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162 Special Identity

Zhao Yu saw the burly Su Yang sitting in his usual seat, chatting idly with the hotpot shop’s owner. The angry department leader was clenching his fist as he angrily cursed.

 "What, Department Leader Su?" Zhao Yu sat right in front of Su Yang and asked, "Who’s so bold as to anger you?"

 "Hmph!" Su Yang huffed coldly, his expressions dark.

 Once the owner saw Zhao Yu, he immediately lowered his head and said in a whisper, "The pot is almost ready. You guys sit first, I’ll go take a look. It’ll be served soon!" Then, the owner left for the kitchen.

 "What’s up? Is it still those people who were singing ‘Going with your feelings?’ The shop seemed kind of quiet. Was it their fault?" Zhao Yu raised an eyebrow and opened a beer as he put it in front of Su Yang.

 "That’s just the underlying problem! The true evil is the people working in the background!" Su Yang raised the beer bottle and easily took a large gulp. Then he repeated everything he heard from the shopkeeper to Zhao Yu.

 As it turned out, ever since the last time with the singing incident, there was another bunch of delinquents that came and messed with the shop occasionally. The problem became more and more severe. Not only did they vandalize some customer’s cars, but they even started putting mice, cockroaches and such in the smoke vent. It was truly despicable! It had only been one short week, but they completely ruined the hotpot shop’s business!

 Hehe…Zhao Yu laughed to himself. These people are truly amateurs! If it were him, he could guarantee that the shop would close within three days!

 "Since it’s like that," Zhao Yu looked around and smiled, "why are we eating in the lobby, what about a private room?"

 "Mm…I’m used to it!" Su Yang shook his head. "I never managed to get the private room, so I’m used to the lobby!" As he spoke, he raised his head again and took a gulp, finishing the entire bottle. "Actually, their boss is a developer trying to take over this plot of land.

 "The shopkeeper told me that during the beginning, the developer offered six-million yuan to try buy the hotpot store, but the shopkeeper did not like the price so he denied!

 "But, then what I said happened. The shopkeeper couldn’t take it anymore, so he tried to negotiate with the developer again. That way he could move somewhere else! Yet, the developer went back on his word and said he would only pay three-million yuan!

 "Hmph! Everything was planned by them. This is bullying civilians! Such underhanded techniques make me angry!"

 "Huh?" Zhao Yu pointed at Su Yang’s reddened face. "Damn, your face turns red fast?! If you had a beard, you’d look just like Santa Claus!"

 "Tsk, tsk…" Department Leader Su’s eyebrows furrowed and he threw a bemused glare at Zhao Yu.

 Zhao Yu realized had made a mistake and immediately changed the topic, "Why are you just sitting here being angry? You’re an influential official, just talk with the city police station. Wouldn’t that save the shop? What developer would want to offend a provincial level official such as yourself? If that doesn’t work, then just send a call to the branch office bureau chiefs. Wouldn’t they easily take care of the delinquents?"

 "Sh…you, can’t really say that…" Su Yang’s angry expression melted into dejection. "It’s exactly because I’m from the provincial office that I can’t move as I please! Mm…" He opened his mouth, as if wanting to say something but could not.

 Zhao Yu ignored him and waved over a server. "Hey! Bro, give me another set of silverware!"

 "What?" Su Yang was surprised. "What do you mean? Is there someone else coming?"

 "Don’t be too alerted." Zhao Yu grinned. "Remember that beautiful lady who was eating with me that day? I invited her along!"

 "Oh…" Su Yang’s brows furrowed. "She’s not even your girlfriend, why did you call her over?"

 "Mm…" Zhao Yu thought a bit to himself, then immediately responded, "Wasn’t she from your hometown? I’m afraid that I’ll accidentally offend you somehow. If I offend an important official as yourself, I’m done for!"

 "Huh? You…you kid!" Su Yang was annoyed by Zhao Yu’s words, shook his head and sighed. "What kind of weird plans are going on in your head? Maybe I chose the wrong person."

 "What?" Thar one sentence shocked Zhao Yu instead. He immediately asked, "What do you mean? Choose what person?"

