Crazy Detective
155 It Was Not only Wealth That Was Out of This World
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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155 It Was Not only Wealth That Was Out of This World

"No, no!" In Team A’s office, Zhao Yu said seriously to Peng Xin as he pushed back the money. "Big Sis, colleagues, I really can’t keep all this money to myself. I’ve already decided that from now on I’m gonna be a good person!!"

 An agent who was drinking spit out his water. Some even got onto Liu Xueshan’s head, however, Liu Xueshan was oblivious to it. He simply wiped his head, and his eyes were still looking at Zhao Yu.

 "So, I’m not gonna keep this reward of twenty-thousand RMB no matter what!" Zhao Yu passed the pen and paper in his hand to Peng Xin. "It was through everyone’s effort that we managed to catch Yang Wentao. Everyone has worked hard for days and nights, how could I keep the money all to myself? So, I’ve decided to divide this money equally between everyone! We can’t go against our team’s rules!"

After Zhao Yu finished talking, the whole team was silent, and the agents all looked at one another speechless. They had complicated expressions, especially Li Beini who could not help but make fun of him. "Oh gimme a break…"

 "Yu, are you not feeling well?" Peng Xin did not believe what Zhao Yu was saying and passed the pen and document back to him. "The case closure report is already done. What’s the use of you saying all of this rubbish now? Why didn’t your conscience prick you the day the report was written? Aren’t you being a little hypocritical saying all this now?"

 "Eh? Holy…" Zhao Yu wanted to curse but swallowed it and said with a sincere look, "I’ve turned over a new leaf. Please believe me! How about this, I’ll distribute the reward money to everyone after it’s given out, alright?"

 "Yah right!"

 "Come on!"

 "Gimme a break…" Although everyone was just joking, Zhao Yu could still tell that these people did not believe him at all and thought that he was just pretending to be good.

 "Mmm... alright." Having no other choice, Zhao Yu grabbed a pen and said, "I’ll sign then! Pretend I didn’t say anything just now!" Hearing this, the agents jeered again.

 It was an acknowledgment form for the reward money. Zhao Yu had received twenty-thousand RMB for arresting Yang Wentao. The finance department would be able to credit the money into Zhao Yu’s account after he signed! After he signed the form, Peng Xin passed him another acknowledgement form which was for the official reward of sixty-thousand RMB for solving the Slaughter Case. The City Bureau added in another twenty-thousand, so it was a total of eighty-thousand RMB!

 "Young man, you’re truly lucky in wealth!" Peng Xin pointed at Zhao Yu’s handbag and said enviously, "Hey, why didn’t you say that you wanna share this two-hundred thousand ransom money and eighty-thousand of reward money with us?"

 "What a joke!" Zhao Yu said seriously as he signed the forms. "I’m a reasonable person! I picked up this two-hundred thousand RMB when I risked my life fighting with the criminal. It was gifted to me after I nobly returned the item to the owner! It seems that this has nothing to do with you guys at all.

 "This is even more true for the Slaughter Case! I was in charge of this case as the leader of the Cold Case Department, and the reward money belongs to the Cold Case Department. Since the Cold Case Department only has me, who else should take the money?" Jeers came from all around again.

 "Huh!" Peng Xin took back the acknowledgement forms and gave Zhao Yu an angry glance. "I’m really regretting that I ordered only one small abalone at your seafood feast!"

 "Eh? How could you say that?" Zhao Yu was suddenly in high spirits at the mention of food. "Never mind, when have I ever been stingy when it comes to treating you guys? How about this, this afternoon…" Zhao Yu raised his hand and was about to invite everyone to a meal when a voice suddenly came from the door.

"This afternoon at Natural Food Town! My treat, all are invited!" Everyone turned back and saw that the person who spoke was none other than the team leader, Mao Wei!

 "Hey, Mao, you’re finally back!" An agent walked forward and gave him a high five.

 "Mao, you’re really too much. Why didn’t you tell us beforehand that you were coming back? We’re totally unprepared!" Peng Xin smiled happily and gave him a bear hug.

 "Alright, alright!" Mao Wei pushed Peng Xin away and said jokingly, "I’m finally able to walk again, don’t hug me crippled again!" Everyone laughed.

"Brothers and sisters," Mao Wei raised his hand and smiled. "I’ve also just received notice on this big case! The leaders wanted me to come back, so what could I do? Let’s not talk about this now. Let’s all talk about it this afternoon at Natural Food Town! I’ve already reserved a big table!"

 "Sure…" Everyone agreed. Liu Xueshan and Peng Xin, along with other senior team members quickly went forward to catch up with Mao Wei. At the same time, Li Beini went to Zhao Yu and hit him on the arm. "Bro, you’re really amazing. Even when you wanna treat us, there’s someone fighting with you! Your luck is simply out of this world!"

