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130 Specified to Mee

Different from normal meetings, the two most important seats on the meeting table were reserved. The head bureau chief, Zhou Andong, and the other deputy bureau chiefs were all seated at second-level seats.

 "Peng Xin." Before the meeting, Liu Changhu asked Peng Xin anxiously, "Where’s Zhao Yu? Didn’t you inform him?"

 "I did inform him!" Peng Xin also looked anxious. "I’ve reminded him a few times! Just now Li Beini told me that he said he had an urgent case to attend to and left in a hurry!"

 "You…" Liu Changhu was panicking and his face was trembling. "All of you are really outrageous, what other things are you hiding from me, huh? Aren’t the cases all solved? What else is he investigating?"

 "He...isn’t he on the Cold Case Unit?" Peng Xin could not be bothered with Liu Changhu’s accusations. "There are tons of old cases! Who knows which one he’s investigating?"

 "You!" Liu Changhu glared with his eyes wide open as if he was going to eat someone up. "Let me tell you, there are leaders from the province and city-levels here today, and they all indicated that they want to see Zhao Yu! How can he not come? If Bureau Chief Zhou blames us, how’re you gonna explain?"

 "Tsk tsk…" Peng Xin was extremely anxious. She had called Zhao Yu many times but he did not pick up. Having no other choice, she asked Li Beini for help, but Li Beini could only see Zhao Yu’s location that showed he was at Rongyang detention center, and he still could not be reached by phone.

"Changhu." At that moment, Bureau Chief Zhou swept his eyes across the detectives and also discovered the problem. He waved at Liu Changhu and asked, "Where’s Zhao Yu? Why don’t I see him?"

"Mmm…" Liu Changhu’s forehead was sweating but he took advantage of the situation and answered, "I have no idea where he’s gone to? He could not be contacted!"

"What?" Bureau Chief Zhou frowned deeply. Peng Xin saw that Liu Changhu was making up stories about Zhao Yu and quickly explained to the bureau chief, "Bureau Chief Zhou, Zhao Yu received an important lead just now and went to Rongyang detention center to investigate the case!"

"Outrageous!" Peng Xin had not expected that her explanation would enrage the bureau chief. "Can’t he investigate the case some other time? The province leader specifically wanted to see him, and Zhao Yu was informed long ago! He still...this is really outrageous! He really has no regard for the organization and the rules, totally no discipline!"

Peng Xin was taken aback by the bureau chief’s anger. When she received the notice, no one had mentioned any leader specifically wanting to see Zhao Yu. If she had known this earlier, she would not have let Zhao Yu leave as he pleased. Thinking of this, she could not help but shift her eyes to Liu Changhu. It seemed like this was Liu Changhu’s doing again.

"Bureau Chief Zhou, please simmer down," Liu Changhu seemed to have caught an idea and said ambiguously, "Zhao Yu is just too eager to solve the case! Look, he has already solved three cases and caught four criminals by himself. He feels proud and mighty now! How would he have time to come for the meeting?"

"Huh!" Bureau Chief Zhou fell for his trick and said furiously, "So what if he solved the cases? He still has to obey the rules! Oh? He thinks that he’s great after solving the cases? He already knew that this meeting was related to him, but he still dared to be absent for no reason. Liu, this has to be taken care of!"

"Yes, yes!" Liu Changhu nodded willingly. "I’ll tell him off when he comes back!" Hearing all these, Peng Xin’s face turned red with anger. She had wanted to challenge a cunning villain like Liu Changhu, but there were so many leaders around. She could only swallow her rage.

"Bureau Chief Zhou," unexpectedly, Deputy Bureau Chief Luan Xiaoxiao suddenly spoke, "don’t be angry, a detective should have such drive! Zhao Yu did not absent himself for no reason, he’s investigating a case afterall! If we explain to the leaders later, they should be able to understand!"

"Hmm…" Hearing Bureau Chief Luan’s reasoning, Bureau Chief Zhou simmered a little but was still not pleased. "That’s true, but the leaders had told him beforehand. If he still doesn’t turn up, it looks bad on us. How can he be so immature…"

Just as Bureau Chief Zhou was talking to Bureau Chief Luan about Zhao Yu, the main door opened and Office Administrator Lin led two leaders wearing high ranking police uniforms into the conference room. Bureau Chief Zhou and the other deputy bureau chiefs quickly stood up to salute them, and led them to their seats after shaking hands with them.

"Let me introduce our guests." Bureau Chief Luan pointed at the leader who was slightly short and said to the agents, "This is Bureau Chief Yang from the City Bureau. Let's welcome him!" There was a round of applause. Right after, she pointed at the big and tall leader and said, "This is Chief Su Yang from our province Public Security Bureau’s Supervisory department. Let's welcome him!"

The agents continued to clap but their minds were full of doubt. It was already very rare for a city-level leader to participate in an internal branch meeting, let alone someone from the province-level! All this seemed very unusual! Moreover, once they heard that Chief Su was from the supervisory department, they felt even more uneasy and were all speculating what it could possibly imply. Could it be that there were some issues with Rongyang Branch?

"Chief Su Yang is here at our branch today," Luan Xiaoxiao understood what the agents were thinking and quickly explained, "mainly to complete an important mission appointed by the province. As the investigation target is in Rongyang District, they need our branch to cooperate and support them!

"That’s right, the two leaders are here today mainly to meet everyone and get to know one another!" Bureau Chief Zhou added, "For the next one to two months, the two leaders may come to our police station often. If they require the help of any department, please do your best to cooperate!"

Oh...Although the agents understood what had just been said, hearing that the leaders might come often still caused some apprehension. Also, everyone was curious to know what exactly their mission entailed? Why did they need such a long time?

After the introduction, the leaders started to speak! Deputy Bureau Chief Yang from the City Bureau explained the general situation again, and also said that Chief Su's mission was very important. The City Bureau had given it a high level of attention and support, and Rongyang Branch should also do their best to help!

When it was the province leader's turn to speak, Chief Su Yang only said a few words. He said a few typical words of gratitude before going silent. Although he was a leader, he was tall and sturdy, and looked very oppressive. Since entering the conference room, he had a straight face, looking solemn and dignified, very much like a leader.

After the leaders finished speaking, the meeting officially started. It was a routine summary and commendation meeting. The meeting process could be summarized into three areas: Acknowledge achievements; summarize experiences; keep up the good work. Besides the third point, the first two topics were both related to Zhao Yu. Among the recently solved cases, other than Team B's Nursing Home Robbery Case, all others were directly linked to Zhao Yu!

As for summarizing experience, Bureau Chief Luan had hoped that Zhao Yu could do a complete report for the agents and share his case solving experience in order to work toward the goal of improving together; however, due to Zhao Yu's absence, it was obvious that these two areas did not go smoothly. When the Uptown Slaughter Case was mentioned, Chief Yang from the City Bureau could not help but ask, "Oh, right! These few cases that were recently solved by your branch were all significant, especially that ten year cold case. The City Bureau's Criminal Investigation Department and Publicity Department are particularly interested in it and hope to publicize it! May I know, who is Comrade Zhao Yu?" Hearing Chief Yang mention Zhao Yu, Bureau Chief Zhou and the rest could not help but look awkward.

"Mmm...Zhao Yu...keke...mmm..." Bureau Chief Luan had wanted to explain to the leaders. At that critical moment, the main door of the conference room suddenly creaked open! A man was seen slipping in through the door. The man’s steps were light as he tiptoed, but he found a seat with amazing speed. After sitting down, he started to listen attentively as if nothing had happened. Everyone looked and saw that this person was none other than Zhao Yu!!