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125 Your Police Dog Is So Pretty!

"Kun-Zhen hexagram," the system spoke. "Kun for earth and zhen for thunder. The earth shaken by thunder, role reversal prominent, a turning point in time, nothing will be the same."

 "My god!" Zhao Yu turned on the car’s emergency light and carefully noted down this hexagram explanation, his heart beating non-stop.

 Kun! The ‘Kun’ from Qian-Kun! The ‘Kun’ hexagram had finally appeared! "Kun" represented earth, but what did it mean in the Miracle System? The earth shaken by thunder, role reversal prominent! This Hexagram explanation sounded terrifying, making Zhao Yu very excited but also a bit terrified. Could it be, that something even bigger would happen? What will it be? Will it be good or bad?

 According to Zhao Yu’s reasoning, "zhen" could represent his status. Now that he caught Yang Wentao, his place in the police station would naturally rise. But what would happen now that he had gotten the "kun" hexagram?

 Zhao Yu knew that this was the first time the kun hexagram appeared. He had no idea what it could do, so he had to plan in advance. He restarted the car and drove home. Because Yinpan Mountain was very close to Qinshan City, and it was very late, Zhao Yu only took half an hour to return to Shunfeng Street.

It was four o’clock in the morning when all the shops closed. It was completely silent around the fruit shop. The half-blind dog was quite intelligent. With just a single gesture, it obediently went upstairs without a sound.

 The light in the hallway was broken, so Zhao Yu could only use his phone for light. Unexpectedly, when he and the dog arrived at the door, he suddenly saw a person lying on the ground! Zhao Yu could not even see clearly and the blind dog ran forward, using its nose to sniff the other’s face, making whimpering sounds.

 Zhao Yu shined the light on the other’s face and finally saw who it was. It turned out it was miss Huahua! She was sitting on a long bench, leaning against the door of her house, sleeping. Maybe because she heard something, Huahua opened her eyes groggily and suddenly saw a huge German Shepherd gazing at her curiously. She shook in shock!

 "Ah?!" She shook too hard. Huahua’s body tilted and she fell on the ground with the bench. The half-blind dog was shocked and immediately scurried back to Zhao Yu.

 "Hey, it’s me!" Zhao Yu turned up the light, and Huahua finally saw Zhao Yu’s face and immediately crawled up, asking, "Oh it’s you? You…wow, so stinky!"

 Zhao Yu quickly opened the door to his own home, then turned out the light on his phone as he asked, "What’s wrong? Why are you sleeping in the hallway at night?"

 "Oh…I…I…" Huahua immediately blocked her face and replied, "I also just came back, but I forgot my key so I couldn’t get in the house! I was just waiting at the door for everyone else to come back!"

 Zhao Yu’s eyes were sharp. He had already seen that Huahua’s face swollen. Clearly, miss Huahua had ran into some terrible situation that day.

 To prevent awkward silence, Huahua immediately pointed at the half-blind dog. "Officer, is this the police dog from your team? Is she injured, what happened to her eye? Also, did you guys go on some huge mission? How come you guys are so stinky?"

 Zhao Yu glanced at Huahua a bit. She was wearing a white dress with a pink coat. Even though she looked a little beat-up, with her beautiful figure, she still looked quite alluring.

 "Then…how about you rest at my house for a bit!" Zhao Yu spoke without a pause.

"Oh…okay…okay…" Yet, Huahua did not refuse and immediately went into Zhao Yu’s house. "Sorry for the inconvenience, officer!"

 "No problem, no problem…" Even though Zhao Yu did not have any improper intentions, he was still excited to have such a beautiful woman in his house.

 Once the door closed, Zhao Yu could finally see clearly. Huahua’s right cheek was red and swollen as if someone had slapped her! He did not care to guess the reason why, and simply said to Huahua, "Here, I have a bedroom here. You can sleep wherever you want! I have to give the dog a shower first, otherwise, my house will be to stinky to live in!"

 "Oh…" Huahua looked at the half-blind dog carefully. She asked, "This dog is quite handsome, what’s its name?"

 "Hm?" Zhao Yu thought Huahua was joking and teased her, "Its name is Sh*tlock Holmes!"

 "Sherlock Holmes?" Huahua looked carefully. "What an interesting name! Then…officer, how about I help you. I often washed Malinois dogs before!"

 "What? What do you mean? Mala-what?"

 "No way?" Huahua pointed at the half-blind dog. "Isn’t this a Malinois dog from Belgium? Your own dog and you don’t know?"

 Jesus! Zhao Yu started giggling about what Huahua had just said. "A half-blind crippled dog, and she thinks it’s some kind of tracking dog, and from Belgium? Hilarious, if this dog really was a tracking dog, it could only track sh*t…hehehe…" he thought.

 "This dog started following me today. I don’t know anything! If you want to wash it, then that’s even better!" Zhao Yu looked indifferent.

 "Okay…watch me! I’m very good at giving dogs a bath!" Huahua took off her coat and eagerly started waving her hand towards the half-blind dog. "Come, come, Sherlock Holmes, time to shower…" Huahua’s long white dress was formal with a plunging neckline. When she leaned down it was almost too alluring. Zhao Yu started staring.

 The half-blind dog was also familiar with people. When Huahua called, it immediately followed her. Soon, splashing sounds came from the bathroom, and the sound of Huahua talking to the dog. "Sherlock Holmes, what happened with your assignment today? Why’re you so dirty and stinky? Here, I’ll make sure you’re nice and clean…"

 Tsk, tsk…Zhao Yu smacked his lips as he thought. Really, anything could happen today. Not only did he pick up a hottie, but the hottie had also volunteered to wash the dog! This is really…interesting!

 Huahua…He had not gotten a "kan" hexagram, so he should not have any luck with women, right? What kind of coincidence was this? To meet miss Huahua outside without her keys? Seeing that her face was so swollen, she had probably been hit. "Maybe I should comfort her later, and something might happen then?" Zhao Yu thought. But remembering Huahua’s occupation, Zhao Yu started to hesitate.

 Unexpectedly, Huahua was very thorough with the dog. It took more than half an hour before she came out with the half-blind dog from the bathroom. "Hm…Officer," Huahua stood behind the bathroom door, her body blocked by door as she told Zhao Yu, "Sherlock Holmes is clean. You just have to use a blow dryer to dry him off! Also…I got dirty, can I shower here?"

 "Hm…sure, sure!" As Zhao Yu nodded, he really wanted to use an invisible surveillance camera, or use the recently obtained invisible fluoroscope but decided against it. If he could only watch, not touch, that would be even more torturous! "Then…should I just walk in and try my luck?"

 Just as Zhao Yu’s mind began to wander, the half-blind dog walked in front of him. Zhao Yu looked down and was stunned! "Holy sh*t! What kind of sorcery is this! This dog is really...pretty?!"