Crazy Detective
156 My Guesses
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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156 My Guesses

In that moment, Zhao Yu was truly confused. "Higher-up, did you talk to the wrong person? Calling me his nephew, are we that close?" Zhao Yu wondered. Seeing how all of the investigators looked at him stunned, he could not reject Bureau Chief Liao’s kindness, so he lowered his head and follow him. Then, something happened that confused Zhao Yu. The higher-up watched as Zhao Yu followed him, yet said nothing, only messing with the coffee machine instead.

 "Mm…" Zhao Yu watched for a while and could not help but ask, "Boss, do you want coffee? Should I get a cup for you?" Unexpectedly, just as Zhao Yu opened his mouth, Bureau Chief Liao immediately made a mysterious shushing motion at him. He continued in silence, looking around the break room, almost like he was shopping.

 Zhao Yu looked around, but his mind was completely underwater. He even started to wonder, "Is the higher-up afraid that there’s some sort of listening device? What the hell are you even doing?"

 Just like that, the higher-up stood with Zhao Yu in the resting room for five minutes. There was absolutely no communication between them. Once the five minutes was up, Bureau Chief Liao started walking out. As he passed Zhao Yu, he said softly into his ear, "Zhao Yu, I could only help you this much! Good luck from now on!"

 The hell was that? Zhao Yu was already dizzy with confusion. He kept wondering, ‘how could someone so insane end up in such a high position?’ But once Zhao Yu walked out of the break room, he suddenly noticed that everyone’s gaze toward him had changed completely. Especially Mao Wei; he could not do anything but stare! He had just been chatting idly with Zhao Yu, saying that people like them did not have any connections and could not afford to offend others! But then the higher-up had come, and he and Zhao Yu had chatted for five minutes! Wasn’t this support…Too much?

 Not just the investigators, but even branch leaders like Luan Xiaoxiao looked at Zhao Yu in a different light. A few days ago, a provincial level officer acted like Zhao Yu was his brother, then immediately, this new city level chief investigator called Zhao Yu his nephew. What was…Zhao Yu’s background?

 Bureau Chief Liao laughed as he left the office. As he left, he even affectionately waved at Zhao Yu. Yet, the confused Zhao Yu forgot to wave back in farewell and stood thunderstruck in his spot.

 Zhao Yu was truly completely stunned. "If this higher-up is not insane, was he approaching me…to help raise my status?"he wondered.

 Status? The "Zhen" Hexagram! Could it be…this was today’s adventure?

 "But…I don’t know this person at all, right? Why is he helping me? Liao Jingxiao? I didn’t have any relatives with the first name Liao, right?" Even though Zhao Yu was confused, his co-workers were already looking at him differently. Other than the shock and surprise, there was even some admiration!

 Once he got off work, Zhao Yu first took some time to open a safety box at the bank and stored the bag of cash. He rushed towards the Meiranju Food Court to attend Mao Wei’s party afterwards.

 Mao Wei was quite popular. He booked two large tables at the restaurant. One table for the members of Team A, and another for all the heads of each department, like the Public Information Department, Public Relations, Economic Investigation Department, and even the supervisor of the border control were all there. Even Lu Zhaohong, the director responsible of the Anti-illegal Substances Squad, was there.

 As soon as Director Lu saw Zhao Yu, he wanted to show off, to tell him just how he had managed to completely crack down on Chahai Street! Yet, Zhao Yu only shook his hand and nodded his head at him, and feigned wisdom as he told him, "This is our secret. Humble, be humble!" Director Lu realized what was happening and immediately nodded. He began to admire Zhao Yu even more.

 Seeing Director Lu so polite to Zhao Yu, the investigators were even more stunned, and looked at Zhao Yu like a god!

 Due to their close relationship, Liu Changhu arrived as well, but Mao Wei knew that he and Zhao Yu did not get along, so he arranged for Liu Changhu to sit at another table so the two would not meet.

 At the table, all the co-workers curiously questioned Zhao Yu. They asked, "What did Bureau Chief Liao say to you? What is the relationship between you two?"

 This time, Zhao Yu hid nothing and very honestly told everyone, "There is no relationship between the two of us, and the bureau chief didn’t say a thing to me!"

 "Che!" Zhao Yu’s honestly was rewarded with disdain from everyone around him.

 Peng Xin said, "Alright, kiddo just pretend! I really have nothing to say to you. You’re clearly the star in the higher-up’s eyes, yet you’re pretending like you’re not!"

 "Huh?" Zhao Yu immediately tried to explain, "It’s true, that…whatever bureau chief really said nothing! I thought he was crazy!"

 "Psh…" The more Zhao Yu tried to explain, the more his co-workers scorned him, thinking that he was lying.

 Sigh! Zhao Yu was angry and frustrated. Look at that! No one would even believe him when he spoke the truth! Being a good guy is so hard!!

 The party was quite festive, but there was still some idle chatter here and there. Other than welcoming Mao Wei’s return, everyone constantly brought up the so-called first cold case of Qinshan—the Mianling Kidnapping Case!

