time he had wanted to move, Zhao Yu was already in front of him, almost devil-like. Then, with a stab, the half piece of the pointer immediately pierced his thigh!

 The Zhao Yu now was even more ruthless than before. After he stabbed the man, he did not wait for the other’s wail, but immediately pulled the pointer out again, and immediately stabbed him four or five times more. The person’s thigh was poked full of bloody holes!

 "Ow, ow, mom…mom…sob…" The person was poked until he could not even wail anymore, and began to call out for his mother, his tears and snot mixed together!

 Seeing Zhao Yu’s demon-like ruthlessness, the other Pyramid Scammers were immediately intimidated and fell backward, not daring to move forward. Some of the more cowardly ones even crouched behind the bed, trying to hide!

 Zhao Yu raised his head and saw a few people surrounding Lan Bo and Liu, beating on them endlessly. The two could only hold their heads, completely unable to fight back!

 Originally, Zhao Yu wanted to quickly chase after Hou Meng, but seeing Lan Bo and the other in danger, he could only come back!

 The group of people were too focused on beating Lan Bo and Liu, so they did not notice when Zhao Yu approached them. Zhao Yu moved silently but efficiently. Once he was close to someone, he immediately stabbed the pointer right into the back of their thigh!

 "Ah!" The person hopped up in pain. Zhao Yu immediately rammed the guy with his elbow, sending him flying!

 Then, Zhao Yu immediately aimed at another person’s back, and stabbed down! Even though the pointer was no longer sharp, under Zhao Yu’s furious assault, the person’s back was still bloody all over. The person wailed endlessly in pain!

 Seeing that the pointer was no longer effective as a stabbing tool, Zhao Yu simply turned the object around and used the blunt side of the pointer to smash everybody's face and head!

 After a few moments of chaos, a few more people wailed as they joined their companions in the pool of blood at their feet!

 Zhao Yu pulled on the pyramid scammer that was still kicking at Lan Bo, and stabbed him in his face with the blunt end of the pointer. The person was immediately knocked out! Zhao Yu immediately followed up with a shoulder slam, and the person flew like a cannonball, knocking down a few of his companions.

 There was still a bold scammer focused entirely on kicking Liu, who was already on the ground. Zhao Yu threw the pointer at his face, and with a loud sound, the pointer hit its mark, splashing blood on their face.

 Ah? In the moment the guy hesitated. Zhao Yu came with a flying kick, sending him flying through the air. His back slammed on the metal bed frame with a bang! By the time he fell to the ground face up, he could only roll around and wail in pain!

 The group finally recognized Zhao Yu’s ruthlessness, and the smart ones had already run off! But there was one unfortunately dumb one. In a rush of movement, he somehow ran face first into Zhao Yu!

 Ah?! The person was stunned by the blood flowing all over Zhao Yu’s face, and ended up standing up straight in front of Zhao Yu.

But Zhao Yu did not move, and only opened his mouth and roared, "Boo!!!"

 In the end, the person turned and tried to run away in fear, but forgot there was a huge door right behind him. His face slammed right into the door with a loud bang, and he fainted right there!

 Lan Bo’s face was bruised and battered as he crawled up. His clothing was covered in footprints, but seeing Liu, who was even worse off than he was, Lan Bo immediately stumbled over to try and help.

 Yet, just as the two got up, the door of the storage unit suddenly opened, and an investigator who had left with Zhang Yaohui previously immediately rushed inside. This person was named Ma Wei. As soon as he entered the storage unit, he was stunned by the bloody scene in front of him!

 "How…How did this happen?!" After his shock, he finally saw Zhao Yu and the others, and immediately moved forward. "You guys…Are you guys okay? Yao Wei was afraid something happened to you guys and sent me over. Who…Who are these people?"

 "Cut the useless chatter!" Zhao Yu grabbed Ma Wei’s collar and yelled, "Where’s Hou Meng? Did you see him?"

 "He…he went to the north!" Ma Wei was stunned by Zhao Yu’s face, which was covered in blood. He stuttered as he spoke, "We saw him! We saw him! Yaohui is chasing him! But…You guys..." he pointed to all the people collapsed on the ground wailing in pain. The scene was complete chaos.

 Zhao Yu immediately threw him to the side and rushed out of the storage room! But due to the heavy beating he had received, Zhao Yu staggered as he walked, even running into the door with his shoulder!

 Just as Zhao Yu managed to get out of the door, he suddenly saw a bunch of bikes outside. He did not even think as he grabbed one that still had air in the tires, planning on chasing Hou Meng with the bicycle!

 Unexpectedly, the bicycle was still locked, with a metal chain jingling on the back wheel. Zhao Yu did not notice. When he got on the bicycle, he only managed to get a few steps before the wheel of the bike came to a halt, and the bike was pulled down!

 Zhao Yu rolled on the floor. By the time he crawled up, the blood flowing from his forehead blurred his vision once again!

 "F*ck, f*ck this sh*t!" Zhao Yu cursed in anger and wiped away the blood on his eye. Pushing on his heavy body, he once again propped the bicycle up.

 At this point, seeing Zhao Yu’s determination, Lan Bo and the others were truly stunned.

 "Yu…Yu, bro…" Lan Bo extended his hand, wanting to stop the other, but in the next moment, he saw Zhao Yu’s hand lightly tap on the car lock, and the lock immediately opened! Zhao Yu hopped on the bike in a simple fluid motion, and sped to the north of the storage unit!

 "Yu!" Lan Bo looked as if he just remembered something and immediately grabbed the walkie-talkie in Ma Wei’s hand and threw it at Zhao Yu. "Yu, be careful! We’ll catch up soon!"

 Ma Wei and Lan Bo went to find bikes that were still usable, but as they were looking, Ma Wei looked as if he remembered something and pulled at Lan Bo. "Wait! It’s already night time; it’s so dark! We can’t see anything! How…How can we ride?!"
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