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174 The True Face of a Fighter

"Don’t move! Nobody move!!" Zhang Yaohui yelled as he gestured at the crowd using his gun, signaling for nobody to move. Zhao Yu saw all the police officers rush into the teahouse.

 "Police investigation!" Lan Bo pulled out his police ID as he led the group. "Everyone stay put. Cooperate with us!"

 At the moment, there were not more than twelve or thirteen people in the teahouse. A few within the group looked like businessmen or business owners. They were all seated in front of tea sets enjoying their tea. Around them were burly men that appeared to be bodyguards, surrounding the group. Seeing so many people rush in, the bodyguards quickly rushed in front of their various bosses, fearing some sort of accident.

 At this time, a middle-aged man seated right in the middle looked up, and raised his head leisurely. "What’s up, officers? What do you guys need?"

 This person was Ji Chunhua. He looked a little older than forty, wearing a set of traditional clothing, with a perfect goatee on his chin. He looked quite healthy and well off.

 Even though many police officers rushed in, Ji Chunhua was not intimidated at all; he did not even leave his seat. He figured since the police had nothing on him, he had nothing to fear. Also, he had seen many higher-ups in the police station himself. He knew these low-level police officers would not dare to do anything rash!

But he was completely wrong. Right after his question, Zhao Yu had already taken a quick stride forward. Without a word, Zhao Yu straight up threw a punch right at his face!!!

 Boom! The punch was powerful and sudden, catching Ji Chunhua completely by surprise. He was immediately flung backwards, his nose bleeding instantly.

 "Ah?!" Ji Chunhua’s underlings were all confused and immediately stepped up to stop Zhao Yu, but Yang Yaohui blocked them with his gun. The other investigators also rushed forward, blocking Zhao Yu from the underlings.

 "You! Who are you? You dare…" Ji Chunhua yelled out, but his face was once again met with Zhao Yu’s many punches. His entire face blossomed into red; he could not even talk!

 Right after, Zhao Yu grabbed Ji Chunhua’s collar and pulled him off the ground, then kicked him into Huan Huali’s large armchair!

 Creak...The massive armchair made a heavy noise.

 "Ah…" Ji Chunhua was beaten badly, but was also very confused! Ever since he had finished being a thug, he had never been beaten so savagely by anyone!

 Once Ji Chunhua stopped wobbling on the armchair, Zhao Yu stepped on his thigh, then leisurely pulled out Hou Meng’s photo, yelling savagely, "Tell me! Where’s Hou Meng?"

 "You…what are you trying to do?" Ji Chunhua seemed like he realized something, and immediately glared back. "I’ve told you guys many times! I don’t know! Kid, do you understand what you’re doing? Wait for it, watch how I deal with you later…"

 Slap! Before Ji Chunhua finished talking, Zhao Yu immediately followed with another hard slap.

Ji Chunhua was slapped senseless as he wailed, "Hey?! Are you guys crazy?! How could you do this? Which police station are you guys from! I’m going to report you guys!"

 At this time Ji Chunhua’s companions could no longer sit around. They rushed towards the police, wanting to save their boss! The bodyguards finally reacted and rushed forward as well. It looked as if they were about to breach the defense set up by the investigators!

 "Yaohui! Shoot!" Zhao Yu spoke without even turning around. Zhang Yaohui immediately raised his gun and shot into the air.

 Pew! The loud gunshot immediately stunned the crowd. Nobody dared to move. The investigators worked again and pushed the group back!

 "Everyone listen!" Zhao Yu spoke coldly. "Right now we’re trying to catch the criminal who murdered a team leader of the police force. Whoever tries to interfere with the investigation will be dealt with by law! Those who want to take a bullet, step forward!"

 Hearing the reason of the police arrival to be something so severe, the businessmen and bodyguards all stopped their movements. No one dared to speak. Even though they were all Ji Chunhua’s good friends, everyone wondered, did Ji Chunhua actually kill someone?! If Ji Chunhua really had done something, would they all be considered accomplices?!

 "Zhao…Zhao…" At this time, Liu Xueshan was already paralyzed by fear. The gun in Zhang Yaohui’s hand was his. If this really got out of hand, there was no way he could avoid responsibility!

 "Liu!" Dafeng was still calm. He already saw the severity of the situation, and immediately forced Liu Xueshan back, not letting him speak.

 "It has nothing to do with me!" Ji Chunhua was bleeding profusely as he roared at Zhao Yu, "This is police brutality, later I’ll…wait, nonono…" Seeing Zhao Yu raising his elbow again, Ji Chunhua did not dare finish his sentence and grabbed his head. In the end, Zhao Yu’s slap landed on his hand instead! But even like that, Ji Chunhua was still sent staggering back!

 "Oi! Ji, are you stupid?" Zhao Yu grabbed Hou Meng’s picture and raised it in front of Ji Chunhua, speaking fiercely. "Why don’t you try to think. If we didn’t have any evidence, how did we find you? I’ll be honest with you, Hou Meng’s girlfriend already confessed. Today he came and asked for your help!"

 "Hmph!" Ji Chunhua was still stubborn. "Do you believe anything she says? Do you guys listen to reason at all? Hey…"

 This time, Zhao Yu did not hit him, but instead pulled out a shelf of an office desk, then stuck Ji Chunhua’s right leg into the hole. Ji Chunhua’s entire right leg was right in front of his face.

 "Ji," Zhao Yu spoke coldly, "do you really not understand the situation? The person Hou Meng killed is the team captain of the police force! Do you think you can save him from the consequences, hm? Did you not think about it? Without orders from the higher-ups, could we few low-level police officers dare come and mess with you?

"I’ll be honest with you, the higher-ups were completely livid. In order to catch Hou Meng and return honor to the police force, they won’t hesitate to turn Qinshan into a blood fest! You’re a smart guy. Tell me, if you guys are cannon fodder, how quickly would you die?!" As he spoke, Zhao Yu raised his leg and aimed right at Ji Chunhua’s knee, acting as if he would step down at any moment! If he did, Ji Chunhua was guaranteed to be crippled permanently!!

 This time, Ji Chunhua was truly intimidated and waved his hands. "O-Officer! Listen to me, don’t…don’t…"

 Zhao Yu glanced at him with little care, and slowly put his foot down.

 "I…even though I don’t know where Hou Meng went, but…but I can help you guys look!" Ji Chunhua was nearly begging. "Please believe me, I can help you guys find him! Really!"

 "Hehehe…hehehe…" Seeing Ji Chunhua surrender, Zhao Yu only laughed, then shook his head and sighed. "Ji, do you think I’m a kid? Hm?! Hehehe…" Then, as he laughed, Zhao Yu suddenly rose and kicked Ji Chunhua’s calf!

 "Ah! No!" Ji Chunhua’s protest was too late. With the crisp sound of bones breaking, Ji Chunhua’s ankle snapped!

 "Ah…" Ji Chunhua’s painful wail rang throughout the entire teahouse. The businessmen and bodyguards all broke out in cold sweat!!

 Zhao Yu showed no sign of stopping. He straightened Ji Chunhua’s thigh, then aimed again at his knee, raising his foot high, ready to strike again!

 "I’ll talk! I"ll talk!! I confess!!!" This time, Ji Chunhua looked like he was about to break down. He immediately groaned in pain, "Nanchuan Building Storage! Number two! Number two! Oh…Ow…that hurts so f*cking much! Ow…"