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129 Just Follow Me!

How to destroy someone’s reputation? Zhao Yu grinned because that was one of his specialties before he crossed over! He had at least a few thousand ways to destroy someone’s reputation! Distributing propaganda, photoshopping images, and spreading rumors online were all minor offenses. Zhao Yu’s specialty was hiring people to stage acts!

 Using Liu Changhu as an example, Zhao Yu could hire a pregnant woman and send her to Liu Changhu’s wife’s office to make a fuss. She could say that the child is Liu Changhu’s, and ask his wife to pay up!

 But…Zhao Yu was not dumb. He knew that while these methods could work on other people, it was not even plausible against the captain of a police squad! They just needed to do some simple research and the truth would come out! In the worst-case scenario, it could even be connected back to Zhao Yu!

 In order to ruin Liu Changhu’s name, Zhao Yu felt like he had use his trump card! Like…ask for Yang Hong’s help and hire one of the popular ladies to get close to Liu Changhu, then use that as evidence to take him down! Right...to deal with Liu Changhu, those sorts of steps were necessary.

 As Zhao Yu thought to himself, the phone on Li Beini’s desk rang. After Li Beini picked up, her face showed much reluctance despite that she was constantly agreeing with the speaker. When she put down the phone, Li Beini’s pout was clearly visible.

 "What’s up? Who was it?" Zhao Yu asked curiously.

 "Team Leader Qu Ping!" Li Beini seemed dejected. "She said the new secretaries in Team B didn’t have any experience and asked me to go help tutor them in writing reports! Really? Isn’t it just the Nursery Home Burglary Case report? They can write it by themselves, so why bother me?"

 "Isn’t the burglary case the responsibility of Team B?" Zhao Yu asked. "This wasn’t a collaborative case, so she shouldn’t have any authority over you, right?"

 "Yeah!" Li Beini looked helpless. "That’s the rule, but what can I do as an intern? Not to mention, I’m so good at writing reports? Also…hey? Senior, what are you doing? No…" Li Beini watched as Zhao Yu grabbed the phone. She knew something was wrong. She immediately got up to stop him, but Zhao Yu had already connected with Qu Ping’s office.

 "Hello? Is this Team Leader Qu? I’m Zhao Yu!" Zhao Yu pressed the phone to his ear and stretched over a desk, speaking in a rather fake tone, "Hello, I have something I need to ask of you. I’m happy that I solved my case today. This afternoon, I plan to have a seafood feast at Feitang Fish Village, will you be able to show up?"

 "No…No…" Li Beini did not want to be enemies with Qu Ping and kept trying to snatch the phone from Zhao Yu, but he grabbed her by the neck and stopped her.

 "What? No time? Ah, how impolite of you!" Zhao Yu kept talking to Qu Ping, "I was going to talk to you. You already know that I’ve solved two big cases here, right? Li Beini’s writing reports for me right now! There’s two reports, and each of them is more than a thousand pages! She’s simply too busy. If you need her help, please wait until next month, okay…"

 "What? I’m unreasonable?" Zhao Yu said. "How dare you? You just have a minor burglary case, in a nursery home too. Why do you need to make a report? All of my cases are murders! Murders, get it? Also…Huh? Huh? Don’t hang up? I’m not done! Che!" Zhao Yu slammed the phone back onto the table and smiled at Li Beini. "She hung up! You don’t need to go anymore!"

 "Ah…I’m going to die at your hand!" Li Beini snatched Zhao Yu’s neck and shook him. "You’re strong, you can offend people and get away with it, don’t pull me into it. I still need to live!"

 "Nah, nah!" Zhao Yu grabbed Li Beini’s shoulder and turned her around. He spoke sunnily, "Just follow me, with me there’s seafood! Go and help me make the reservation!" As he spoke, although he was not sure why, but maybe it was a habit, he gave a small pat on Li Beini’s butt.

 "You?!" Li Beini clutched her butt and shivered, her face reddened.

 Zhao Yu just realized that he had gotten carried away and immediately turned around and pretended like it had not been him. Li Beini was alto a little flustered and was not sure if she should be angry or not. She picked up her phone and called Feiteng Fish Village to make a reservation. She was quite "generous." She only ordered ten lobsters and more than twenty abalones!

 Zhao Yu did not care one bit. "I got so much money, go for it! Go! If you guys can eat it, I can pay for it!" he thought.

 Seeing his coffee turn cold, he picked it up and took a sip. Seeing Li Beini finish the call, he immediately apologized to the girl, "Hmph! Team Leader Qu really is something. A burglary case needs a report? In my opinion, this shouldn’t even be the work of the Key Case Investigation, right?"

 "Mm…" Li Beini put down the phone. "Not quite! I didn’t know if you heard. Even though it was a burglary case, apparently there was some ‘inside story’!"

 "Hm? What?" Zhao Yu had not heard.

 "The case wasn’t that simple!" Li Beini spoke seriously, "Theft by the guard! The culprit was actually a security officer in the nursery home!"

 "Oh? Something like that?" Zhao Yu suddenly became interested.

 "The nursery home got a donation numbering in the millions, and the security guard set his eye on it. He even planned the robbery for a few months." Li Beini said, "First, he put a camera in the nursery home head office to get the security code for the safe. Then, by slightly changing the security camera’s angles in the nursery home, he found a path that the cameras couldn’t see in order to successfully carry out his plan!

 "After the robbery, he didn’t immediately take care of the money. He hid it in the basement of the nursery home, then he acted like nothing happened and went back to work!"

 "Oh? Quite smart. How did he get caught in the end?" Zhao Yu was curious.

 "Isn’t it easy?" Li Beini pouted. "It’s because it was so perfect! Team Leader Qu immediately realized that it was an inside job! If it was from an outsider, how could they not be caught on the camera?"

 "Oh…fooled by his own intelligence!" Zhao Yu sighed.

 "When they interrogated each security officer," Li Beini continued, "some security guard mentioned that he saw a pair of new keys inside the culprit’s pocket! Once Team Leader Qu found the key, she realized they had been made by the culprit himself. Not only could it open the nursery home’s head office, but also the security room and even the basement. Using this line of evidence, the culprit immediately fessed up, and the money was found in the basement!"

 "How about it, isn’t it great?" Li Beini waved her hands but saw that Zhao Yu glued to his place and asked, "Senior…are you okay?"

 "Mm…" Zhao Yu held the "mm" noise for more than ten seconds, as if he had realized something important. Suddenly, he slammed his fist on the table and yelled in excitement, "Ah, holy sh*t! Ah, Ahh…I got it!"

 "Got what?" Li Beini was confused.

 "Key! Lock!" Zhao Yu’s eyes widened, "So, the key to the issue was right here!"

 "What key? Which lock?"

 "Beini!" Zhao Yu immediately straightened up and spoke in a hurry, "Right now, I’m going to go look up an important case! If something happens in the station, please keep an eye on it!"

 "Huh? Wait, what other case do you have?" Li Beini looked at her watch and was rather nervous. "Peng Xin already said there was a meeting at ten-thirty! It’s almost time, and you’re the reason why…" Yet, by the time Li Beini raised her head, Zhao Yu had already disappeared…