Crazy Detective
163 I Haven’t Used This Trick Before
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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163 I Haven’t Used This Trick Before

"Special Investigator?" Zhao Yu frowned and pondered seriously. This title did sound noble.

 "Actually," Su Yang opened a can of beer for Zhao Yu and smiled, "it means I would like you to be my support! You will represent us when it comes to matters which we cannot settle personally!"

"Support?" Zhao Yu took the beer and squinted his eyes. "I've already said it before, I won't do anything that's dangerous!"

"Eh?" Su Yang put up a stern face. "We’re not asking you to go undercover. You think you're in the movies? Haven't I already told you? I've taken a fancy to your foul mouth and bad temper! What I need you to do is to cause trouble for those bad guys!"

"Stir trouble?"

"Hmm...let me give you an example!" Su Yang said. "Say, I wanna investigate a certain organization, but it's inconvenient for me to deal with them. I’d send you over, and you only need to stir trouble for them with your identity as a Key Case Investigation Unit member. You can just randomly link them to a criminal case and turn their plan upside down. The messier the better! Our job would be easier this way!

"Do you get me now? You just need to listen to my instructions and it won’t interfere with your main job!"

"Oh…" Zhao Yu finally understood. Su Yang was asking him to make things difficult for others! This task...seemed to suit him quite well. Wasn’t it similar to screwing people up, like what he used to do?

"Heh heh heh…" Zhao Yu raised his thumb at Su Yang. "Leader, I didn’t know you guys used such methods to settle things!"

"We’re forced to do this!" Su Yang and Zhao Yu clinked their beer bottles together. "When evil strikes, we have to strike back ten times harder! Comrade Zhao Yu, use your abilities to the fullest. I feel that you’re most suitable for this task!"

"Huh, you mean, I look like a gangster!?" Zhao Yu took a big sip.

"It’s not ‘look like,’ delete these two words!" Su Yang corrected. After the two looked at each other for two seconds, both of them laughed out loud!

At that moment, the owner brought the hotpot over and said to Su Yang, "Big brother, this plate of peanuts and mixed vegetables are on the house, please enjoy!"

Su Yang expressed his gratitude as he pulled the owner and said, "Boss, I’ve thought about it just now. Let me give you a suggestion about your shop!"

"Oh, that would be great!" The owner quickly bowed.

"If your finances allow it, you should open a branch somewhere else first! As for this location, just try to keep it as it is now! Actually, those developers bidded on land worth hundred of millions of RMB at one go. They are the ones who are really anxious! You only need to occupy this place and they will come and negotiate the price with you again soon! You just have to insist on a price which you feel is reasonable! If they use any illegal means again, you can just give this police officer a call!" He pointed at Zhao Yu. "Officer Zhao will definitely seek justice for you!"

"Eh!" Zhao Yu glanced at Su Yang and thought to himself, "This guy really knows how to offer favors at the expense of others. I’m being used by him just like that?"

"Thank you! Thank you!" The owner bowed before Zhao Yu and thanked him continuously. Zhao Yu had no choice but to nod his head.

"Alright, I’ll give you Officer Zhao’s number later!" Su Yang said happily. "Don’t worry, your issue will definitely be settled fairly! But the city’s development, demolition, and relocation are inevitable! As long as they are able to give you a reasonable price, it’s better that…"

"I understand, I understand!" The owner bowed again. "We will definitely respond to the government’s call! Moreover, we do not lack skills. If we open a new shop, it might even do better than this one!" With this, the owner said a few words of thanks again and left the main dining hall.

Su Yang heaved a sigh of relief as though he had settled a problem, and then raised his beer bottle and knocked it against Zhao Yu’s. However, Zhao Yu did not respond this time round. After a few blinks, he said to Su Yang with his tongue in his cheek again, "Oh Chief Su! Well, I’m glad to be your special investigator, but...I’m just a lowly agent now, and because of my straightforward character and me not submitting to power, I’ve been allocated to a weak team. Look, I don’t even have anyone under me. How could I assist you in your work? How give me a promotion?"

