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154 Get Away from Miao Ying If You Value Your Life

"Hahaha, that’s great!" Liu Changhu patted Mao Wei on the shoulder as he spoke. "Right now is the perfect time for more hands on the Key Case Investigation Unit! Mao’s return has truly added more strength to our numbers! Hahaha…"

 "Indeed!" Bureau Chief Luan smiled softly. "Team Leader Qu Ping, Team Leader Mao Wei, our power house Team A and B cooperating. This time we will truly have a good outcome and add more glory to Rongyang Branch!"

 Bureau Chief Luan was incredibly skilled in motivating the police force. Under his lead, even officers who did not want to clap followed in response.

 "Thanks for the praise from the higher-ups!" Mao Wei spoke modestly. "Lying in the hospital, I was just so bored! I love this job too much. I missed the brothers and sisters of the Key Case Investigation Unit too much! Everyone relax. This time I came back early, but I’ll be sure to work hard and listen to Team Leader Liu’s orders, and contribute to our branch!" Clap, clap, clap…another wave of clapping rang out.

 Zhao Yu threw a careful look at the sincere Mao Wei, but felt a bit suspicious. Why? This guy’s leg was still crippled, right? Why did he suddenly come back? He heard that Mao Wei needed to be in the hospital for two months before he could be discharged...

 Could it be…That this guy had his eyes set on the ten-million yuan?

Wasn’t this…Too fast?

 Zhao Yu had not been at the Key Case Investigation Unit for too long before Mao Wei was injured. He and this team leader had not shared many interactions, so he did not know about his temper much. He had only heard from Peng Xin and others that Mao Wei was a honest person, good to the higher-ups, good to his underlings, and never offended anyone! But seeing Mao Wei and Liu Changhu so close, Zhao Yu was instinctively on alert.

 "Oh, right!" Bureau Chief Luan Xiaoxiao continued in a hurry. "During the time Mrs. Peng Xin was the temporary leader of Team A, her exceptional performance was clear to all. Due to the unusual circumstances right now, and Team Leader Mao has yet to recovery completely, the higher-ups have decided that for now, Mrs. Peng Xin will act as the vice captain of Team A, and assist Mao Wei in leading Team A. Hopefully everyone will cooperate and act as one to solve this case quickly!" As she finished, there was another wave of polite clapping.

 Once the applause finished, the meeting finally moved onto the main topic. Since this was a case analysis meeting, the focus of the meeting was on discussing the case and organizing tasks for the investigation.

 Team Leader Qu Ping was the first to suggest her own idea. Ever since the bones and the ransom was discovered, she had already sent people to investigate the story behind the mineshaft.

 The silver tunnel of Yinpan Town had been abandoned since the 1980s. The tunnel area belonged to the government at the time, even though it was sometimes owned by individuals. Due to the age of the cave, most of the people were no longer alive, and it would be difficult to investigate.

 But due to the complicated structure of the tunnels, strangers did not usually dare to enter area. Thus, Qu Ping suspected that the kidnapper at least had someone familiar with the area accompanying them. That was why they chose this area to hide the victims! Also, under the cave, someone had even put wooden fencing outside.

 No matter what, this direction of investigation could not be given up on so easily. The future investigation focus should also focus on Yingpan Town tunnel area. They should send people over and familiarize themselves with the old people and see if they had any good information.

 Also, the investigators back then had done some detective work themselves. Since so many people had been kidnapped, there had to be at least three or more kidnappers. Based on the day of the ransom exchange for example, the kidnappers needed at least one person under the cliff to wait for the money, one person to call the parents, and another to keep an eye on the kidnappers.

 The kidnappers had skillfully obtained the ransom money despite being under the watchful eye of the police. Not only did they use public phones to avoid capture, but they also managed to break the tracking device on the money. This showed that within the kidnappers, there was someone who was very knowledgeable about how the police operated. This person may have worked within the police system, or he had a good friend who was a police officer!

 This evidence was considered important in solving the case. The new investigation could start based on that information, and see if there were any suspicious people on that year’s police force. Following that, through some more in-depth discussion between the investigation members, they decided on a number of investigation directions and started dividing up tasks.

 This time it was truly an unpresented level of force. All of the members vowed to solve the Mianling Kidnapping Case; they would not let any piece of evidence slip by!

 Obviously, Zhao Yu could not avoid getting a mission. Due to Zhang Jingfeng and Liang Huan’s return, along with Zhang Jingfeng’s fame as the expert people locator, they were given one of the most important missions of the investigation—to find Liang Sisi!! If this girl was still alive, then this massive cold case would be solved easily once they found her!

