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147 It’s Gotten Out of Hand This Time

Oh…" After Zhao Yu completed his sentence, all of the agents present could not help but exclaim, and their faces even turned white!

"Oh...I’m sorry, please don't be mistaken!" Zhao Yu realized that he had been careless with his words and quickly apologized. "I waited for Captain Miao to pull up her pants back before biting her! I bit her over her clothes! Please don't be mistaken!"

"Oh…" everybody exclaimed again, and the agents’ faces turned from white to green! After their reaction, there was dead silence! Miao Ying’s lips had already turned green with anger, and her whole body was shaking…

Thinking back on the big fight at the police academy, the two things that Miao Ying hated for others to mention the most were her pants falling down and her being bitten. But not only had Zhao Yu said it all out loud, but he had done so in front of her whole team. How could she still remain calm?

At that moment, she wished that she could turn the table upside down and bash Zhao Yu! But...this was a celebration dinner, and Zhao Yu was the representative of the partner branch, so it would be inappropriate to beat him up. After thinking carefully, Miao Ying suppressed her burning rage and slowly sat down.

However, Zhao Yu looked as if he did not care and continued tasting the delicious fish. He had said all of those words on purpose! "Huh! This is called reciprocity! Don't think only you can praise me, I can also praise you!"

Seeing Zhao Yu’s brazen and annoying look, Miao Ying gave him a fierce glare before saying angrily to the agents, "Alright, we’re done eating. Let's go sing at Luyin Karaoke! You guys go and get a big room first, I'll settle the bill here!"

The agents felt that something was not quite right. Zhang quickly lowered his head and asked, "Captain…"

"Get going quick!" Miao Ying waved her hand. "Officer Zhao and I will be there shortly!" Knowing Miao Ying's temper, no one else dared to say anything, and they all went to get their cars.

After everyone left, there was only Miao Ying and Zhao Yu left in the room. Zhao Yu was no fool, and he had noticed that Miao Ying was extremely angry and exasperated. But something was wrong with him, and he still said brazenly, "Alright, Captain Miao, I've had my fill! I've never been to Luyin Karaoke though! Is it far!?"

Bish...A terrifying sound came from Miao Ying’s fist as she walked with heavy steps toward Zhao Yu and said with emphasis, "Zhao Yu! Scram as far as you can! Don't let me see you again! Scram!!"

"Eh?" Although Zhao Yu was already mentally prepared, his anger was also ignited after seeing Miao Ying’s angry and heartless expression. He replied righteously, "Captain Miao, you are wrong to say this! You’re the one who started the topic, but you got angry because you didn’t want to continue. What kind of logic is that?"

But before Zhao Yu could finish, Miao Ying did not wish to waste her breath and had already left. After Zhao Yu left the room, he saw that Miao Ying had already gone to the cashier to get the bill. As there were many people waiting in line, it seemed like Miao Ying had to wait for a while before it was her turn!

"Huh, you tell me to scram, but you were the one who scrammed first?" Zhao Yu mumbled to himself. If he went forward and continued to argue with her, it would really be inappropriate. With this, Zhao Yu took his coat and left the restaurant.

Tsk tsk…He looked left and right, and realized that the place very far from the city and there were no cabs around. It would be difficult to go back without a ride!

Damn...Zhao Yu got angrier the more he thought about it. "What's the meaning of this!? Oh, you’re chasing me away just by saying you don't wanna see me?" Actually, besides feeling angry, Zhao Yu also felt a little disappointed. He did not want to really call it quits with Miao Ying. There was something about Miao Ying that had already deeply attracted him, but he had not realized it until now!

Since there were no cabs around, he had to use a ride-sharing app! "If not…" Zhao Yu saw Miao Ying’s Volkswagen Phaeton and thought to himself, "Why don’t I hide behind the car and sneak in when Miao Ying opens the door!?" Just when Zhao Yu’s thoughts were running wild, he suddenly saw a small table beside the car. There were two people eating and drinking. Although they were men, they both had long hair. One was fat and the other was thin. Both of them had tattoos on their arms, and they looked like young punks in the area.

