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139 The Tracking Dog that Lives Up to its Name

Although Zhao Yu’s idea was good, it was not very plausible. This invisible cloak could only last a mere sixty seconds. Zhao Yu could not help but feel disappointed. How could one minute be enough? There were too many things to see! If he were really going to use it in a female bathhouse, he would be exposed before being able to look clearly!

 According to the past, after an adventure had been completed, a new adventure should be activated. As it was raining heavily outside, Zhao Yu lit up a cigarette in the car, ready for the next message. As a result, Zhao Yu received strong contempt from Dafei. Dafei thought to himself, "Zhao Yu’s temper is really unpredictable. Just now, Liang Huan wanted to smoke and Zhao Yu was going crazy, but now he wants to smoke? How unreasonable is that?"

 Zhao Yu did not worry about Dafei. After coughing loudly, there was a new hexagram. "Kan-Li hexagram. Water and fire, water heavier than fire, heaven and earth compete, clouds sweep the sun and moon, both hearts become clear."

"Kan" made Zhao Yu wonder if he was going to deal with a woman that day. Who would it be this time? As for "Li" which represented fire, it was still unclear. According to Zhao Yu’s analysis, between "Li" and "Xun," one represented family or kinship. Today, he was going to verify which one it was. After the hexagram reading was done, Zhao Yu felt slightly more at ease, and started thinking about other stuff before dozing off in the car until dawn.

 It was already six in the morning. After holding it for one night, he felt his stomach make noises and he needed to use the bathroom. Shaking off his drowsiness, he opened the car door and got out. Seeing his master got out of the car, the dog followed him.

"Hey? You didn’t sleep?" Zhao Yu lowered his head to greet him but the dog had already rushed to the bottom of a small tree to pee.

"Keke…" Zhao Yu laughed. "You also can’t hold it anymore huh!?" After this, he looked up at the surroundings. Although it was early in the morning, the open area at the bottom of the mountain was more crowded than the day before. The engineers and policemen sent by the higher-ups were all busy working, and the investigation parameters continued to expand.

It was nice to be an onlooker. Many villagers from Yinpan Town had crowded around early in the morning out of curiosity, and were gesturing outside the police cordon as they watched on. Zhao Yu also saw many reporters carrying video cameras and holding mobile phones. The media had gotten the news so fast, they were indeed professionals.

There was no toilet at where Zhao Yu was. If he were to go by the standard procedure, he would have to return to the town area and look for a public toilet, and the whole return journey would take at least twenty minutes. Therefore, he quietly walked toward the trees. Unexpectedly, after peeing, the dog followed him while jumping up and down. Not only did he go around Zhao Yu a few times, but he even barked and looked very excited.

"Shhh…" Zhao Yu quickly stopped him. "Stop it, shut up! We’re finding a place to pee, it’s not nice for others to see…" Before Zhao Yu could finish saying, the dog ran toward the trees Zhao Yu had chosen. Zhao Yu looked around again and continued walking after seeing that no one had noticed him.

"Woof! Woof! Woof!" Soon, the dog’s barking sound came from the trees. Not only did he bark happily, he also growled as if he wanted food or sensed danger. "Damn!" Zhao Yu cursed in silence. "Silly dog, what are you barking at? Are you afraid that others can’t see that I’m peeing?" However, he really could not take it anymore. Seeing that he was already at a quiet place, he started to unfasten his belt and get ready to pee.

"Woof! Woof…" The dog barked again. Unexpectedly, after the dog barked, an "Ah" sound suddenly came from the bushes! Zhao Yu got a shock and almost could not control his urine. Was whoever the "Ah" sound came from actually a woman!?

"Woof! Woof! Woof…" the dog was still barking madly at the bushes, as if he had met an enemy. Zhao Yu noticed that something could have happened. He quickly held his pants and rushed over as he shouted at the dog, "Hey, stop barking! You want a beating!?" Shortly after, he was shocked to see that there was actually someone squatting in the bushes!

It was a woman! A woman in a police uniform! And it was a woman who was relieving herself!! What drove Zhao Yu even crazier was that this woman in a police uniform and relieving herself was none other than his bureau chief, Luan Xiaoxiao!

"Oh my goodness! This…" Zhao Yu’s forehead was suddenly filled with black lines and the muscles on his face started trembling. At that moment, Luan Xiaoxiao also saw Zhao Yu, and her face turned red immediately. It was extremely embarrassing! Zhao Yu reacted quickly. Once he saw that it was the bureau chief relieving herself, he quickly picked up a branch from the ground and pretended to throw it at the dog as he shouted, "Get lost! Quick! Where did this wild dog come from?"

Seeing that his master was angry, the dog cooperated and quickly went into hiding. Zhao Yu only heaved a sigh of relief after seeing that the dog had ran away. To disassociate himself from the dog, he quickly said to Bureau Chief Luan, "It’s okay now, the dog has been chased away by me! Please...mmm…" He had wanted to say "Please continue" but felt that it was inappropriate. He quickly gave Bureau Chief Luan a salute and wanted to quickly disappear; however, he had forgotten something important while in a rush. He had not fastened his belt! It had not paid off to give the salute. His pants fell right to the ground! The already embarrassed Bureau Chief Luan’s face turned green…

Five minutes later, Zhao Yu squatted on the ground and kept scolding the dog. He finally understood why the dog found Bureau Chief Luan in such a short time. He was indeed a poop expert that lived up to its name! He must have gone for the poop just then!

"Depressing...This will not do, should the dog be disciplined?" Zhao Yu thought. However, the dog was quite smart. Seeing that his master was boiling mad, he had already hidden faraway and stopped moving forward. At that point, Bureau Chief Luan had already gone back into the police car. When she walked past Zhao Yu, she did not say a single word, but Zhao Yu could sense that Bureau Chief Luan was shaking all over and was obviously very angry!

"Great, I’ve offended the bureau chief just by going for a pee, and I’ve offended her to the extreme! This...how did this happen!? Why did my pants also drop? And Bureau Chief Luan, you’re also too much. As a woman, shouldn’t you get someone to guard for you when you relieve yourself?

"Arrgh! ‘Kan’ hexagram! Woman! To think that I had to meet the first woman like this! My goodness, that was really embarrassing. If I see Bureau Chief Luan again in future, oh my! I can’t imagine…" Zhao Yu was moping to himself when he saw Hu Bin in white overalls walking over from the mountain. After taking off his cap and mask, Zhao Yu could see that he was pale and sweating all over, and looked extremely exhausted.

Other than the engineering team in charge of excavation, the ones who had worked the hardest the night before were workers from the forensics department. In order not to miss any clue or evidence, they had worked the entire night in the oxygen-deprived mine-pit. Zhao Yu was unsure of the situation in the mine pit and wanted to ask Hu Bin; however, just as he reached Hu Bin, noises suddenly came from the mountain. There were more collectors coming out of the mine pit, and they were even holding a few white bags in their hands. Zhao Yu was aware that those were bags used by the forensics department for corpses!!