 The two tables were inside the same private room. Even though there was a curtain between the two, Zhao Yu could clearly hear the loud discussions of the higher-ups next to him. Unexpectedly, even though the case had such huge stakes, those self-proclaimed expert higher-ups were all very pessimistic about the case.

 One of the Department Leader did not hold back at all. "Everyone watch, I’ve already experienced this type of commotion at least ten times. In the end, it could all be summarized in four words: all bark but no bite! Don’t get confused by the commotion. Once there’s no leads, no one will want to talk about it anymore!"

 "Huh" Liu Changhu laughed as he nitpicked. "Isn’t ‘all bark but no bite’ five words? Department Leader Zhang can’t count? Hahaha…" Everyone laughed along.

 "Team Leader Liu, this time you guys truly have a heavy mission!" Lu Zhaohong spoke honestly. "Maybe it’s because of my lack of experience, but a twenty-six-year-old cold case, I’ve never heard of it! Say, do you think the culprit already died? How could you find them?"

 "Mm…" Liu Changhu responded, but without much strength, "Still have to, still have to…"

 "Lu," a higher-up with a southern accent spoke up, "You don’t have to worry for Captain Liu. Captain Liu has already been vice-captain for N years. This tiny job as a police team captain is only a stepping stone in his path! Come, come, let’s cheer to our future higher-up, right?"

 "Ohohoh, nonono…" Liu Changhu was shocked by all the respect and said, "Director Su puts too much faith in me. Let me drink to everyone else instead!"


Hearing these people pointlessly talk to each other, Zhao Yu felt disgusted. The thought of setting a trap for Liu Changhu with a woman once again floated into his mind. Because he was still busy that afternoon, Zhao Yu did not drink. After he finished his food, he gave a call to Huahua and asked her to take care of Daheng, then he headed directly back to the office. He was also curious. He wanted to see just how the experts in the missing persons department drew the mysteriously missing Liang Sisi.

 When Liang Sisi disappeared, she was only seven-years-old. Twenty-six years had already passed. If she was still alive, she would be thirty-three-years-old. Would the expert drawing even be accurate?

 Doubtful, Zhao Yu headed straight for the missing persons department, but to his disappointment, there was not a single person there. The door was tightly shut.

 With no other way in, he could only go back to his office and rest first. He still had a long time before work hours started in the afternoon. The police building was very quiet, completely opposite of how busy it was in the morning.

 Yet, when Zhao Yu walked into the office of Team B, he realized that the door was open. When he poked his head in, he saw that in the large office, only Team Leader Qu Ping was there.

 Team Leader Qu was standing in front of the white board, as if pondering something. She kept writing and drawing on the whiteboard. Due to the large number of victims, one whiteboard was not enough; she needed to use three. Each was packed with information.

 Seeing the scene in front of him, Zhao Yu’s thoughts once again flew to back when he had been working on the Lost Hand Case. At that time, Team Leader Qu was just like this, looking through all the evidence without a pause, without any rest!

 Just now at the table, those higher-ups were all cheerful and spoke arrogantly, showing great contrast with Team Leader Qu who was working hard and dutifully. In the higher-ups’ mind, they dismissed this important case as "all bark but no bite" and considered themselves done. But Team Leader Qu Ping was still at the office working as hard as she could, using up all her mind and energy to find the key to solving this case, not giving up a single sliver of hope. Such spirit, how could one not admire it?

 Zhao Yu silently watched Qu Ping. He could not help but respect the other. He was not sure what he was thinking, but he thought for a bit and ended up entering the Team B office and walked in front of Qu Ping.

 Qu Ping turned and threw a glance at Zhao Yu, then moved her eyes towards the whiteboard. Her voice was filled with hostility as she said, "Ah, detective Zhao’s here now. What kind of tip will you have for me today?"

 "Hehehe…" Zhao Yu was all smiles as he answered, "Don’t misunderstand! Team Leader Qu, I’m here to thank you! Two days ago I attacked Liu Changhu, that bastard. If it wasn’t for your help, I could’ve gotten in a lot of trouble!"

 "No need!" Qu Ping still gazed at him coldly. "I don’t talk people, only facts!"

 "Mm…" To avoid awkwardness, Zhao Yu immediately started idly chatting. "Where’s your teammates? Did you already send them out to investigate? Mm…how was the investigation? Is there any news?"

 Click…Qu Ping put the pen cap back on her fountain pen and turned to glare at Zhao Yu. "Zhao Yu, spit out whatever you want to say! I only don’t like you as a person, but I don’t deny your abilities…" As she spoke, Qu Ping handed the pen to Zhao Yu and asked, "Speak. What are you thinking?"

 "Mm…" Zhao Yu looked at Qu Ping, then at the whiteboard. He hesitated for about three second before taking the pen and saying, "Team Leader Qu, if it’s like that, I’ll…speak! It’s like this. These days I’ve been thinking...Do you think that this kidnapping case and the Lost Hand Case’s situation could be the same?!"
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