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124 The Shocking Hexagram

Just as Zhao Yu had expected, at about three in the morning, bright light and hurried footsteps finally came from inside the mine pit. With the help of coordinates, the agents who were being sent to provide aid found Zhao Yu quickly. The first thing that Zhao Yu did after meeting the agents was ask them to help him take pictures. Not only did he take pictures with Yang Wentao, whose face was covered in blood, but he even purposely positioned the handcuffs linking the two of them together at a prominent place. He wanted to let everyone see that he, Zhao Yu, was the one who captured Yang Wentao!

Peng Xin grabbed and put her hands around Zhao Yu's neck the moment she saw him. "Yu! You're really amazing!" Peng Xin shouted as though she was going crazy. "I'm even beginning to suspect that you had already spoken with Yang Wentao...how exactly did you manage to find him?"

"Yeah!" an agent nicknamed Dafei wondered. "Someone had seen Yang Wentao go toward the west of the reservoir. How did he end up hiding in the nine area here on the east? Also, the mine area is so huge, how exactly did you manage to find him? Hadn't you gone to the south with Liu? Where's Liu?"

"Right?" another agent wondered. "Zhao Yu you're really amazing, no one does things like you! Don't tell me you wanna catch all the criminals by yourself? You gotta leave some for us..."

"Heh heh heh..." Hearing his teammates' jealousy-filled praises, Zhao Yu started to feel pleased with himself but pretended to be humble. "I was just lucky, just lucky, heh heh heh..."

Feeling proud, he suddenly saw an agent chasing the blind dog away. The blind dog looked at Zhao Yu helplessly, looking very pitiful. Zhao Yu saw what was happening and quickly pushed Peng Xin away. He rushed in front of the agents and said to them, "Hey, let it come over, the dog is my assistant!"

"What!?" The agents were all taken by surprise and did not understand what was going on. This blind dog was not only blind and limping, but it was also very filthy and stunk badly. How did such a dog become an assistant?

"Wow, Zhao Yu, don't tell me...you had the dog help you..." someone said in amazement, "...follow the smell to this place? This is...too unbelievable."

"Yu," Peng Xin was too emotional and did not know what to say, but gave Zhao Yu a pat on his shoulder. "If you can't find a partner in future, I'll be your girlfriend!"

What! Zhao Yu suddenly felt a mix of emotions…

While chasing Yang Wentao, Zhao Yu also suffered many injuries, especially the knife wound at his ankle which was still bleeding. Fortunately there was a medical staff who had come with the team, and Peng Xin quickly got them to help Zhao Yu clean up his wounds. The blind dog stood quietly beside Zhao Yu as he was having his wounds cleaned, seemingly protecting its master, but also accompanying him like a good brother.

Seeing this, Zhao Yu could not help but feel touched. Right then, he decided that he was going to buy the dog roast chicken, as well as bring him home and let it follow him from now on. Although this dog was good at sniffing poop, it could be trained and there was a possibility that it could turn over a new leaf. If the dog really became a detection expert in future, it could be a great help to him!

However, after Zhao Yu expressed his intention, no policeman was willing to let the dog in their car, as it was really too smelly. In the end, Zhao Yu could only bring it into his own car, insisting he could drive himself home. Worried that Zhao Yu might be too tired and that he was injured, Peng Xin had wanted Dafei to help him drive the car, but that idea was rejected by Zhao Yu.

Zhao Yu had insisted on driving alone because he did not want others to know about the money he had gotten from the handbag. He had made his calculations properly, thinking that since he managed to find a bag of money from the mine pit, who knows - there might be a second, or a even a third bag. Therefore, it was better to not let anyone else know this secret. In the future, he could go back to try his luck and dig again, and he might just become a millionaire or billionaire!

Following the normal proceedings, Zhao Yu was supposed to follow the team back to the police station to record the entire process of arrest. However, as it was already in the wee hours, Peng Xin gave him special permission to go home and rest, and other things could be settled the next day.

Bringing the blind dog and a handbag full of money, Zhao Yu drove, starting his journey home. As for Peng Xin and the rest, they had to settle some matters first before bringing Yang Wentao back to the police station for interrogation.

Although exhausted, Zhao Yu felt extremely excited. This was really great! Although he had gone around for many days in the mountains, he had finally caught the criminal he had hoped for! This time, he had completed the mission all by himself again. Such strength and ability, heh heh heh…

He could not help but happily wonder: What would Liu Changhu’s reaction be when he found out that he had not only solved the Slaughter Case, but also fearlessly caught Yang Wentao? He quickly switched his thoughts back onto Jian Wenli's case. As long as the case was not solved, she could not be saved... 

Just as Zhao Yu was pondering, the system in his brain finally sent a completion notification. "The current adventure has been completed. The completion rate is ninety percent. Congratulations, you have received three system tools, please check!"

"Eh? Tsk tsk…" Although ninety percent was not low, Zhao Yu felt greatly unsatisfied. He had caught a criminal and also struck rich today, completing the adventure to near perfection. Why was it only ninety percent? Also, the completion time today was really late. It was almost dawn and the announcement had only just been made?

"Oh…" In that instant, Zhao Yu seemed to have figured out something. He felt that the system only announced the completion after he had decided to drive home by himself. "Could it be...there are other adventures waiting for me and I missed them? What...what have I missed? Tsk tsk..." With a tinge of regret, Zhao Yu opened the system tools and saw that he had received three invisible fluoroscopic devices! Wah! Without having to read the introduction, the name alone had Zhao Yu’s eyes lit up.

"The invisible fluoroscopic device has the ability to look at the interior of objects in real time by using x-ray without being detected by any other devices for a duration of ten minutes!"

"Wah! Haha…" Zhao Yu licked his lips. "This thing is no joke!" Since the night vision and telescope had already been used, he had actually thought that he was not able to be a voyeur anymore! Who would have expected this invisible fluoroscopic device to appear? How could he not be elated? During his fight with Yang Wentao in the mine pit, Zhao Yu had even used an invisible tracking device on him, afraid that he might escape again. It was a pity that the tool had not been utilized, and that the night vision, GPS, etc. had been used previously, meaning that he was starting to have less and less tools.

Hmm...it was apparent that these tools were very useful at critical moments! He should try to get more of them in future! The thought of getting tools made Zhao Yu realize that it was already a new day and he should quickly do another hexagram calculation! It was a brand new day. What hexagram would he get? With this thought, Zhao Yu took out a lighter and lit a cigarette as he drove. Seeing Zhao Yu coughing suddenly, the blind dog did not know what had happened to him and even gave a few worried barks.

"The Miracle System has been activated," the system said emotionlessly. "Kun-Zhen hexagram!" Creak! Zhao Yu gave a sudden brake and the car stopped at the edge of the cliff, giving out smoke. The blind dog got a shock and started barking again...