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170 The Uniform Remained

By the time Zhao Yu was rushing to the scene of crime, his mind was blank. The news Li Beini just had given him was so out of the blue that he was completely thunderstruck! She had said that this morning at about six am someone had reported the case, saying they had seen a bloody corpse on the green belt of Jinjiang road. Beside it was a white car! By the time the police officers had arrived at the scene, they realized the white Subaru was Team Leader Qu Ping’s! The corpse was Qu Ping herself!!

 "Qu Ping is dead?! How can Qu Ping be dead?!" Zhao Yu thought. He could not believe it. It was just too sudden. Just yesterday afternoon he had been discussing the case with Qu Ping! How could… He felt like his entire mind was a mess. He could not think at all!

 It took him more than ten minutes to finally arrive at the scene. The road was completely sealed off by the police, and the yellow police line was already pulled over the green belt. Most of the Rongyang Key Case Investigation Unit investigators were already here!

 Zhao Yu saw that Zhang Yaohui of Team B was crouched on the stairs of the green belt with his head down, probably crying! Beside him was Lan Bo holding him by the shoulder, his own eyes swollen red as he comforted him. Even further ahead, he saw Hu Bin and a crime scene investigator from the Forensics Department, who was taking pictures of the crime scene. Team Leader Qu Ping’s white Subaru was stopped by the road. There was no commotion. The scene was deathly silent, but the silence was unbelievably heavy.

 Before Zhao Yu even made it to the car, a police car screeched to a stop beside him. Bureau Chief Luan Xiaoxiao, Liu Changhu, Peng Xin, and Mao Wei all hopped out of the car urgently. Peng Xin saw Zhao Yu and immediately rushed towards him and began asking questions. "Zhao Yu, what’s the situation?"

 "I…I also just arrived…" Zhao Yu’s head was completely messed up. He did not know what to say and could only shake his head.

 Lan Bo saw the higher-ups arrive and immediately moved towards them. "Team Leader has already been sent to the hospital!"

 "What?! Hospital?!" Bureau Chief Luan’s face flashed with hope and she asked in a hurry, "Could it be? Is there hope?!"

 Hearing this, Lan Bo could not help but lower his head and whisper, "It’s…it’s the colleagues from my team, they insisted on taking the body to the hospital! Team…Team Leader, she…"

Before Lan Bo could finish his sentence, Bureau Chief Luan Xiaoxiao’s tears were already silently streaming down her face.

 Peng Xin’s body was shaking as she asked, "Lan Bo, tell me, how did this happen?"

 "Not…not sure!" Lan Bo said with difficulty. "Team Leader’s body had many wounds! Her bag was gone too, it…it might be a robbery!"

 "What? Robbery?!"

The group’s chatting was interrupted by Liu Changhu’s phone ringing. After he picked up the phone, Liu Changhu’s expression completely changed as he reported to Bureau Chief Luan. "Chief Luan, it’s not good. The investigators are causing a commotion in the hospital! Let’s hurry over!"

 "Ah?" Bureau Chief Luan was shocked and immediately took Peng Xin’s hand. "Peng Xin, you stay here and keep an eye on the scene. First figure out what happened, then report to me! No matter what, we have to capture the culprit quickly!!!"

 Peng Xin could not say a word, and only numbly nodded her head. Her eyes were also red, tears forming dangerously in her eyes.

 The higher-ups had already gotten in the car, but Mao Wei suddenly waved his hand at Zhao Yu. "Zhao, hurry up, come with us!"

 "Ah?" Zhao Yu was still in a state of confusion, not understanding Mao Wei’s words.

 "Quit standing around, hurry!" Mao Wei waved his hand again. "Only you can calm those people down!"

 "Oh…" Zhao Yu finally understood what he meant, and immediately crawled into the car. The car started up again, but no one spoke. The atmosphere was so heavy that it felt solid.

 The Central Hospital was not far from the scene of crime. The police car’s siren was non-stop the entire way to the hospital, quickly arriving at the door of the emergency room. The group had only just walked into the emergency room when they immediately heard the sound of someone roaring.

 "What kind of f*cking doctor are you? Hey! Try it, can’t you try again?"