 Zhao Yu thought to himself, "Seems like the ‘Dui" hexagram didn’t happen for nothing. Money just keeps coming!" However, although he felt lucky, he also felt a little disappointed. He could not understand why he had been called hypocritical when he suggested sharing the money with everyone. What kind of logic was that? Why was it so difficult to be a good person?

 After going back to his desk, Zhao Yu wanted to read through the Mianling Case again to verify some of his previous thoughts; however, his colleagues were all surrounding Mao Wei and asking him how he had been. They were very noisy, and Zhao Yu was unable to get down to work! These people got louder and did not show any signs of stopping.

 Damn! Zhao Yu could not help but hit the table and shouted, "Hey! Dear colleagues, can all of you please quiet down? I’m thinking about a case! Can you all please shut your mouths? We’ve gotten such an important mission, and all of you are still in the mood to chitchat. Do you still wanna solve the case?" The agents were all stunned by Zhao Yu’s nonsensical shout.

 Mao Wei looked at Zhao Yu and quickly smiled at him. "Ah, it’s Bro Zhao Yu. What happened? Why are you so angry? Brothers, what Bro Zhao Yu said is also correct. Now that there is such a big case, we should all quiet down and not disturb him!" As Mao Wei was talking, his colleagues looked strangely at Zhao Yu again, not knowing what had gotten into him that day.

 Seeing that everybody had stopped talking, Zhao Yu sat down again and continued looking at the files on the computer.

Mao Wei was a tactful person. He had long heard of Zhao Yu’s fiery temper. Now that he had seen Zhao Yu’s outrage, he quickly limped in front of Zhao Yu and said to him softly, "Bro, I’ve heard of your outstanding achievements. You’ve brought much glory to Team A recently! But you have to take care of your health too! Give yourself a break. This case has been quiet for twenty-six years. There’s no hurry to solve it immediately…"

Zhao Yu looked at Mao Wei and nodded. He even said thank you to show that he had understood him.

 Seeing that Zhao Yu’s attitude had softened, Mao Wei quickly said in a low voice, "Bro, there’s something that I have to nag you about! I heard that you and Captain Liu had some conflicts? How about this? I’m on pretty good terms with Captain Liu. Why don’t I find a chance to try to settle the dispute between you two. What do you think?"

Zhao Yu shook his head and thought to himself, "If I had not vowed to turn over a new leaf, I would have already found a girl and set Liu Changhu up."

 "No!" Mao Wei advised, "Liu is a leader after all. Actually...he’s quite a nice person! People like us with no background, it’s better that we don’t offend the leaders…" Mao Wei was also thinking for Zhao Yu, but Zhao Yu did not give a damn about Liu Changhu. Even though Zhao Yu had decided to start anew, it was impossible for him to give in.

Mao Wei was about to persuade him a little bit more when a few people came in from the main entrance. The leaders from the police station clustered around the newly appointed city bureau deputy chief, Liao Jingxian, as they walked into Team A’s office. The agents quickly stood up straight after suddenly seeing so many leaders arrive. A few of them even saluted them!

 "At ease, everyone," Bureau Chief Luan Xiaoxiao quickly spoke. "Bureau Chief Liao is here to look around and understand the agents’ daily office situation. Please relax and continue doing whatever you were doing!" The agents nodded, but who would be able to remain calm after suddenly seeing a big leader come in to observe? Everyone stood in their spot, unsure of what to do.

 Bureau Chief Liao looked around and walked straight over to Zhao Yu after seeing him. Mao Wei thought that the leader was walking toward him and quickly limped forward, wanting to shake his hand; however, Bureau Chief Liao brushed past him instead.

"Kekeke…" Liao Jingxian laughed heartily as he approached Zhao Yu. "How are things, Comrade Zhao Yu. How’s the case investigation going?"

 Huh? What!? Zhao Yu was dumbfounded by the leader’s question. He answered straightforwardly without even standing up. "Argh! The meeting has just ended. What could I have possibly found out?" Seeing Zhao Yu’s attitude, everyone was shocked, and Bureau Chief Luan quickly coughed loudly at him.

 Zhao Yu naturally knew that this person was a leader. Given his previous temper, he would not give a damn whether he was a leader or not! However, once he thought about turning over a new leaf, he stood up immediately and gave a respectful salute. "Good morning, sir!"

 "There’s no need for this, there’s no need for this!" Bureau Chief Liao asked smilingly, "Comrade Zhao Yu, I’ve heard about your heroic acts of solving difficult cases for a long time. The leaders from the city bureau spoke very highly of you! I’m here on behalf of the city police to ask if you are doing well in the Key Case Investigation Team."

 "I’m good!" Zhao Yu replied pleasantly. "Thank you for your concern! I’ll definitely do my best to solve this case! I’ll be a good policeman! Please don’t worry!" With this, Zhao Yu saluted twice!

 "Haha," Bureau Chief Liao laughed and pointed at the pantry at the back. "Alright, don’t be so polite with me! Come, my good nephew, I’ve got something to talk to you about!" With this, he walked toward the pantry.
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