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136 Glory Beyond Glory

The rain was first a drizzle, but with the cold wind blowing through, it covered the night with a light haze of watery mist. The gradually dropping temperature affected the people too. Even while sitting in their cars, it still felt rather chilly.

 At the moment, it was already past twelve o’clock at night at the back entrance of the Yinpan Town at Yinpan Mountain. Even though the town did not have many citizens, the police officers still set up their parameters using yellow police tape out of habit.

 Team Leader Peng Xin and Qu Ping of the Rongyang Branch office, sample collectors from the forensics department, a few special investigators from the city council, and a few special tunnel construction workers that were hired for this had already entered the cave. They were currently cleaning up the collapsed tunnel entrance to see under the rubble. Could there be any other secrets?!

 Outside of the tunnel, at an open area at the foot of the mountain was many police cars of various sizes. Because of the sudden drizzling, regardless of whether they were an influential official or a rookie police officer, they were all huddled up in the car, waiting for information.

 Zhao Yu was sitting in one of the police car. His Malinois hound that he had named Sherlock Holmes was sitting beside him in the car. After the shower, the dog not only looked more refreshed, but it also smelled very sweet. At the moment, it was panting loudly as it sat obediently beside its owner Zhao Yu, as if also patiently waiting to find out the answer!

 Zhao Yu patted the dog’s head, but his heart was out of it. Even though he had the Miracle System on him, he still could never have dreamed of such a coincidence. This sort of exaggerated, extraordinary situation! He had only wanted to catch the escaped criminal, yet he had randomly picked up a bag full of money, and this bag was the key item in another massive case!

He truly could not understand this level of miracle. If it was not for Yang Wentao escaping into this collapsed cavern; if it was not for him hitting Yang Wentao with the rock, causing the rocks to collapse; if he had not moved the rocks to save Yang Wentao, then…he and this bag would’ve never met.

 Then…Could it be…This nearly impossible to solve, massive case, would have continued to sleep, never to see the light of the day?

 Remembering back to the office that afternoon, once Zhao Yu realized that the bag was connected to the case, he already realized he could not hide it anymore! Even though this bag could be worth millions, but to be connected to a case with so much influence, it just was not fun and games anymore.

 Thus, Zhao Yu immediately called Peng Xin and investigator in team A. Then, in front of everyone, he honestly described the entire process of how he got the bag! When everyone finished listening, no one could speak for a full three minutes! Everyone was stunned! Even Liu Xueshan, an old investigator with more than twenty years of experience had never seen something so miraculous!

 Inside of this bag was the kidnapper’s money from twenty-six years ago?! Using this bag, could they finally discover the truth behind the case?! Those children that were kidnapped back then, what happened to them? Are they still alive? Could there still be other clues hidden within the collapsed cavern?

 Peng Xin also realized the weight of the situation. Not only did she find Liu Changhu immediately, but she even called over the more experienced Qu Ping. At that point, no one had any mind for tricks or pride! The more people, the better by that point. If they really found evidence for the Mianling Kidnapping Case, this was no longer a matter of rewards or prizes, this could affect the entire police squad of Qinshan!

 Yet, out of all the investigators, only Liu Changhu was out of the loop. Even now, he still wanted to blame Zhao Yu, asking, "With something so important, why didn’t you report it earlier? Why did you take the money? If closing the case is interrupted by this, I’ll ask you, etc…"

 In the end, Liu Changhu’s ill-intentioned scolding finally got to Zhao Yu. He scooped up an empty coffee cup, and threw it once again at Liu Changhu!

Liu Changhu had turned in fear, and the cup slammed heavily into his spine!

 "Hey, hey…" Liu Huan saw the situation turn sour, and immediately came up and pulled on Zhao Yu.

 "Zhao Yu! Ah…" Liu Changhu had wanted to give Zhao Yu a piece of his mind, but Qu Ping suddenly popped up and roared at Liu Changhu, "Captain Liu, please be more professional, okay? You’re the captain of a police team!"

 Hearing Qu Ping’s vicious roar, Liu Changhu was completely thunderstruck. The investigators had never seen Team Leader Qu so angry, not to mention, the target of her anger was her boss!

 "Zhao Yu found such important evidence, yet…you still have the heart to dispute with him?! If he had wanted to keep the money for himself, why would we be here right now?" Qu Ping scolded, completely angry, "This isn’t some normal case, this is the Mianling Kidnapping Case!! This isn’t a case Rongyang Brance can take care of by ourselves. If you aren’t going and alerting the higher-ups, what are you doing?!"

 "Mm…Umm…" Seeing Qu Ping’s angered form, Liu Changhu could not help but shiver. Finally realizing the gravity of this case, he immediately pulled out his phone to make the calls.

 "Peng Xin!" Qu Ping commanded, very much like the leader she was, "Later, after the higher-up know the details, we have to immediately start investigating. The entire office has to move out, so make sure to have your squad prepared beforehand!"

 "Oh!" Peng Xin nodded.

 "Zhao Yu!" Qu Ping turned to Zhao Yu, "Because you were the one to find the evidence, you have to describe the detail of the case completely, especially the location of the bag! Ask Li Beini to help you, and put the information in a report ASAP. Let every leader see this report, and in the end, make sure to take it to the provincial office!"

 "Oh!" Because Qu Ping had just helped him just now, Zhao Yu’s attitude towards Qu Ping shifted greatly. He immediately nodded in agreement.

 "Yao Hui, hurry up and give a call to Department Leader Wang Fei!" Qu Ping pointed at the bag and the money and told her underling, "Tell her to send someone to take the evidence and investigate thoroughly, try to have the information back in the shortest time possible!" The investigator named Yao Hui nodded, then immediately went to call.

 Even though Zhao Yu felt a bit pained from losing the money, he knew clearly that this money was not meant to be his! Even though the kidnapped children were missing, the parents were still around. This money had to be returned! Also, if there were any fingerprints and such on the bills, it could be an important piece of evidence for solving the case!

 "Everyone listen to me." Qu Ping called all the investigators and raised her voice. "Mianling’s massive kidnapping case was called the first cold case of Qinshan. Now that we have obtained first-hand evidence for the case, following the rules, this difficult investigation is now Rongyang Key Case Investigation Unit’s responsibility!

 "I think I don’t need to repeat the importance of this case!" Qu Ping shook slightly, her eyes glanced at Zhao Yu before she continued, "I want to say, everyone shake off your conflicts and work together! If we can solve this huge case, then it will be the glory of all glories for Rongyang Branch! We will be recorded in the History of the Qinshan Police Team!"