Crazy Detective
138 Pace of Perverted Tendencies
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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138 Pace of Perverted Tendencies

Twentysix years ago, before sunset. On the meandering mountain highways of Qinshan, a red Changhe van was speeding through. To the right of the highway was the grand Qinshui river. The setting sun’s orange rays poured across on the mountain range in the distance, turning the entire mountain a golden yellow. The sunlight also fell through the car window, pouring upon the happy faces of the children, making them look even more dazzling.

 There were five elementary school children sitting in the car. The oldest, Liang Shuhan, was already in the sixth grade. The youngest, Liang Sisi, was only seven that year, just starting first grade.

These five students were all children of rich families in Mianling Town. Due to the average schooling conditions in Mianling, their parents arranged for their children to attend better schools in the city district instead. They had even hired a special driver to drive the children everyday through the mountains. The driver’s name was Niu Weiguang. He was also a native of the Mianling area, and usually drove cabs for a living. But because he took this job, his salary became quite respectable. At the moment, Liu Weiguang was humming a happy tune as he drove the car.

 "Uncle Liu!" From the back seat came Liang Sisi’s youthful voice, "Can you turn on the radio, so we can listen to some songs?"

 Niu Weiguang smiled gently and extended his hand to turn on the radio, but only static came through the radio. Even changing the station several times did not work.

 "Mm…" Niu Weiguang spoke apologetically, "The radio might be messed up. Tomorrow I’ll go and fix it…hm…Sisi, how about this! You can sing a song for us then? Tell uncle, did you learn any good songs in school?"

 "Mm…" Liu Sisi pouted as she spoke, "I won’t sing songs from school! They sound bad! How about…I’ll sing ‘Walk Gracefully Once?’ Everyone in my class knows that song!"

 "I know it too!"

 "Me too…"

 Two other boys in the car also eagerly rose their hands.

 "Aiya…haha…" Niu Weiguang laughed. "You guys are all so smart! Then how about…you guys sing together!"

 "Okay…" Liang Sisi was the first to nod. "The world is leisurely passing, going hastily onwards like the tides and ebb tides…" The youthful sound attracted the interest of all the other children, and everyone started singing together: "Love and hate, life and death, old age, a few people can see through…"

 "Red Dust ah! billowing senselessly ah! ..." Niu Weiguang was also engaged and started humming to the children’s song, sometimes even slapping his hand on the wheel to the beat of the song.

 On the empty mountain highway, only their car continued. But because of the children’s singing, the red van felt particularly refreshing and happy, even the car’s wheels seemed to have some sort of beat to them.

As they drove, a tunnel suddenly appeared on the highway. This tunnel was called the Hujia Mouth Tunnel. The full length was only two kilometers. After passing through the tunnel, it was only a six or seven minute drive to Mianling Town.

 Woosh…The van sped into the tunnel, and the sound of the children’s singing started fading away. When the car finally disappeared into the darkness, the pitch-black tunnel entrance was suddenly silent, appearing deathly quiet…


Back in the present, another ray of warm sunshine passed through the window and poured onto Zhao Yu’s face. Zhao Yu layed on the backseat of the car for a whole night. He was already lacking sleep, but with the commotion outside of the car, he immediately opened his eyes.

 It had been quite a rough night. He had spent the first half awake, but he had not received any orders by the end. No new commands, not even one to allow them to leave, only messages asking for the entire police force to stay put and wait for further instructions.

 "Ah…" Zhao Yu yawned and looked at his watch. It was already six in the morning. The rain from the night before had finally stopped. Sitting in the car, he could still smell the fresh smell of grass after rain.

 Inside of the patrol car Da Fei, in the driver’s seat, was still asleep. The Malinois hound was pushed under the seat by Zhao Yu, and was curled up on the floor, also completely asleep.

 Tsk, tsk…Zhao Yu began to recall what had happened last night, when everything happened so fast. He tried to organize his thoughts again, wanting to sort all of the complicated matters properly.

 First, Miao Ying sent him information that they had caught Mi Aijung. Because Mi Aijung had already admitted to the crime, it meant that Jian Wenli’s case was completely closed! Zhao Yu finally could let this matter go. Even though what would happen was still unclear, at the very least, Lin Meifeng’s punishment would definitely be lessened.

 At the time, he had wanted to tease Miao Ying and ask her to invite him out for food, but unexpectedly, someone reported that they had found something inside the cavern! After exchanging information, Zhao Yu heard that the construction team had apparently found...bones during the digging process. The experts in the forensics department had already verified that the bones were human!

 To think that under these collapsed cavern there was really was dead people! Then…who was this person? Was this the kidnapper, or the kidnapped?

 Because the corpse was already dug out, Zhao Yu had thought that once the forensics department finished analyzing, they would leave. However, it had been an entire night and they were still there.

Could it be…their did not finish collecting things? Maybe because the tunnel collapse was severe, so it was difficult to clean up? At the time, not only was Zhao Yu curious, but the other investigators were confused too. Some people even guessed that maybe there was more than one set of bones!

 Whew…Zhao Yu calmed his exhausted nerves, and began to ponder about his own system again. Last night just as the radio went off, the Miracle System announced his completion rate. Unexpectedly, Zhao Yu’s completion rate was a shocking ninety-eight percent!!!

 This was Zhao Yu’s highest completion rate to date! He truly could not understand. Why was his completion rate so high this time? "Kun-Zhen" Hexagram! The Earth shocked by Thunder…

 Trying to recall his adventure that day, Zhao Yu felt that if "Zhen" represented his status, the explanation was easy. Yesterday, during the police meeting, he had looked amazing. Obviously his position in the police department had increased.

"But…How do I explain "Kun" then? What does it really represent? Was it related to closing the case with Jian Wenli? Or…related to discovering the Kidnapping Case?" Zhao Yu wondered. But before he had the time to think, the system immediately announced his prizes. This time, he got five items at once. The items’ name was interesting. They were called "invisible invisibility cloak!" Mirroring its name, this item was something that let Zhao Yu become invisible. After he used it, other people would not be able to see him.

"Holy sh*t!" Zhao Yu could not help but sigh in amazement. "Invisibility? This is an amazing item! Also, I got five?! Once I put this on, I can go to the female showers and bathrooms and see the display! Apparently, my perverted habits are now more quick and advanced than ever before!"
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