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Beep beep…Zhao Yu had just reached home when he got Jiang Xiaoqing’s WeChat message: "Officer Zhao, I saw the three men crawl out the door just now! Were they beaten up by you? Are you okay? Should I call for an ambulance or the police? Reply ASAP…"

Zhao Yu laughed and quickly went to the balcony with the phone in his hand. He waved to the worried Jiang Xiaoqing. "Xiaoqing, I’m okay! Play with the dog for a while, I have something important to settle!"

 Jiang Xiaoqing had wanted to probe further, but Zhao Yu had already gone back into the house. He found a number in his phone and dialed it immediately. He was calling Supervisor Lu Zhaohong from the Anti-Pornography and Illegal Activities Unit of Rongyang Branch.

 "Hello, is this Supervisor Lu? Do you know who I am? I’m Zhao Yu…" Although Zhao Yu and Supervisor Zhao were merely acquaintances, they were in the same branch.

Supervisor Lu quickly recognized Zhao Yu’s voice and laughed as he replied, "Hey? Bro Zhao? This is really unexpected...What’s up?"

 "Bro, keke…" Zhao Yu also laughed. "As it’s an urgent matter, I shall not beat around the bush. I’m calling you because of something really, really important!"

 "Oh?" As Zhao Yu had solved a few major cases, he had already made a name for himself in all of Rongyang Branch. Since he said that he had something important to discuss, Lu Zhaohong naturally did not dare to ignore it and gave him his full attention.

 "Keke…" Zhao Yu laughed. "Bro, I guess you must have heard that a big leader from the province police station will be stationed at our unit?"

 "Oh?" Lu Zhaohong frowned and quickly nodded. "Yes, that’s right! The head bureau chief has already introduced him to all of the colleagues in our branch! What’s wrong?"

 "It’s like this! This leader...we know each other personally. I’m not sure if you’ve heard about that?" Zhao Yu asked mysteriously.

 "Yes, yes, yes!" Lu Zhaohong said. "Of course I’ve heard. That leader is not friendly with anyone else but you, Bro Zhao! You have a really wide network!"

 "Please don’t say that!" Zhao Yu said idly. "It’s like that. He gave me quite a lot of information when we were having a meal together! And the information mainly concerns you, so I thought to tell you immediately. Don’t tell anyone else about this!"

 "Ah!?" Lu Zhaohong was stunned. "Yes, yes, yes, don’t worry bro!"

 "Actually...it’s quite simple." Zhao Yu quickly got to the main topic seeing that the other party had fallen for his trick. "The main reason why he come to our branch is because the illegal gambling activity at some of the red-light districts are getting out of hand, and this area has already gotten their attention! With your years of experience, I guess I need not say more? They are not investigating on the illegal activities, but on the conduct of us police officers!"

 "Ah!?" Lu Zhaohong was dumbstruck and he stammered, "B-bro! We’ve been working hard on this area recently. I guess there shouldn’t be any problem?"

 "Kekeke...I guess you’re unaware!" Zhao Yu sighed and pretended to be hesitant before telling Lu Zhaohong cautiously, "Bro, I shall be honest with you, the province police station has already given me a mission, and I’ve gotten news that illegal activities such as prostitution, gambling, drug dealing, mob fights, and etc. at Chahai Street have been really serious recently! I’ll send you the evidence in a bit if you don’t believe me! It took me great effort to get this piece of information!"

 "Ah!?" Chahai Street was under the jurisdiction of Rongyang Branch. If there were any illegal activities going on there, Lu Zhaohong and his Anti-pornography and Illegal Activities Unit would be the first to bear the brunt. Lu Zhaohong was extremely terrified by Zhao Yu’s news and quickly asked, "Bro, bro! I believe you, why wouldn’t I believe you! Ah...this is such a big news! Thank you for telling me. If you hadn’t, I would be in deep trouble!"

 "Don’t mention it! We’re from the same branch and we should stand as one!" Zhao Yu continued, "You are the first one I thought of when I got this news! Let me put it this way, the higher-ups are now mainly investigating on a local tyrant called Hong Zhitao. This man calls himself Master Hong, and he has already done countless illegal activities, and is under special investigation by the provincial police office! I’ve just received news that he will be doing some major illegal activities in the next hour...Bro! If you can get rid of them at this critical juncture, kekeke…"

"Oh…" Lu Zhaohong already had goosebumps all over. He quickly thanked Zhao Yu, "Bro, I’m really grateful that you’re giving me help at a time like this!"

"Bro, I’m not trying to give myself credit here," Zhao Yu continued with his acting, "but even the bureau chief has yet to figure out what the provincial police want exactly! If you are able to settle this nicely now, wouldn’t the rest be easy in the future? If you do well next time, don’t forget about me!"

"Ah, sure, of course! I’ll definitely remember your kindness!" Lu Zhaohong said with gratitude. "You’ll be like my real brother from now on! I’ll definitely do a good job! I’ll go gather some officers now!"

"Yes, you have to be fast!" Zhao Yu advised. "Also, you’ve gotta make them strike out when dealing with these organized crime syndicates. Not only do you have to defeat them, but you have to get rid of them completely! Especially that Hong Zhitao. He’s committed so many crimes and the provincial police has already gotten much evidence against him. If you do less than them, it may not look too good…"

"I understand! Don’t worry! I’ll definitely check thoroughly!" Lu Zhaohong said. "Bro, if hear more good stuff in future, don’t forget about me! I’ll need your advice!"

"Don’t worry!" Zhao Yu laughed. "I’ll send you the recording that I got in a little bit. But for now, you better take action fast!"

"Alright! I’ll talk to you again, bro!" Lu Zhaohong patted his chest. "No words can express my gratitude, bro. Wait until after the matter is settled and see how I perform!"

After hanging up, Zhao Yu laughed, feeling satisfied. He started to edit the recording, deleting the beginning and end, and sent Lu Zhaohong only the important parts. With this recording as evidence, Lu Zhaohong would definitely put in great effort!

"Heh heh heh…" Zhao Yu could not help but laugh and say to himself, "I’ve done such a good deed today, getting rid of a menace to society. Is the completion rate going to be perfect this time? I wonder what good stuff I’ll receive this time?"

However, it could also be understood that the power of the government was still the greatest! With just a phone call, the years of hard work of Hong Zhitao and his men was going to be destroyed overnight!

Mmm…Something struck Zhao Yu from the bottom of his heart, making him feel that an evil gangster would never come to a good end no matter how well he did. As a result, he had a new view on life and understanding for his identity as a police officer. He realized that...it was not necessary to fight and kill to settle something, and it could still be settled nicely! Alright, the tyrant issue had been settled, so...what was next? Once he thought about Yang Hong and Huahua staying opposite of him, Zhao Yu felt hot all over...