Crazy Detective
131 Why Is It You?
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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131 Why Is It You?

Zhao Yu originally wanted to sneak to his seat without anyone noticing. But just as he entered the meeting room, Bureau Chief Yang had just mentioned his name, which made him all the more noticeable. Even though he snuck into the corner and sat down, everyone’s focus simply followed him.

 At first, Zhao Yu did not notice as licked his lips and asked the investigator beside him in a low voice, "Hey, bro, how far did we get? Is it time for my praise?" Only when he saw the investigator avoid his gaze and did not dare to speak did Zhao Yu notice that all of the investigators in the meeting room were all looking at him!

 "Huh?" Zhao Yu was a little confused. "Wasn’t I just a little late? Why are they all staring at me?" he thought.

 "Zhao Yu!" Luan Xiaoxiao was also looking at the tardy Zhao Yu and immediately waved her hand in greeting. "Come here, Mister Zhao Yu, come here, here!" Zhao Yu did not get it, but he could only leave his chair and make his way toward the higher-ups.

 As he walked forward, Zhao Yu was even more confused because he kept seeing Peng Xin make faces at him. Then he saw two new faces at the front of the meeting room. Then at the end, he saw Bureau Chief Zhou Andong rubbing his face repeatedly, clearly unhappy.

 "Higher-ups…" Luan Xiaoxiao spoke as she pointed to Zhao Yu, "This is Mister Zhao Yu. My apologies, he was researching a difficult case and was late…"

 "Huh?!" When he saw Zhao Yu, the stoic department leader, Su Yang, suddenly spoke. Not only did he speak, but he even stood up and pointed. "What…why is it you?!"

 Zhao Yu paused then looked carefully. He finally recognized the other and was shocked as he spoke, "Sh*t…you?!"

 Wah…The investigators were suddenly thunderstruck. Bureau Chief Zhou nearly lost his mind. This…this is too crazy! A grand police officer, with such a sailor’s mouth…The shock continued.

Department Leader Su Yang apparently did not care and left his seat and walked towards Zhao Yu. He shook his hand as he spoke, "I didn’t think you’d work here!"

 "You…" Zhao Yu pointed at Su Yang, very confused. "Why is your face white? Wasn’t your face red?"

 "Cough! That was the alcohol’s fault." Su Yang shook Zhao Yu’s hand and started laughing as if he was talking to a close friend. "Afterward, I thought about it more. Even though you have quite a temper, you were still helping people! Our intentions were both good!"

 As it turned out, Su Yang was the red-faced man Zhao Yu had run into at the hotpot shop a few days ago. Zhao Yu knew that the man was a police officer, but he never would have expected that they were actually a provincial level officer?!

 Technically, Zhao Yu and this person had only met once, and it was under a rather aggressive situation. But Zhao Yu was sneaky. Seeing Su Yang talk to him first, he responded warmly and immediately had an idea. "Well sh*t, this is such a rare opportunity. If I don’t make use of the situation to my favor, then I’d be an idiot!"

 Zhao Yu feigned a close relationship and patted the department leader on the shoulder as he laughed. "Don’t praise me! The police officers work for the people, what I did was my duty! But I’m still quite angry that you stole my thunder! Also, what you said that day doesn’t sit well with me! Even though your arm is thicker than mine, if you really want to arm wrestle with me, I doubt you could win!"

 "Off with you!" Department Leader Su was quite cooperative. He even started laughing and joking with Zhao Yu. "Then we’ll compete later, I’ll have you crying for mercy!"

 "Okay, it’s a promise! Alright, alright, let’s get back to business! We can talk later." Zhao Yu pointed at the higher-up’s seats and lowered his voice, "Tonight at six, I call sitting on the east side!"

 "No, tonight I have plans, how about tomorrow noon, noon!" Su Yang smiled as he returned to his seat but continued with a pause, "But…I’ll invite you!"