 "Yeah, you guys can’t give up like this! Maybe there’s still hope! Please save our team leader!"

 "Doctor!" a woman wailed in grief. "I beg of you, please try to save her one more time!"


 Liu Changhu immediately pulled open the curtain and rushed in. He immediately saw the doctor surrounded by the investigators of Team B. The doctor was trying his best to argue about something, but his voice was completely deafened by the roar of the investigators around him!

 "Stop! Everyone stop!" Liu Changhu yelled in an attempt to calm everyone down, glaring at the group. When the investigators saw that behind Lu Changhu also stood Bureau Chief Luan Xiaoxiao, they calmed down some and gradually stepped back. Yet within the crowd flashed a familiar silhouette. It was Department Leader Wang Fei of the Forensics Department.

 "Chief Luan!" Wang Fei rushed to Luan Xiaoxiao’s side and spoke into her ear. "Team Leader Qu had already left us! By the time she was discovered, she had already lost all signs of life! There…there is no hope!"

 "I know, I know!" Bureau Chief Luan said, her eyes red. "Investigators, friends, please don’t make any more of a mess! I understand what you’re going through, but everyone please calm down! Team Leader Qu…it’s too sudden, we have to figure out the entire story first! We are all professional detectives, so everyone please be more reasonable! There are still things we have to do!"

 The investigators knew very well that Qu Ping was already dead, they were just having trouble accepting it. Once they were reminded by Bureau Chief Luan, they finally calmed down and lowered their heads.

 "Chief Luan," Wang Fei said again. "We have to take the body to the police station for examination so we can find Team Leader Qu’s cause of death!"

 Bureau Chief Luan nodded and immediately gestured at Zhao Yu. "Zhao Yu, help Department Leader Wang and take Team Leader Qu to the Forensics Department!"

 Just as Zhao Yu was nodding, the doctors were already pushing Qu Ping’s body out of the emergency room. A white haired elderly woman immediately rushed forward, wailing in anguish as she leaned over the cart.

 "My daughter! How could you! Your mother is here, your mother is here, wake up! Please wake up!"

 Some investigators immediately rushed forward to hold her. Zhao Yu and the others finally realized that this elderly woman was Qu Ping’s mother.

 Wang Fei knew the longer the body stayed here, the more miserable the mother would be. She immediately gestured at Zhao Yu, asking him to push the body away.

 Zhao Yu knew this as well, and immediately stepped forward to push the cart. Even though Mao Wei’s leg was a bit hurt, he still stepped forward to help Zhao Yu.

 "You…where are you guys taking my daughter?" The elderly woman asked, seeing the body being pushed off.

 "Auntie, we’re taking Team Leader Qu back to the police station for investigation, we…"

 As Bureau Chief Luan was explaining the situation, the elderly woman immediately panicked, and again rushed in front of the pushcart and wailed, "You guys cannot do this, my daughter already gave her life for you guys! Why are you guys taking her back?! You police officers are all b*stards! Ah! Ah…"

 The woman’s ruckus brought tears back into the eyes of all the investigators around. Bureau Chief Luan’s face was already covered in tears, at a loss for what to do. Liu Changhu was still somewhat clear-headed, and he immediately called a few female investigators to come and comfort the elderly woman. He then moved in front of the cart, putting some distance between Qu Ping’s body and the elderly woman. The elderly woman was so old that after some crying she collapsed of exhaustion. The investigators immediately moved up to help, then went off to find the doctors.

 Seeing this as an opportunity, Zhao Yu and Mao Wei worked together to push Qu Ping’s body out. Department Leader Wang Fei was already prepared. The cars from the Forensics Department were already waiting. The crowd quickly moved the body onto the stretcher prepared by the police, then carried it into the car that was headed towards the Forensics Department.

 Yet when they were moving the body, Zhao Yu noticed that Team Leader Qu Ping’s body was still in her police uniform. The blood had already drenched her clothes! "No! Something’s wrong!" Zhao Yu thought to himself. "What criminal would be bold enough to try to kill a female police officer in uniform with a knife? Who is the murderer?! What exactly happened last night?!"