Crazy Detective
175 The Unexpected Acciden
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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175 The Unexpected Acciden

"Hello, hello, Captain Liu, yes! We need more manpower at Nanchuan Tower Warehouse number two," Zhang Yaohui reported the situation in a hurry to Liu Changhu. "Hou Meng is very likely to be hiding there! We are rushing over now. Please send more men over there! Yes yes…"

 "Bro Yu," Lan Bo was helping Zhao Yu look at the map, "warehouse number two refers not only to one warehouse, but a whole stretch of them. Ji Chunhua only said that Hou Meng could be hiding there, but he didn’t say which one!"

 "Dafei sent a message!" Liu quickly said. "They’ve already questioned him again. Ji Chunhua said that he doesn’t know which one Hou Meng is hiding in!"

 Lan Bo sighed again and said, "Then we can only search one by one! We only have six people, should we all spread out? Or wait for the support team to arrive before we take action?"

 "We can’t wait!" Zhao Yu said decisively. "Although Liu Xueshan and Dafei are watching Ji Chunhua, we can’t guarantee that the information won’t leak out! It will be terrible once Hou Meng gets wind of it! The warehouse is so huge and it’s now nighttime, once this fella escapes, all our efforts will go down the drain! Let’s do this! The six of us will split into two groups later. We’ll secretly go in and check out the situation first and then strike together after finding the target!"

 "Alright!" Zhang Yaohui quickly distributed the walkie-talkies, handcuffs, ropes, etc. to everyone. He also attached Liu Xueshan’s gun on his own waist! Although it was Liu Xueshan’s gun, he had no choice but to borrow it due to the urgency of the situation. Although Liu Xueshan was extremely unwilling, he had to give in under Zhao Yu and company’s pressurizing stares! Among the agents, only Zhang Yaohui was qualified to hold the gun, which was why the one and only gun had been handed to him.

 However, although Zhang Yaohui had the most experience, Zhao Yu was the leader beyond all question. After the incident at the internet cafe and tea house, the agents were now full of admiration and respect for Zhao Yu! If not for Zhao Yu’s brutality, they would not have been able to track down Hou Meng, even if they were given more time!

Every second was precious! The police car was driven at top speed! Under the bright moonlight, the deserted warehouse looked especially quiet. According to prior arrangements, Zhao Yu led Lan Bo and Liu, while Zhang Yaohui led the other agents. The two groups headed toward different warehouses.

 There were at least four big warehouses, and Zhao Yu had thought that they would have spent a long time before finding anything, however, just as they reached the entrance of the first warehouse, something unexpected happened! Lan Bo, who was right in front, suddenly got startled as he made a turn into the entrance of the warehouse!

"Eh?" Lan Bo raised his arm and pointed at something as he shouted, "You...You are…" Rumbling sounds came from the warehouse entrance as if someone had kicked something while running!

 "Damn!" Lan Bo jumped up and pointed in front of him. "Hou...Hou Meng! Don’t...don’t run!" With this, Lan Bo ran toward the front. Zhao Yu and Liu were also shocked. No one had thought that they would run into Hou Meng while they were still unprepared! What kind of luck was this?

Zhao Yu and Liu quickly followed Lan Bo. Lan Bo was already inside when they reached the warehouse! They saw a row of fallen bicycles at the warehouse entrance, and the rumble just now had been from these bicycles which had been knocked over.

Zhao Yu quickly followed Lan Bo as he was worried that Lan Bo might not be able to handle the situation. Liu also followed closely behind.

 In the end, right after the three of them went into the warehouse, another unexpected thing happened! The lights in the warehouse suddenly switched on and flashed past their eyes. After they were able to see clearly, they were shocked to see that the huge warehouse was filled with metal bunk beds! At that moment, there were more than forty people either standing, lying, or sitting on the beds! These people were all young men in singlets with dyed blonde hair. Some of them were even striped to the waist! All of them looked sleepy with their eyes half-open. They had probably all been sleeping on the beds!

 "Damn!" Zhao Yu cursed inside his head as he began to understand the situation in front of him. This warehouse was actually a pyramid selling nest! All these people were part of a pyramid scheme!

