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169 Something Big!

As it was already very late after he left Qinshan Jail, Zhao Yu did not go back to the police station but headed home straight away; however, he had already contacted Qu Ping on the way and reported to her the new information he had gotten. Qu Ping was also shocked after hearing, and praised Zhao Yu highly for the first time. She praised Zhao Yu for being open-minded and able to think of so many neglected clues!

 As for Cheng Sanli, Qu Ping started to pay close attention to him. She had already sent people to check on this suspicious target. Although this man was already dead, they could still be able to find clues from him! Qu Ping also told Zhao Yu that other than Jiao Hai, she had already sent people to investigate the remaining two targets, but they did not fulfill the criteria and had been removed from the suspect list. However, Qu Ping said that although the three men were not suspects, she did not rule out the possibility that the real culprit was still in other prisons. Therefore, she had decided to request for permission from higher-ups to widen the investigation area and look for suspicious targets throughout the entire country’s prison system! She would not let any criminal escape!

 After hanging up, Zhao Yu heaved a long sigh. He could only wait for the news now! He brought back some food from a small restaurant on Shunfeng Street and hastily began to eat. While he was eating, the ending notification from the system sounded. The completion rate this time was only seventy-six percent, and he received another invisible night vision!

 "Uh oh…" he thought. The "Li-Kan" hexagram ended just like that. Zhao Yu quickly recorded what happened that day. As he had gotten along quite well with the leader today, Zhao Yu felt that his guess was correct, that this "Li" hexagram represented friendship! However, he had already been chosen by the leader and had become a special investigator. This should be considered a change in status, so wouldn’t a "Zhen" hexagram be more suitable? Also, with his own efforts today, he had finally found some clues from Qinnan Jail, should there also be some component of "Gen" hexagram?

 "Oh…" Zhao Yu recalled. Just like previously, when there was no "Dui" hexagram, he still got a huge sum of money from Hao Jiajun. Although the miracle system had arranged some adventures for him, these adventures could be changed by his own decisions and actions! Which meant, "If I wanna find clues to solve the case, I do not have to wait until there’s a "Gen" hexagram. As long as I’m willing to put in effort, even if there’s no hexagram, I can still solve the case!!!"

 After the "Li" hexagram, he thought of the "Kan" hexagram. As he had gotten along quite well with Su Yang and also beat up those young punks, thereby impressing his boss, he felt that he had completed the "Li" hexagram adventure quite well! As for why the final completion rate was not high, it was because he had not dealt with the "Kan" hexagram well. Zhao Yu felt that he only had been in contact with two women that day. One was Yao Jia and the other one was Qu Ping! As his relationship with Qu Ping was purely work-related, he did not think that Qu Ping had anything to do with the system’s arrangement. Therefore, the woman who could have an adventure with him was Yao Jia!

 "Could it be...if I had not been anxious about investigating the case today, something would have happened between me and Yao Jia? Did I just miss a chance of being close to the head nurse? Tsk tsk…" he wondered. Zhao Yu had a different feeling once he thought of Yao Jia. After understanding that this Yao Jia was not the one from his past life, he no longer felt enamored with me. Because of this, he told her everything about Zang Jie without any reservations. After knowing the truth, Yao Jia was naturally very happy and felt extremely fortunate! Although Zhao Yu still felt a little jealous, he accepted it calmly. "Since I have nothing to do with this Yao Jia anymore, why should I waste my effort to destroy her happiness?" he asked himself. Unexpectedly, after removing this thought from his mind, Yao Jia’s attitude toward Zhao Yu became better instead!

 When Zhao Yu was still in Qinshan Jail, he received a WeChat message from Yao Jia. Other than thanking him for the treat and for his help, she praised him on his amazing performance at the hotpot restaurant and said that he was indeed a big hero! Having received compliments from a great beauty, Zhao Yu felt a little carried away and became full of vigor!

However, in a stricter sense, there was actually another woman who had called Zhao Yu today, and that was Huahua, who was helping to look after the dog. Huahua told Zhao Yu that the Dragon Boat Festival was coming and she would like to bring Daheng along when she went home so that her dad could take a look at Daheng’s leg and see if it could be treated. Zhao Yu was still worried that there would be no one to look after the dog. He immediately told Huahua that as long as Daheng could be treated, it did not matter how much he had to spend!

After returning home, Zhao Yu felt that something was missing without Daheng running about. "Hope this fella’s leg can be treated!" he thought. After Showering, it was already late. Zhao Yu laid on his bed thinking, and unintentionally thought of Huahua! "Right! Dragon Boat Festival?" Looking at the calendar, he saw that the Dragon Boat Festival was indeed approaching! Huahua was going back home, what about himself?

A few days ago, Zhao Yu’s father gave him a phone call and asked him if he was planning to return home for the holidays; however, Zhao Yu did not know how to answer and used work as an excuse before hanging up! Thinking about it now, he wondered if he should make a trip back. But...he had been all alone in his previous life, how would he get along with all his aunties and uncles now after returning home? Zhao Yu felt very troubled thinking of this! He had no idea how he was going to face his unfamiliar parents and brothers, and his relatives!

"Erm...should I cook up an excuse that I’m out on a business trip or working overtime and continue hiding? But, what if they get worried and come to the city to look for me?" he wondered. Zhao Yu was unable to find a solution after thinking, so he could only switch his thoughts back to the Mianling Case. "I wonder if the clues from Qinshan Jail today are useful to the case? Was Niu Weiguang really in cahoots with the kidnappers? But...if he had really collaborated with the kidnappers, why would he leave with the kidnappers? Wouldn’t it be better if he came back to be a spy? Moreover, Niu Weiguang had a wife and children, would he really resort to this? Also, is that Cheng Sanli be the real culprit of Mianling Case? It’s been so long, Qu Ping’s still hasn’t gotten information on him? Or is it they just did not have time to inform me?" Zhao Yu fell asleep once again that night with these wild thoughts.

As Daheng had gone home with Huahua, he did not have to wake up early to walk the dog, therefore, he stayed in bed until almost eight. Unexpectedly, he sneezed out loud the moment he woke up!

"Ah choo…" The system in his brain activated with the sneeze, "The Miracle System has been activated and is now choosing the divination…‘Kun-Gen’ hexagram! Earth and Mountain, earth meets mountain, against the air and wind, the forces combine, the world becomes one."

"What!?" Zhao Yu was startled. He had forgotten to do the divination today and it actually got activated by a sneeze. Also, why was there suddenly a "Kun" hexagram!?

"‘Kun’ and ‘Gen’ together...oh my goodness, holy sh*t! Could it be...could it be…" Zhao Yu wanted to say, "Could it be that the truth behind Qinshan’s Number One Cold Case would be found out today!?"

"Ah...ah...ah choo!" Zhao Yu sneezed again, probably due to being agitated. After the second sneeze, Zhao Yu’s phone suddenly rang. "Ah...hero, please chase the dream with me…"

Zhao Yu quickly picked up the call and Li Beini’s uneasy voice came from the phone, "Se...senior, this is bad! Something big happened!!" Li Beini’s voice was rushed and trembling, "Qu...Team Leader Qu Ping is dead!!’

"What?!" Zhao Yu scolded angrily, "What a joke to play this early in the morning!?"

"Boo...hoo…" Li Beini cried in the phone. "I...I’m not lying to you! Boohoo...Team Leader Qu Ping is really dead!!!"