"Kekeke…" Su Yang pointed at Zhao Yu’s nose and laughed. "Young man! What should I say about you? Think about this, why didn’t I look for the chiefs and team leaders under me, but went to look for you instead? Let me tell you. It would be riskier if more people knew about this! You don’t understand that the situation now is actually quite tough. Those enemies are much more cunning than we had imagined! The consequences will be very severe if the information is leaked out!"

"Oh…" Zhao Yu looked displeased.

"Keke…" Su Yang smiled. "Comrade Zhao Yu, everything is performance-based! You are on probation for now. If you can really help me settle a few things nicely in the future, promotions are just a small issue! By then, you can take your pick on what post you wanna have! Even if you wanna be a supervisor, it’s also possible!"

"This sounds better!" Zhao Yu knocked his beer bottle against Su Yang’s. "Alright! I’ll take this deal! Cheers!" The two raised their necks and drank a big mouthful.

"Hmm…" After Su Yang drank finished, he looked at the entrance and asked, "Why isn’t the lady you mentioned here yet? Do you need to give her a call?"

"There’s no hurry!" Zhao Yu waved his hands and laughed at Su Yang with ill intentions. "Chief Su, heh heh heh...since I’m now your special investigator, I can also report something to you!"

"Huh?" Su Yang was surprised. "What else is there?"

"Well! Recently I used your name and did a good deed which benefied the country and citizens." Zhao Yu laughed. "So...before Yao Jia comes, please quickly help me complete my pretence!"

"You...what did you pretend to do this time!?" Su Yang frowned.

Zhao Yu told him about the incident where he used Chief Su’s name to get Lu Zhaohong to get rid of Chahai Street’s Hong Zhitao. Zhao Yu also requested him to praise Lu Zhaohong and compliment him a little, so as to help him cover up his lie. After this, Lu Zhaohong would definitely believe in Zhao Yu and go all out to help him in future.

Su Yang did not know whether to laugh or cry after hearing Zhao Yu’s unreasonable request. However, Chief Su was also an righteous man who hated evildoers, so he was not against what Zhao Yu had done. Therefore, when Zhao Yu started a video chat with Lu Zhaohong, Chief Su complimented him on doing the job well, and asked him to keep up the good work. He also did not forget to tell him to keep it a secret and not let anyone know!

Lu Zhaohong was dumbstruck after being praised by a provincial leader suddenly. He kept saluting him and promised that he would do his best and listen to his advice! With Chief Su’s help, Zhao Yu’s pretence was complete and had no loopholes. Feeling extremely delighted, the two finished another bottle of beer even before starting the hotpot.

At that moment, Miss Yao Jia, who was in a white dress, finally arrived. There was an emergency call at the hospital and she had to work overtime, which was why she arrived late. Since everyone was here, they started the mutton hotpot. As the three had all met once before, they quickly got familiar with one another after a brief introduction. Chief Su and Yao Jia were indeed from the same area. Although they were almost twelve years apart in age, they had many common interests. Together with Zhao Yu’s comical gestures and nonsensical bragging, the three had fun chatting.

However, there was a reason behind the hexagram reading today. Just as the three were enjoying themselves, nine men with obnoxious and dramatic clothing suddenly came in the entrance. There were both males and females, and they all had colorful hair, tattoos. and nose piercings. Interestingly, these people did not say anything after coming in, but spread out and sat in front of the customers who were eating. After that, they stared fiercely at the diners and kept spitting onto the floor, making the diners unable to continue eating.

One of them also went in front of the table where Zhao Yu and his friends were eating. A green haired woman in a black t-shirt sat in front of the three of them, and then crossed her legs as she stared at them with a displeased look! Zhao Yu looked around and knew that these people were here to make trouble like the previous group who had sang songs! "Interesting!" Zhao Yu thought. He could not help but laugh. "This is something new! I haven’t used this trick before, even when I was in this type of business!"
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