 Yet, Zhang Jingfeng who was skilled at locating people was not very optimistic about their odds. He spoke honestly. To find this girl who had disappeared twenty-six years ago, not even knowing if she was dead or alive, was like finding a needle in a haystack.

The possibility of the girl being alive was miniscule! The kidnappers had already ruthlessly murdered five of their hostages. There was no reason to leave one alive and open a risk to themselves later!

If the girl was already dead, the corpse must be buried elsewhere. Unless someone could reenact Zhao Yu’s miracle-like discovery, there was no possibility of a discovery like that!

 If the girl was still alive…The three men’s expression betrayed themselves. The possibility was nearly zero! How could Liang Sisi be alive? How could she have lived? She was only seven when she had disappeared. If she had escaped, how could no one have discovered her? What happened to this girl?

 Of course, no matter how difficult, they had to investigate no matter what. Thus, once the analysis meeting was over, the three men started discussing their plan for the investigation.

 Zhang Jingfeng was the most experienced. He said straightforwardly that the most effective method was go to the National DNA Database and see if they could find DNA from Liang Sisi’s family members!

Their next step would be to ask the Missing Persons Department’s experts to make a portrait of her and see what Liang Sisi’s adult form probably looked like. Then they would distribute it throughout the country, making it a missing person’s case!

Other than that, there were no other methods. Liang Sisi was still a child when she had gone missing. There was no type of identification for her at all. The usual methods that Zhang Jingfeng used to find people would not work at all in this case. Because of their limited options, the three decided to try the methods that Zhang Jingfeng had in mind.

 With their plan set, Zhao Yu finally pointed to his bag of money and asked Liang Huan, "Liang, can you get some contacts for me? The faster I can deal with this money the better. I can’t save this in a bank, and it’s unsafe to keep at home. The faster I can turn this into usable money the better!"

 Liang Huan nodded and told Zhao Yu to let him take care of it. He would make sure to give Zhao Yu a good price!

Zhang Jingfeng suggested that just to be safe, they should go get a safe from the bank, and put the money in there! Zhao Yu thought it was reasonable and decided that when he got off work he would store the money in the safe.

 The three of them were just cleaning up when Liang Huan suddenly remembered something and grabbed Zhao Yu’s arm. "Right, Zhao, I heard from my wife yesterday…you and Miao Ying had some kind of conflict? She…she didn’t do anything to you, right?"

 "Huh?" Zhao Yu was stubborn and immediately asked, "Liang, don’t be like that. Are you underestimating me?"

 "Zhao!" Liang Huan spoke wisely, "No matter who you go against, don’t go against Miao Ying! At my wife’s branch, they have a saying, ‘Stay away from Miao Ying if you value your life’!"

 "Shit, isn’t that an exaggeration?" Zhao Yu laughed and spoke without fear, "I’ve fought her before, but I didn’t feel anything. Yeah, she’s tough, but against me, Zhao Yu, hehehe…"

 "You, don’t understand at all!" Liang Huan shook his head. "I didn’t mean it like that. I’m saying that Miao Ying’s background is too…too much. Anyone who annoyed her at all had a bad ending!"

 "What? What’s her background?" Zhao Yu’s eyes lit up, and he asked in a hurry, "Liang, tell me, what is Miao Ying’s background? Was she rich? Does she have a boyfriend?"

 "Bro!" Liang Huan continued to shake his head. "If we knew her background, then we wouldn’t need to fear her, right? The problem is we don’t know! I heard from my wife that even their branch’s bureau chief doesn’t know Miao Ying’s full background!

 "One time, Miao Ying and their branch office’s vice bureau chief had a conflict. I think that guy wanted to take advantage of Miao Ying. In the end, Miao Ying beat him to a pulp then and there, as mercilessly as you can imagine!

 "Originally, everyone thought it was over for Miao Ying! But guess what? The next day, the vice bureau chief got transferred. The order came overnight from the provincial level. He was directly transferred to lead a nearby village’s police department, basically a three-level demotion! And Miao Ying? Nothing happened to her! Went to work as usual, and continued as the Criminal Investigation Department Leader!"

 "Sh*t, no way?! Holy sh*t…" Zhao Yu thought. He was shocked. To think that once again, he had underestimated Miao Ying. Apparently, Miao Renfeng was not only good at fighting and was rich, she even had connections!

 This…What was he going to do now?

 Thinking back on the shocking kiss from last night, Zhao Yu felt a chill go up his spine…