At that moment, the two were already high and trifling in a drunken state. After seeing them, Zhao Yu suddenly came up with a bad idea. He looked at Miao Ying’s car and then the two men, and his mouth curled into a sinister sneer. He took out one-hundred RMB from his wallet and walked over to the two men. "Hey, you two are enjoying your drinks! Keke…" Zhao Yu pretended to be drunk and slammed the money on the table. "There, do you see that?" He pointed at Miao Ying’s Phaeton. "Whoever goes over there and pisses on that car will get this money!"

"What!" The fat long-haired man glanced at Zhao Yu before roaring, "Are you crazy? Huh!"

Bang! Zhao Yu took out his wallet and put down another hundred! This time around, the two men looked at each other and their expression changed. "Hey! You…" The thin man had just opened his mouth when Zhao Yu slapped down another bill.

"..." the two man had already seen the money and felt tempted. Being an expert in this, Zhao Yu suddenly took the money back after seeing that the two had fallen for his trick. "Then forget it! Pretend I didn’t say anything. I’m off!" With this, he turned to leave, but the thin man immediately held him back while the fat man took big steps toward the Phaeton!

Huh! Zhao Yu gave a satisfied nod and put the money back on the table. At that moment, the fat man who had reached the Phaeton looked around before starting to take his pants off to pee! Zhao Yu had wanted to wait for the man to finish peeing, but he saw that Miao Ying had already paid and was walking over!

Zhao Yu’s heart skipped a beat and he quickly left the three hundred RMB before leaving. He fastened his steps and started to leave the lot, but less than ten meters out, he suddenly heard Miao Ying shout from behind him, "Hey! What are you...ah! Bastard!!!"

"Bastard! Bastard!" Miao Ying was really angry, slapping and shouting at the same time, and her voice even changed. "Bastard! You better lick my car clean today before you can even think of getting away!"

Phew… Zhao Yu heaved a sigh of relief and said to himself, "Luckily Miao Ying did not see me. If she knew that I was the one behind it, I’d be doomed!" Zhao Yu had wanted to turn back to look, but was afraid of being seen by Miao Ying, He quickly lowered his head and continued to walk out.

After just a few steps, the thin man’s roar came from behind again. "Eh? Why are you, a woman, hitting us? We can talk things over, but why do you have to hit us? Eh...eh? What do you want? Eh eh eh…"

Bam… Boom…The thin man also let out a series of cries! He must have been beaten up badly by Miao Ying! "Somebody help! Someone’s hitting us! Help...ah…" After being beaten, one of the men shouted at the top of his lungs, and a few people who were eating grilled skewers across the street quickly rushed over.

A few seconds later, there were more sounds of fighting where Miao Ying was. Zhao Yu frowned and could not help but turn back to look. Under the dim light, there was a mass of bobbing heads, and Miao Ying had already been surrounded by many people.

Tsk tsk… Zhao Yu’s intention had been to play a trick on Miao Ying, but he had not expected to cause such a scene! If this went on, it would be difficult to handle! Just as Zhao Yu was pondering what to do, the shutter doors beside him suddenly opened, and five or six gangster-looking men ran out! These men had been playing mahjong inside just now, and there was still a stack of money on the mahjong table! Among them, a scar face man asked, "Why? What happened?"

Another said, "I heard Tallie shouting for help just now. Was he being hit by someone? Quick, go and take a look!" Zhao Yu peered inside the house and saw that other than the mahjong table, there were also many big boxes. The big boxes all had Korean words on them, and some even had pictures of mobile phones. It could also be clearly seen that inside the open boxes were many mobile phone cables and electronic products related to earphones, etc.

Because of his knowledge from his past life , Zhao Yu could immediately tell that there was definitely something wrong with the house. They were either smuggling or dealing with pirated goods. Why else would there be so many strong, young men guarding it? Seeing Zhao Yu peering inside, the scar face man shouted fiercely at him, "Hey! What are you looking at?" Right after this, he quickly ordered the man behind him to close the door, and the shutter doors went down.

"Boss, I think they really got into a fight!" someone pointed at where Miao Ying was and shouted.

"Let’s go and take a look!" Once the scar face man commanded, everyone charged over!

"Oh my, holy sh*t...this is bad!" Zhao Yu’s heart skipped a beat. "It’s really gotten out of hand this time!!!"