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128 How to Put to Shame?

"He’s here, he’s here!" Looking at the GPS signal, Li Beini waved her hand at the Team A agents before they left and pretended to work as they usually did. Just a little later, Zhao Yu walked boldly into the office. Just as Zhao Yu reached the middle of the office, the agents suddenly turned and set off the small fireworks in their hands. At that instant, sparks and colored ribbons flew, and the whole Team A office looked like a wedding hall!

"What the...what is this?" Zhao Yu was first startled and then quickly realized that his colleagues were celebrating him!


"Great job!"

"You’re amazing!"

"Come...gimme a kiss!"

"..." The agents shook hands with Zhao Yu and congratulated him one by one before giving him a round of applause. The fireworks and the applause made Zhao Yu dizzy. He felt as if he were back at city hall getting an award; however, he was the only recipient this time!

"Senior!" Li Beini tugged Zhao Yu’s arm excitedly. "I haven’t finalized the report for the Slaughter Case! And I still have to help you write the report for catching the murderer! I’m gonna have calluses on my fingers soon, are you trying to work me to death?"

"Heh heh heh…" Zhao Yu was in a happy daze as he mumbled, "Good, not bad, thank you!"

"What! Just a thank you?" Li Beini was naturally not satisfied. "Isn’t that too superficial?"

"You’re right!" Zhao Yu finally woke up from from his daze and cupped Li Beini’s chin in his hand before shouting, "Seafood lunch at Frying Fish Restaurant! I’ll treat everyone today at noon, all are invited!"

"Yes!" All the agents started cheering after hearing that Zhao Yu was going to treat them to seafood. Peng Xin pulled at Zhao Yu’s other arm and said loudly, "That’s great! Three big cases and four criminals. Just the rewards alone will make you rich. It’s only right that you treat us to a good meal!"

"Whoa…" the agents roared excitedly and the atmosphere was at its climax. "Oh, right!" Peng Xin said to the crowd, "I’ve just received a notice, there’ll be a meeting at the main conference room later ar ten-thirty! The leaders are gonna give us some recognition, don’t forget to attend! Alright, enough celebrating. Don’t let the leaders think that we’re all crazy. Quick, get back to work!"

"Oh…" The agents stopped their cheering and followed Peng Xin’s instructions. They returned to their respective workplaces.

"Yu!" Peng Xin said to Zhao Yu earnestly, "After this, go over to Dafei and make a statement to report the process of capturing Yang Wentao! I’ve got to tell you, you’ve earned so much credit in such a short period of time! The higher-ups will definitely use you wisely! You better find a chance to talk to the leaders and get out from the Cold Case Department fast! Come back Team A to help me, I can’t do without you here!"

"Oh! Understood!" Zhao Yu nodded. Peng Xin was sincerely thinking of him and he would never forget her kindness; however, he had not decided whether he was really going to leave the Cold Case Department. While recording his statement, Zhao Yu discovered that Yang Wentao had already gained consciousness and had revealed the truth of the crime. The man whom the eyewitness had seen at the reservoir was indeed Yang Wentao! After resisting arrest, Yang Wentao went to hide in Yinpan Town first. As he had previously done a research project there, he was very familiar with the mine area.

Just as what Zhao Yu expected, Yang Wentao chose a place that was safe and also far from any crowds. He hid in the mine pit during the day, and came out to look for food at night. However, after hiding for a few days, he started to lose confidence and decided to cross over the huge mountains to the other provinces. Unexpectedly, when he was passing by the reservoir, he met a meddlesome villager and the two even had an argument. Yang Wentao felt that the man might have recognized him, so he pretended to go west and then made a detour back to the mine pit in Yinpan Town.

The helpful villager really had reported it and caused Peng Xin and Team A to investigate in the wrong direction. If not for Zhao Yu’s miraculous performance, it would not had been possible to nab Yang Wentao even after half a month of chasing him. Thus, Zhao Yu had more reason to feel pleased with himself. While reporting, he embellished some of the details on purpose, saying that due to his careful thinking, rigorous logic, superb analysis, and great perseverance, on top of his indomitable spirit that he was able to overcome all the danger and difficulties and arrest Yang Wentao! He even took a photo of his injured ankle and got Dafei to attach it to the report!

After settling the report, Zhao Yu finally had time to go back to his office to catch his breath. Cold Case Department! Looking at the long name on his desk, Zhao Yu lamented with mixed emotions while feeling pleased with himself. "Heh heh! So what if I’m a one-man team? I’ve solved the case! Not only did I solve the case I’m in charge of, but I also caught another criminal on the way. With my performance, my results, my abilities, who would still dare to look down on me? Liu Changhu, where are you? I haven’t seen that fella for a long time! Without him buzzing in my ears, how can I get used to this silence?"

"Senior!" At that moment, Li Beini held a cup of freshly-brewed coffee and placed it on Zhao Yu’s desk. "With two packs of sugar! It must had been tough last night. Come, drink this to wake you up!" Seeing Li Beini beaming happily, Zhao Yu felt particularly warm inside.

"Senior, I heard that you even picked up a mystical dog that has the ability to find criminals." Li Beini asked curiously, "Where is it? Where is it?"

Zhao Yu thought to himself, "What mystical dog that could catch criminals? It’s purely a poop-finding expert!"

"Beini!" Zhao Yu did not answer but asked another question instead, "Have you seen Liu Changhu these past few days? Why does that fella act as if he’s dead and doesn’t show his face?"

"Heh, what do you think?" Li Beini looked left and right before lowering her head and whispering to Zhao Yu, "Both Sis Peng from Team A and Qu Ping from Team B are very displeased with this captain!"

"Liu Changhu is completely uncomparable with Captain Jin. When there’s a case, he doesn’t arrange the work or coordinate with the leaders. He doesn’t even bother with the overall arrangements of the other departments, as if he has nothing to do with them!

"Sis Peng has not even reported that you caught Yang Wentao last night! It’s the same over at Team Leader Qu’s side. They solved the nursing home robbery case last night, but also have yet to tell him! Liu Changhu even lost his temper at the two team leaders over these two matters just now!"

"Oh...I see!" Zhao Yu pondered. It seemed like he was not the only one displeased with Liu Changhu. Even the two team leaders had opinions about him.

"Actually, according to some gossip I overhead," Li Beini said mysteriously, "Liu Changhu is only taking over Captain Jin’s temporarily. He was already elected as a deputy chief. How could he be satisfied with being a detective captain? This is only a jumping platform! He’ll definitely rise up in rank before long!"

"Oh…" Zhao Yu started to think. Since Liu Changhu did not have any intention to stay long in the Key Case Investigation Unit, did it mean that he would not fight with Zhao Yu again? No. He suddenly thought about if Liu Changhu became the deputy bureau chief and gained more power. Wouldn’t that be worse for Zhao Yu?

"No, I have to be like the poop expert and show him some dung. I’ll make him stink and put him to shame! I’m gonna make him stuck in his position, unable to rise up any further. If not, I’ll be in trouble! So...what should I do to put him to shame?"