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164 I’m a Professional

Without a doubt, these punk-dressed delinquents were definitely from the evil developers trying to interfere with the hotpot shop’s business.

 Zhao Yu was very familiar with this routine. His eyes swept through the crowd once and he already knew what was happening. Actually, these delinquents picked quite an interesting way to interfere with the business. There was no need to glare at anyone, or break tables and chairs; just their odd attire was enough to gross people out and force them to leave. It was safe and easy!

 You could choose to call the police, but it was not like they did anything illegal! You could ask them to order, but they would say they were waiting for someone and occupy the tables, and there was nothing you could do about it.

 Exactly as expected, as soon as the delinquents sat beside other customers, the customers simply could not eat anymore. Every one of them asked for their check and left. A few of them did not have even more than a few bites! Soon, the large lobby only had Zhao Yu’s table of three left.

 A green haired woman sat opposite of Zhao Yu. Her lips were green with a lip ring. Her black T-shirt had a large pale skull on it, truly terrifying!

 Seeing a woman like that sitting beside her, Yao Jia Instinctively leaned towards Zhao Yu, fear showing on her face.

 At this time, the shopkeeper, who had just finished giving someone their check, came to their side. The shopkeeper’s awkward and helpless expression had at least two meanings: one was that he wanted to ask Su Yang, "What are you guys going to do, leave as well?" Another meaning seemed to say, "Su Yang, didn’t you say you guys would help me? Now that the bad guys are here, are you still going to help?"

 Su Yang could obviously understand the shopkeeper’s hidden expression, and looked at Zhao Yu. Yet, Zhao Yu did not even lift his head. He kept eating as if nothing had happened.

 "Hey? Hey hey…" Su Yang pulled at his elbow. "Zhao Yu…stop eating…Zhao Yu…"

 "What?" Zhao Yu feigned ignorance.

 Su Yang gestured at the delinquent woman beside him and said, "This…hurry up and deal with it, please?"

 "Huh?" Zhao Yu grinned and whispered, "Why doesn’t Your Majesty just give the bureau chief a call. Soon there’ll be four police cars on the way. What do you need me for?"

 "Sigh! You can’t say that either!" Su Yang waved his hand and pulled Zhao Yu towards him, lowering his voice, "Just now I didn’t tell you everything! Did you know? The storekeeper had already called the police many times about the delinquent interference! Do you know what happened at the end? Not only did no officers come, but they even warned him about making false police reports!

 "That wasn’t even the worst of it! Ever since the developer set his eye on this property, Business Management Department, Taxation Department, and even the Hygiene Department all came to bother him, saying this shop wasn’t up to standard. Everyone was clearly trying to force him to close the shop!

 "What does this mean? It means the bosses behind the scenes could make use of our regulatory departments. Our enforcement team is working for them, do you understand?" Su Yang continued, "How could we let that be? Once their power continues to grow, they’ll become even more arrogant, and they’ll look down on civilians even more!

 "Zhao Yu, look carefully at the shopkeeper, do you see it? His face has nothing but compromise, acceptance, and submission written all over it! He has already given up! He has already gotten used to this sort of bullying, do you see?

 "As a police officer working for justice, don’t you think we should do something? If we let them continue to let them do as they please, where’s the justice? Where’s the morality?"

 "Wow…" Zhao Yu patted Su Yang’s shoulder and praised him, "Bro, what you said was truly touching! So, this is the power of a leader! I have been riled up by your speech. If it’s like that, then should I use my method to take care of this problem?"

 "Your method?" Yang was worried. "Sigh. Zhao Yu, you have to be careful, we’re police officers! They’re only watching people eat, it’s not illegal! You can’t just do as you please!"

 Hearing Su Yang’s whisper, Zhao Yu could not help but grin evilly. He grabbed Su Yang’s head and pulled him close. "Boss, I told you I’ll use my methods, so don’t you worry! We’ve already said it, to maintain peace on earth, safety for society, you take care of the big problems and I’ll deal with the small issues, leave it to me! Don’t worry, it’s just scaring some kids, this is my expertise!"

 "Mm…you…" The way Su Yang looked at Zhao Yu changed completely. He was truly curious. How was Zhao Yu going to take care of this issue? Zhao Yu Let go of Su Yang, then started acting stoic as he scrutinized the woman across him. The green-haired woman was not easy to deal with. Seeing Zhao Yu scrutinize her, she spat on the ground without a care!

