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172 Who Will Come with Me?

Hou Meng: twenty-five years old, single, native of Qinshan. Parents divorced, address unknown. Previous records including robbery, illegally carrying firearms, fighting…Seeing Hou Meng’s information on his phone, Zhao Yu could not help but drown out all his other useless thoughts. It did not matter what the truth was behind Qu Ping’s murder, even if it related to the Mianling case. As long as they could catch this Hou Meng it was possible that everything would be made clear.

 The capturing process was not that smooth, however. For the past few hours, the investigators looked everywhere Hou Meng could have possibly been hiding, but found nothing. Even though the surveillance cameras had caught some traces of him, city transportation was too advanced. There was no way to figure out exactly where he had gone. Other than sealing off roads and guarding over train stations, bus stops, and other important areas, the investigators could only use Hou Meng’s personal relationships as a starting point. They had to see if he was hiding in the homes of any friends or family.

 According to the newest information the investigators found, Hou Meng was unemployed. He had been an internet café manager, previously managed PC shops, opened gambling casinos, and even organized illegal propaganda, but none of them had lasted long. He had terrible relationships with his relatives, whether it was his parents or step-brother on his mother’s side, and they all lived out of town anyway. The chance of Hou Meng contacting them was slim.

 According to the police investigation, the focus was on females that were close with Hou Meng, as well as his so-called "bros." Apparently, Hou Meng was currently dating an Internet Café attendant. The police had already placed surveillance around the girl, waiting for Hou Meng’s appearance.

 Hou Meng also had a sworn brother named Ji Chunhua, who was on good terms with him. This person had some fame in the streets and had quite a bit of influence. He had also apparently organized illegal propaganda in the past, which Hou Meng had helped him with. The two had a very good relationship. The police put him on surveillance as well. As soon as Hou Meng contacted him, the police would know right away.

 In addition to these two leads, the police also had some extra personnel stationed at places Hou Meng often appeared, as well as around any friends he had decent relationships with.

 There was a saying about the "golden twenty-four hours" in the police force. It said that within twenty-four hours of a crime is the best time to capture the criminal. Once this time frame passed, it was very possible to have issues like Yang Wentao’s again. To capture him again would take even more time and effort!

 It was already six o’clock in the afternoon, but the investigators were still busy in the office. They were calling various branch officers and police stations nonstop, asking about their progress and ways to set up more surveillance.

 Ever since Zhang Yaohui of Team B had come back from his patrol, he had his head down on the table while he sat in his chair. As it turned out, last night when Qu Ping was getting off work to go home, Zhang Yaohui had noticed Qu Ping looked a bit out of it, and was afraid she could not drive. He had volunteered to take Team Leader Qu home, but Qu Ping did not want to inconvenience him and had kindly refused! Zhang Yaohui was still experiencing endless regret and frustration. He kept blaming himself. Had he insisted last night, there would not be such a tragedy today! "Team Leader Qu Ping was so diligent. She was just alive, how could she have just disappeared like that?!" he thought to himself. Despite the comforting words of many co-workers, Zhang Yaohui still could not let it go. Tears continued to fall down his face. It was saddening to see an elderly woman cry in such despair.

 At that moment, Zhao Yu remembered something, and he hurried over to the Team B investigators.

"You guys, who was the person to last be with Team Leader Qu?" he asked.

 Hearing Zhao Yu question, a few investigators raised their hands.

 "That…yesterday, what did you guys find? How come you guys left so late? Could it be that you guys found something on Cheng Sanli?" Zhao Yu asked, each question coming quickly after the other.

 "Cheng Sanli?" an investigator named Liu responded. "I found that, yeah. He used to do business in building materials. He died many years ago! Why?"

 "How did he die?"

 "Mm…according to the information in the Bureau of Civil Affairs, Cheng Sanli died a natural death! There was nothing suspicious, I think," Liu answered. "I already gave all his information to Team Leader Qu, and I didn’t see any reaction from the Team Leader!"

 "Mmm…send me a copy of the information later!" Zhao Yu kept questioning them. "Other than that, did you guys notice anything new? Anything about the Mianling Kidnapping Case?"

 "No, everything seemed normal!" Liu answered. "You don’t understand Team Leader Qu’s personality. It was because there was no progress that we could get off work and go home! If there had been progress, even a little, then we would not have gone home that night! If I had known before, I would rather have just done overtime that night! That way Team Leader wouldn’t have…" As he spoke, Liu’s eyes also started turning red.

 "Tsk tsk…" Zhao Yu’s eyebrows furrowed. Based on his instincts, he was still wondering if Qu Ping’s death had anything to do with the Mianling Case. If Qu Ping really died due to the Mianling case, then how terrifying would this make Qinshan’s first cold case?! Could he himself also be in grave danger?

 Suddenly, Zhao Yu could not help but remember his Miracle System again. Today’s hexagram was the "Kun-Gen" Hexagram. Could it be that this hexagram explanation had already signaled something big was happening today?

 "Kun! What does this ‘Kun’ word truly represent?! Is it like the Mianling Case? When the ‘Kun’ Hexagram pops up does something big always happen?"

 Just as Zhao Yu was thinking all of this over, Li Beini ran over with two large baskets filled with lunch boxes.

 "Here guys, you haven’t eaten all day. You must be hungry, right?" Li Beini put down the basket and started handing boxes of lunch one by one to the investigators. "Eat up!" she said energetically. "Only when you guys are well fed can you guys have the energy to catch criminals!"

 Within seconds, a lunch box was handed to Zhao Yu. Li Beini bit her lips as she spoke. "Senior, yours has more food. Eat more!"

 Holding the lunch box, Zhao Yu felt content. But despite the delicious fragrance of the lunch box in his hand, he had absolutely no appetite! Up until now, he still had not recovered from Qu Ping’s sudden death. Qu Ping had left too suddenly. There was no sign of it at all!

 Zhao Yu’s mind was still thinking about problems related to the Mianling Case, as if he could still go discuss it with her, letting the respectable Team Leader give some of her opinions! "But now she is gone! Now who do I ask?" Zhao Yu thought to himself. His mind almost felt empty. Thinking back to a certain afternoon, Qu Ping’s words still rang in his ear:

"Zhao Yu, I do not talk people, only facts!"

 "Zhao Yu, I do not like you as a person, but I do not deny your abilities…"

 "Don’t worry! No matter how difficult the situation is, as long as we focus with all of our energy, we will definitely see results!"

 Thinking about it now, it was as if Zhao Yu’s heart was touched by something. He felt a wave of sadness welling up inside of him. Then, within seconds, this emptiness and sadness suddenly became a source of energy, power, determination, and an indescribable sense of anger!

 "Team Leader Qu," Zhao Yu thought to himself, "I will not let your death be in vain! I will not only reveal the truth behind the Mianling Case, but I will definitely find the culprit who killed you! I won’t betray your hope—I will finish what you wanted to do!!"

 Thinking to himself, Zhao Yu gently put the lunch box back on the table and walked towards the whiteboard filled with the case information of Qu Ping’s murder, looking at it carefully. He stood there for a whole twenty minutes, and in that time Zhao Yu did not move at all. He barely even blinked. He carefully looked at all the information related to Hou Meng, his mind quickly formulating numerous plans!

 Twenty minutes later, Zhao Yu slowly turned his head towards Zhang Yaohui and the rest of Team B, clenching his teeth. "Bros! I have an idea of how we’ll find Hou Meng! But," Zhao Yu’s eyes suddenly turned cold, "which one of you will come with me?!"