 "Cough!" Su Yang took up another bottle and managed to open the cap with just his fingers. He first gulped down half of it, before speaking to Zhao Yu seriously, "Since…there’s another person coming, then I’ll cut the idle talk. Let’s just talk business! You’re not dumb, right? Have you not thought about this at all?"

 "What do you mean? Thought about what?" Su Yang’s words became more and more mysterious, confusing Zhao Yu even more.

 "I’m a provincial level official, but I took the initiative to talk with you, a mere investigator, don’t you think that’s weird?" Su Yang asked.

 "Mm…" Zhao Yu thought hard, before finally realizing something and saying, "Oh…so you have something to ask of me!"

 "Sh*t!" Su Yang grinned and nodded at Zhao Yu. "You’re quite sharp! Actually, meeting you at this hotpot shop was really a coincidence last time, but from then on, I’ve set my eye on you! I felt like you are the type that…has a sailor mouth, a bad temper, and isn’t popular at your workplace!

 "Then, I did some investigation. Not only were you a Key Case Investigation Unit member, but you also solved many difficult cases, so I felt like you were probably smart enough. That’s why I paid extra attention to you!"

Su Yang smiled. "Yet, here’s my favorite part. You made so much prize money, yet you didn’t give any to your higher-ups. That was what made me happy! So, I picked you right away! You’re the person I need. There are no alternatives!"

 "No alternative my ass!" Zhao Yu puffed up as he roared, "Tell me, what did you pick me for? Probably something bad! Let me tell you, I’m not some easy prey. Don’t think I can be easily deceived!"

 "Sigh…what are you saying!" Su Yang finished the rest of his beer in one gulp and smiled. "You can probably guess without me saying it! I’m a provincial level official. Why would I go to your branch office for no reason? Obviously, I’m not bored enough to impulsively scrutinize your guys’ every move for no reason, right?"

 "Mm…" Hearing the other’s explanation, Zhao Yu felt like he realized something, and immediately calmed down and listened intently.

 "Exactly! I’ll tell you the truth!" Su Yang looked around, still red in the face, before lowering his voice down to a whisper, "To tell you the truth, my target actually isn’t even in Qinshan, but rather those department officials on the provincial level!"

 "Mm?" Zhao Yu was a little confused, "Are you nuts? Investigating your provincial level people? Why did you come to Qinshan?"

 "You have no idea!" Su Yang looked around carefully before lowering his guard. "We got some information that said all those rich developers in Qinshan are working with the provincial level officials. They work together and make money using loopholes, hurting the civilians! There are many cases where the city level officials are unable to interfere or help! So, that’s why I was sent!"

 "Oh…" Zhao Yu pondered. "Could it be…your identity…"

 "Yep!" Su Yang responded, "Provincial Police Office Supervising Department Leader is just a cover! As long as you remember that, there’s no need for other questions!"

 "Oh…" Zhao Yu mulled over the words. How much benefit could he actually get out of this?

 "Kid," Su Yang seemed to have noticed, and was very serious, "you have to keep this a secret, otherwise one report from me and you’ll end up jobless!"

 "Che!" Zhao Yu nodded without a care. "I’ve always seen money as air, and cared for nothing more than trust, loyalty, responsbili-"

 "Shh…." Hearing his voice rise, Su Yang immediately stopped him and spoke, "Do you understand? Actually, the developer trying to buy this hotpot shop is within my investigation range, so…if I openly interfere, that’s like giving myself away! Got it?"

 "Alright, bro." Zhao Yu threw a glance at Su Yang and spoke, "Let’s get to the real talk! What do you want me to do?! I’ll say it right now, if there’s nothing in this for me, then don’t even bother!"

 "Don’t you worry!" Su Yang smiled. "If you do this well, I can’t guarantee rich, but if you want a promotion, then that’s easy as pie!"

 "That’s more like it." Zhao Yu squinted. "Tell me! What do I have to do?"

 "Mister Zhao Yu," Su Yang spoke mysteriously, "from now on, you are our Provincial Discipline Inspection Team’s special investigation member!!!"