 Yao Jia was shocked, and once again nudged herself closer to Zhao Yu. Zhao Yu gestured at Yao Jia, and the two quickly swapped seats.

 "Hehehe…" Once Zhao Yu was beside the green haired woman, he broke into a creepy giggling. His eyes became thin as he gawked at the green-haired woman’s chest. He spoke sharply, "Here, girly, do you want to have some fun with me? If you won’t, then I’ll have some fun with you instead, how about it?! Hehehe…" Zhao Yu flashed a grin, showing all his teeth.

 When the sound of laughter ended, there was only silence. Su Yang was thunderstruck as he watched. His jaw nearly hit the floor. Didn’t Zhao Yu say he would be professional? Why was he acting like this?

 Yao Jia was shocked too. She had never seen Zhao Yu like this, and she scooted backwards as if was worried she would catch something from Zhao Yu!

 The green haired woman was even more dumbfounded! She stared for a good three seconds before she finally reacted in anger. "You’re mental!"

 "Hehehe…" Zhao Yu kept up his shameless façade and laughed. "I really like flat girls! See, you look almost like a guy, right down my alley! How about this, I’ll give you twenty yuan and we go to my car and have some fun?"

 "Holy sh*t!" The green haired woman slammed the table, about to explode in anger as she roared at Zhao Yu, "Idiot, do you want to die?!" As soon as the woman slammed the table, all the delinquents around all stood up, each of them looked ready to kill!

 "Hey, don’t be mad!" Zhao Yu also stood up as he pointed at the woman. "I know, twenty yuan’s too much right? Look at you, five yuan should be enough!"

 "Ah!" The green haired woman was almost red with anger. She pointed her finger at Zhao Yu as if wanting to curse him.

Unexpectedly, Zhao Yu flew up first and with a swift movement grabbed her hair! When Zhao Yu pulled hard, the woman obediently sat on the floor. A shocked cry came out of her mouth.

 "Ah?!" The other delinquents were all shocked. They never imagined that the person in front of him would be so wild and arrogant. They immediately rushed toward Zhao Yu.

 "Don’t move!" Zhao Yu pulled hard on the woman’s hair and yelled, "I told you all, nobody move!!"

 "Ow…ow…ouch…" The green haired woman kept swatting at Zhao Yu’s elbow, but the more she resisted the harder Zhao Yu pulled, causing her to wail in pain. Now, those delinquents were truly intimidated by Zhao Yu, no one dared to move forward.

 "You’re all unruly kids!" Zhao Yu spoke stoically. "You dare mess around on my property without telling me first! Do you know who you’re messing with?! Hm?! Do you guys want to live?!" Zhao Yu’s voice was thunderous. Everyone present shivered at his raised voice.

 The delinquents were all completely stunned by Zhao Yu. They had completely lost control of the situation. They considered rushing forward, but hearing Zhao Yu’s natural street talk, they really could not gauge how powerful Zhao Yu was!

 "You sh*theads! You’re just some two-bit delinquents, still kids, and you dare to come onto my property and make a fuss! You must not want to live anymore! Hey, you!" Zhao Yu yelled at a tall and skinny delinquent coming at him. "Come here, here!"

 "Ah?" The tall skinny man blinked, but did not dare to move.

 "Che!" Zhao Yu cursed and with a flick of his wrist, threw the green-haired women under the table. She rolled away and with many cluttering sounds, knocked down multiple chairs as she was flung out!

Then, Zhao Yu took a large stride forward and grabbed the tall skinny delinquent by the collar as he yelled into the crowd, "Everyone open their eyes! I’m the God-King of Shunfeng Street! And the two sitting there," Zhao Yu gestured at Su Yang and Yao Jia, "one is Dajing Mountain’s so-called Guan-Gong Face Su, another is the thirteenth sister from the Baisheng Family! Don’t you guys see? Do you guys not fear death, hmm?"

 Ah?! Zhao Yu’s words confused the delinquents even more. All their eyes were now on Su Yang and Yao Jia.

 Yao Jia’s face paled in terror. Her hands kept shaking.

 "Don’t move, calm down!" Su Yang comforted Yao Jia, but he was nearly laughing out loud. He thought to himself, "Zhao Yu, your acting abilities are truly incredible!!"