"Holy sh*t!" Zhao Yu recalled that data had clearly shown that Hou Meng had previously helped Ji Chunhua organize illegal pyramid selling activities. Judging from the situation in front of him now, it seemed that he had never quit!

 After the lights flashed on, Hou Meng was seen with a black backpack, standing among the people. Seeing that Zhao Yu and company only had three people, Hou Meng immediately shouted to the pyramid scammers, "Quick! Catch them quick, don’t let them get away! They are all bad guys!" Hou Meng was the leader of these people. Once he gave his instructions, the scammers all jumped down from their beds and surrounded Zhao Yu and company.

"Hey!" Lan Bo shouted. "Don’t try to be funny! We are police officers!!"

"Eh! Don’t!" Zhao Yu had wanted to stop Lan Bo, but he had shouted too fast. As a result, the moment Hou Meng heard that the three of them were police, he shook and quickly ran toward the other end of the warehouse with his backpack!

"Hey! Don’t run!" Liu panicked and quickly rushed forward, but the scammers all rushed forward and blocked him.

"What’s this!? What are you doing!?" Liu roared and pushed them. "Rebelling!? We’re police officers! Do you know what obstructing justice means?"

"Yaohui, Yaohui, quick...come here…" Lan Bo saw that Hou Meng had escaped and quickly sent information over the walkie-talkie so that Zhang Yaohui and his group could go to the other side and block Hou Meng! However, Lan Bo was also surrounded by a group of scammers before he could make himself clear. The walkie-talkie even fell onto the ground amidst the pushing. At the same time, Zhao Yu was also surrounded and could not move at all!

"Damn!" Zhao Yu shouted to Lan Bo and Liu. "Alright, I’ll handle things here. You two have to quickly get out and catch that bastard!" Just as Zhao Yu finished talking, four or five scammers came forward. Zhao Yu took this opportunity and grabbed the hair of one of them, and then threw him toward the crowd like a discus. Right after that, Zhao Yu used both of his fists and knocked down several scammers!

While this was happening, Liu and Lan Bo finally got out of the crowd; however, just as the two were ready to run out the main entrance, they saw that it was already blocked by people!

"Damn! I’m going mad!" Lan Bo shouted in exasperation, and then sprang toward the scammers. Liu also shouted as he struck, and the whole warehouse was in chaos!

At that moment, Zhao Yu was already mad with fury and had bloodshot eyes. He displayed all that he had as a top fighter! First, he charged toward the crowd like a raging bull tin order to destroy the formation of the pyramid scammers. Then he charged toward the center of the warehouse with all his might!

"Ah!" Zhao Yu roared and threw a scammer at the crowd! However, Zhao Yu also suffered several punches at the same time. Although these scammers were poor at fighting, they outnumbered him! Several of them sprang at Zhao Yu and held him down. Zhao Yu pushed and knocked the crowd, hitting and kicking anyone he saw!

Zhao Yu’s unique skill was being ruthless in attacking! He targeted at the opponents’ eyes, nose bridge, and other vital areas! After a round of attack, a few of the scammers already lost their defence and were howling in pain.

Just as Zhao Yu stood up, a scammer grabbed hold of him from behind. Zhao Yu quickly retreated backward and slammed that man onto the metal bed!

Bang…The metal bed fell onto the floor and the man even vomited blood!

However, the pyramid scammers also panicked. A few of them struck together, and Zhao Yu staggered a few times! In the end, one of them held a pointer used during their lectures and hit it hard on Zhao Yu’s forehead!

Bam! The thick pointer broke into two.

Probably due to something sharp on the pointer, a long gash appeared on Zhao Yu’s forehead and blood suddenly flowed! In the end, the man holding the pointer got shocked after he saw Zhao Yu bleeding!

Unexpectedly, just as the man was not paying attention, Zhao Yu quickly ran forward and snatched half of the pointer from his hand! Right after this, under everyone’s shocked stare, Zhao Yu stabbed the broken end of the pointer into the man’s shoulder!

"Ah!" a shrill scream suddenly filled the entire warehouse!!!
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