Crazy Detective
150 Let’s Gather Some Good Karma!
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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150 Let’s Gather Some Good Karma!

it was truly the height of excitement, a climax of emotions! because of zhao yu’s commotion, jiang dafeng prodded the ceiling three times from below, his cursing audible through the floor!

 in that one night, zhao yu had taken care of all his pent-up frustration. it was only when the three were completely worn out that peace returned to the house. but the bed that was only one-hundred fifty centimeters wide was simply too small. halfway through the night, zhao yu was pushed off of the bed by yang hong and huahua, and ended up crawling back into his own smaller bedroom to sleep. even though he was exhausted, zhao yu still tossed and turned in bed, unable to sleep! everything had happened so fast that day, he couldn’t even keep up. he had even fought twice in one day! zhao yu originally did not want to recall his complicated day, but for some reason he could not shake away the beautiful form of miao ying!

 miao ying’s every movement and smile, his thunderous anger, his angry yelling, he could not forget any of it. especially that last shocking kiss that left him completely breathless and distracted! even while he was enjoying his time with the two beauties, miao ying’s form kept popping into his mind. in a moment of distraction, he even mistook the woman under him for miao ying! zhao yu could not help but sigh. even when he was near yao jia, he had never felt like this!

 "what happened to me? could it be…did i really fall for that miao renfeng? is this what being possessed by love feels like? but if i was so possessed by her, why do i keep going against her?" all these thoughts starting running through his head.

 just as zhao yu was distracted, the system finally started its ending message. to his great disappointment, his adventure completion rate was only eighty-one percent, and he only obtained one invisible tracking device. why was that?

 zhao yu could not understand. logically speaking, he had helped yang hong and huahua fix such a huge issue that day, and he had also brought justice down on the societal menace hong zhitao, helping to maintain both social stability and peace. wasn’t this a great thing? why was the completion rate so low? shouldn’t it be at least ninety percent?

 once zhao yu thought about it, he decided not to worry about it. even though he had done something great that day, he had also done something terrible! firstly, he had hired someone to pee on miao ying’s car, and then caused a huge fight. this act was truly immoral and deserving of criticism! even if he had helped yang hong and huahua, he should not have asked for the two women to satisfy his desires in return. that was not very moral! tsk, tsk…

 it seemed like he would have to restrain himself from now on. because he intended to be a better person, he could not do such impulsive things anymore. from now on, he needed to collect more good karma instead!

 originally zhao yu had wanted to open another hexagram, but he suddenly remembered that he still had not analyzed his previous hexagram! the last one he opened, the "kan-li" hexagram, seemed to lean heavily on the water side and weakly on the fire side.

 the "kan" was obvious. that morning he had awkwardly met up with bureau chief luan, then had the adventure with yang hong and huahua, then had a shocking kiss with miao ying! in one day, he already had many encounters with women!

 but then what about the "li" hexagram? thinking back to his encounters today, what did this "li" word mean? since he had not had any family encounters that day, zhao yu immediately eliminated "li" from being related to family.

because "li" and family were unrelated, obviously "xun" represented family! gan, kun, zhen, xun, gen, dui, kan, li...out of the eight hexagrams, "gan" had yet to appear; "kun" had appeared once, but its meaning was undecided; "zhen" meant status; "xun" represented family; "gen" represented job; "dui" represented wealth; and "kan" represented women.

 as of right now, only the "li" hexagram representing fire did not have an explanation, but using the other hexagram explanations to take a guess, zhao yu thought that "li" most likely represented friendship! because they all represented the kind of encounters a person could experience, and the first few had already been covered, friendship was the only missing one!

 then…"li" actually represented friendship? thinking back to his adventure, where did friendship show up? could it be the director lu zhaohong who was working on fighting illegal substances? "maybe after today’s cooperation, him and i will end up as friends? mm…" zhao yu thought.

 "today i went to the ruyang branch office and closed the jian wenli murder case, and also got quite a bit of prize money. logically speaking, this should also be in ‘zhen’ and ‘dui,’ right? also, even though it was an accident, he also somehow caught an illegal trafficking group. this could also go along with ‘gen,’ right? then why didn’t i get these hexagrams?"

 also, what did "kun" represent? was it some sort of combination hexagram, or was there a special meaning? where could he find the explanations for the hexagram explanations that were impossible to understand?

 zhao yu’s thoughts crowded his mind more and more and became messier and messier. after awhile he could not even stop! it seemed that in terms of his miracle system, he still had to work hard to understand it.

 to put his mind elsewhere, he quickly started smoking to open another hexagram. it was already late at night, and his violent coughing noises were easily heard everywhere, resulting in another fit of cursing from jiang dafeng downstairs.

 "dui-zhen hexagram," the system said. "dui for marsh and zhen for thunder. the marsh clouds over the thunder, and noises cannot be heard. demons cloud the ears of people, and people can only judge by their heart."

 "dui-zhen hexagram? money?! increase in status?!" zhao yu was quite happy. his hexagram was great, but the hexagram explanation has said, "noises cannot be heard." was it saying that once the thunder reached the marsh, it could no longer make noise? what did it mean? it had also mentioned "demon" and "heart." what did that mean?

 actually, ever since having the miracle system, zhao yu never stopped investigating these hexagram explanations. he not only looked them up online, but also bought many books about bagua. he even asked a fortune teller, but no matter what he did, he still could not understand it.

 where did these hexagram explanations come from? how could one understand them? faced with the difficult hexagram explanations, zhao yu had a vague feeling about them. he felt like these hexagram explanations definitely had something to do with the adventures that would happen! if he could understand them, then maybe he could know the details of the adventures before they happened and he could complete them more easily!

but how would he understand them? these words were all spoken by the system. even if he had a written copy, he would be unfamiliar with some of the words. how could he look them up?

 speaking of looking things up, zhao yu could not help but remember the miangling kidnapping case that had resurfaced. he did not know if wang fei or the others had found something. why had they still not released any information? could it be that miao ying was right and that they had found something unbelievable? zhao yu thought about it over and over until he finally fell asleep.

 his sleep had been rather limited over the past few days. he had even shown some signs of exhaustion. now that he could finally sleep, he could not sleep well. he had a feeling that something big was going to happen. he also dreamed numerous times of the beautiful miao ying, and miao ying pushing him into bed…


 the next morning zhao yu was still sleeping deeply when his phone buzzed. he opened an eye and turned to his phone. there was a message from rongyang branch asking for the entire key case investigation unit to gather at ten a.m. for a meeting on the mianling kidnapping case.

 he was still groggy, but zhao yu had noticed a change in the wording. the case was originally called the "massive mianling kidnapping disappearance case" but was now called "massive mianling kidnapping murder case!!!"

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