 Wow…Even though the two talked quietly, the police officers there has heard most of it. Everyone’s perspective of Zhao Yu completely changed!

 "My god, what kind of situation is this?"

 "Why does Zhao Yu know provincial level officials?"

 "And, by the look of it, they’re quite close! The provincial officer even invited him out for food!"

 "This…What kind of situation is this…Oh…" Someone realized something and thought to themselves, "No wonder Zhao Yu was so bold and arrogant! He has huge support to back him up!"

 "Ah, my heart," some people thought. The Key Case Investigation Unit was too dangerous. Thank god, they had not offended this demon king Zhao.

 Liu Changhu also could not help but be confused. Even though from the look of it, Zhao Yu and this high officer should not have had any close contact, the way they patted each other’s shoulders and even talked about arm wrestling clearly meant that their relationship was more than what met the eye.

 Bureau Chief Zhou Andong was equally surprised. He should have known everyone’s relationship to each other in the office. He had never heard that Zhao Yu knew anybody at the provincial level? This Zhao Yu…was not someone normal…

 Seeing Zhao Yu and Department Leader Su’s friendly chat, Bureau Chief Yang of the city level station could not help but place Zhao Yu at a higher level in his mind. Before, he had only heard that Zhao Yu had closed three big cases within a month, and caught four culprits. To think his connections would be so wide too! He knew the department leader of the provincial office?

 Bureau Chief Yang immediately started smiling and praising Zhao Yu, saying that he was a model police officer and that everyone should learn from him! To satisfy the curiosity of the crowd, he even asked Zhao Yu to describe the cases for everyone so they could learn from him.

 Making himself look good was Zhao Yu’s specialty. In front of everyone, he described the entire process of him solving each case. He exaggerated some things here and there, and even completely fabricated some elements! The way he described the cases was like some Hollywood movie!

 First, he spoke about how carefully he looked through the cases, how he respected his beloved job, how much he gave out, and how he even sacrificed food and sleep to research each case!

 Then, he talked about how focused he was, how determined he was and that never gave up. He mentioned all the danged he encountered while investigating each cases, not holding back any details!

 Finally, he spoke of how he battled the culprit in a fight to the death, how dangerous it was, and how his life had been on the line. He even took off his socks and let everyone see the injury on his foot…

 Amazingly, Zhao Yu’s shameless advertisement of himself had a very clear effect. He actually grabbed everyone’s attention! All of the investigators were drawn in by his story and the clapping did not cease. A few higher-ups were truly impressed by Zhao Yu’s "supposed" investigation ability. Even Department Leader Su kept giving him a thumbs up, praising him!

 Thus, the meeting ended with the Zhao Yu’s self-advertisement, followed by the higher-up’s praise for him! Seeing him receive the higher-up’s praise, Bureau Chief Zhou Andong felt especially proud. He had already long erased his feelings of disdain for Zhao Yu and began praising him non-stop as well.

 There was no need to mention Peng Xin, Li Beini, and other members of Team A. Especially Li Beini, who knew some of the more intimate details of Zhao Yu’s stories. Seeing Zhao Yu’s completely shameless performance, she was defeated! God, someone who can praise himself so much, how shameless do they have to be?!

 Of course, there were also people who were very unhappy with the results, like Team Leader Qu Ping of team B. Because of Zhao Yu’s performance, the Nursery Home Burglary Case that her team had finally closed was completely ignored, seemingly unimportant. How could she sit there and watch her accomplishments be ignored so blatantly from the higher-ups?

 If Qu Ping’s feeling towards Zhao Yu was jealousy, then for Liu Changhu, it was raw hatred! He had originally thought that Zhao Yu’s absence would cause people to dislike him! But it had turned out that Zhao Yu had become the star of the police team!

 "Zhao Yu!!" Liu Changhu was so angry he felt his bones shake and thought, "Kiddo, just wait! One of these days, I’ll destroy you completely!"

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